How This ER Doctor Quit Medicine With A $1,000,000+ Side Income

interview Mar 11, 2022


Meet Dr Zoda: He is a former ER doctor who replaced his clinical income by starting 1 online course!

PROBLEM - In 2020, he was an overworked, underpaid, and burned-out ER doctor on the front lines of covid. He had no time for himself, his family, or his loved ones and was losing his love for medicine...

His impact was limited to his time and energy. He wanted to reach more people and make an impact on a global scale without sacrificing his time freedom and quality of life...but how?

SOLUTION - He took a leap of faith and quit his job in corporate medicine to start an online course, freed up his time from his busy lifestyle, and is creating an impact on an international scale!

RESULT? Dr. Zoda quit Medicine and has created $1,000,000 in side income in less than 2 years by sharing his expertise online

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? "A lot of physicians don't have the awareness that there is a huge world outside of the hospital or clinic...that there is a way to generate passive income and financial freedom. It really just starts with believing in yourself and that you have what it takes! " 

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hi i'm dr esther beltran i am a aerospace medicine occupational medicine doctor before i joined this program i was working in academia mostly doing a lot of work on different projects and i was jumping from one project to the other project also uh having mentoring and teaching students in in the at the university so it was very hectic i um i wanted to do something different i wanted to reach out to a broader audience and so this program has freed me up some time and space for me to think about what i want to do and what i i really like to teach other people other professionals and the results in the progress that i'm making are quite remarkable i don't think i could have done this on my own and basically i think this is a a win-win situation if you seriously considering this opportunity and i highly recommend it to everybody that would like to to do this type of activities it's definitely an important step to build your own community and also increase your passive income thank you dr zoda appreciate it

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