How This ER Doctor Quit Medicine With A $1,000,000+ Side Income

interview Mar 11, 2022


Meet Dr Zoda: He is a former ER doctor who replaced his clinical income by starting 1 online course!

PROBLEM - In 2020, he was an overworked, underpaid,...

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How This Doctor Helps MORE Patients With 1 Online Course (100% Automated)

interview Mar 01, 2022

Meet Dr F: He wants to help more patients... but there's only 24 hours in a day.

PROBLEM - Before working together, he was stuck in the "trading time for money"...

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"My First Student In 2 Weeks!"

interview Jan 28, 2022


Meet Dr Furlong: Before the Digital Doctor™ program, he was stuck in the "trading time for money" cycle and looking for ways to help more people with the medical...

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NASA Doctor Gets Time Freedom With Online Courses

interview Sep 07, 2021

Meet Dr B: She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge! With 20+ years of award-winning NASA projects, her work has inspired women and younger generations to reach...

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Make Medicine Super Fun With Online Courses!

interview Sep 07, 2021

Meet Dr H: As much as she loves her medical career, she's feeling stagnated, spending too many hours at work on bureaucratic tasks...

PROBLEM - She's searched...

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How Doctors Turn Passion Into Profit With A 100% Passive Online Course

interview Sep 07, 2021

Meet Dr D: After serving 60h weeks and missing holidays with family... how did this crazy doctor break free from his clinical income?

PROBLEM - Medicine has left him...

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Sell Your Medical Knowledge 100% Autopilot

resource Aug 29, 2021

If you’re a Healthcare Provider without an “Automated Online Course”, you're simply at a huge disadvantage. Here's why...

Without an “Online...

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How This Doctor Beat 666Îș+ Loans With Online Courses

interview Aug 29, 2021

Meet Dr Shah: After 666κ+ in student loans and 9+ years in medical training... how did he break free?

PROBLEM - Decades of schooling left him burnout and tied...

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How This Doctor Works 9 Mins A Day

interview Aug 29, 2021

Meet Dr Tanaka: He’s exhausted as a “hospital slave” and wants more freedom WITHOUT getting burnout. How?

PROBLEM - He sacrificed his time, health,...

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How This Doctor Earns 2000% ROI Passive Income With Online Courses

interview Jun 20, 2021

Meet Dr Mai: He joined the Digital Doctor™ program back when he had a private practice that is doing well, helping children with progressive myopia. He loved the...

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