"My First Student In 2 Weeks!"

interview Jan 28, 2022


Meet Dr Furlong: Before the Digital Doctor™ program, he was stuck in the "trading time for money" cycle and looking for ways to help more people with the medical expertise that he had... But no matter how hard he worked, he only had 24 hours each day.

PROBLEM - He wanted more time freedom and financial freedom, but was stuck trading "time for money". For years, he was searching for a way to serve more people WITHOUT sacrificing his time... but he didn't know where to start, and was stuck trying to find the right "framework".

SOLUTION - Since working with Dr Zoda, he’s been able to launch his Online Course and got his FIRST student in a week!

OUTCOME - By following our proven framework, he's able to push past his comfort zone, and launch the Online Course that he's been dreaming about for years. He's just getting started. Nice work!

HIS BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? "Certainly recommend it! It pushes the envelope and challenges you to share your expertise in a time-tested way! Go for it!".

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hello i'm dr furlong practiced preventative integrative medicine up in southern new england for about 35 years and i found the program because it was just sort of time it was a synchronous event had all these ideas in my head that i've been working with for a number of years had written out mind maps page after page and just never had a format that i would felt comfortable with to to put it out there and then uh sort of synchronicity stepped in and it the course showed up on my web one day and it just seemed to make sense so i jumped right in uh started to go for it and uh and indeed it seemed like the ideas that i had now had a framework that i could insert them and and then it made sense and it would work uh the marketing ideas weren't really salesy and all that which is my style anyway so that felt comfortable the idea of communicating directly with uh and sharing the information i had gained over the years that made sense the community was supportive i found docs that were in similar situations some people that were further ahead in the program so that was kind of leading me along and uh the weekly q and a calls were helpful because we had a chance to kind of hash things through and troubleshoot in real time so that was useful i've steadily made progress so i have the website and the the uh the entryway into selling the the course that i've designed that's all set i had my first uh buy-in last week so that feels really good a couple little hiccups that i've got to still work around but i'm well on the way and i'd certainly recommend it it does push the envelope a little bit it does challenge you to get out of the comfort zone a little but that inspiration that a lot of us have most of us have about sharing certain aspects of our practice this is a format that it can work and do so in a time-tested way so i'd say uh get those ideas going and go for it thank you much

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