How This Doctor Earns 2000% ROI Passive Income With Online Courses

interview Jun 20, 2021

Meet Dr Mai: He joined the Digital Doctor™ program back when he had a private practice that is doing well, helping children with progressive myopia. He loved the patients... but no matter how hard he worked, he only had 24 hours each day.

PROBLEM - He wanted more time outside the clinic, with his family, pursuing what he loves. For 3 years, he was searching for a way to serve more people WITHOUT sacrificing his time...

SOLUTION - Since joining Digital Doctor™, he’s been able to launch his Online Course teaching doctors how to start their own practice... WITHOUT taking time away from his family

OUTCOME - By following our 4 Step System, he's generating 2000% ROI passive income, in just the first 2 weeks of automation. He's just getting started. Nice work!

HIS BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? "If you're a Doctor, you know so much that you don't give yourself credit for... what matters most is taking action".

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[Music] all right welcome back dr zoda here and today we have a very special guest dr tan mai with us yet again and uh dr mai specializes in myopia management and when we first started working together he wanted to have more time outside of the clinic to generate passive income and serve more people without being tied down to his time and since joining our program we've packaged the expertise that he already had into the an online course and now he's helping younger doctors start their own private practice and uh this is round two of this interview series where we're gonna document his journey from zero to six figures and then from six to seven figures and uh we're gonna dig into his story today and go through every step of this evolution so i'm very excited to have him here today um so maybe just a recap for some of the viewers that are watching this for the first time um what was life like before joining our program yeah so um for me i i do have a i am in private practice i have a brick and mortar uh you know business and it's going well and but i know that it just takes intense amount of work and takes a lot of time and so i was inspired by seeing what chester zoda has done and i knew that i could help so many more doctors be successful at their practices but having the time to do that is finite right doing one-on-one coaching sessions you know it just can only go so far and i wanted to my ultimate goal in michigan was to help more children stop from having myopic progression as many as i could you know and so in mind with that mission statement i decided to teach a course to help other doctors do something that they might not have learned in school or they just weren't very familiar with and so they could take a class online and so i launched the course and it's going really well the feedback has been amazing everyone gives me you know five out of five of course that's what they tell me to my face but uh but i believe it's true because they've also referred other people and that's the best sign that's going well once they were for other people and those people joined the course as well and so it's going very well and positive feedback from very from beginning to end in terms of creating the course spreading awareness valid making sure ensuring the course has the right content that that uh someone would want to learn and and the process in which to do so has been very smart the pms is very brilliant that alone is uh it's just brilliant because it just if you ask someone what they want it just stands to show that if you just give them what they ask for why wouldn't they um you know sign up with you to get that right as long as you can promptly deliver so that's been the case for our uh my course and it's going really well very happy to hear that and um it's it's been a while since we first last um had uh one of these conversations but you know now you're in a very different position because when we first had this conversation you were actually complete step two of the program diving into step three building out the online course and now you've completed the com the complete digital doctor transformation um so what results did you achieve from working together yeah so like you said yeah i i first time i made sure that there were people willing to swipe a credit card and give me money before i created the course and once multiple people decided to pay me for a course that i told them i was going to make for them then i made the course and then now i'm in step four step four is the really exciting part it's where i pour gasoline onto the fire right because i've already proven that people are willing to pay me money for because they have paid me money for it and so at this point it's all about scale it's almost creating more awareness you know it's all about optimizing a little bit i'm still testing things improving it so i'm just getting started i've literally only been uh in it for i've only done it for two weeks i'm getting um a what is it that's 2 000 return on my investment right now so uh so it's going really well 2 000 so that's 20 that's 1.20 out yeah so every dollar i've paid facebook i've gotten twenty dollars out okay so if you put ten thousand dollars in that's 200 grand coming into your bank pocket that's right exactly so now i i i i just started two weeks ago so i the ads are not optimized whatsoever i need to trim some bad ones and i'm just getting started lily's only been two weeks but so far you know every dollar i've paid for facebook has given me twenty dollars back the people in the course i didn't have to jump on a phone and convince them to join my course i didn't have to you know spend an hour convincing them to join i didn't have to spend ten hours teaching them this stuff they just saw the ad pay for the course and now they sound like they're going through the course without any um any hand-holding from me i didn't have to email them to give them their login and information or anything like that i didn't have to reset their passwords when they got stuck everything's taken care of and i literally have everything's on autopilot basically that's beautiful that's beautiful and um what results have you been able to achieve like outside of the finances which you know one dollar and twenty dollars out that's fascinating results um but what results have you know have you achieved not just financially but maybe like um how has this program affected other areas of your life like your time your family stuff like that yeah just excited to know that for me everyone has different motivation and i will say this quite honestly the main reason why i started this course is i'm trying to actually fulfill my mission statement that i'm trying to reduce the amount of kids who have progressive myopia and so that's actually my main mission statement and so not just uh you know with this kind of course but even just at my practice my clinic on a daily basis and that's something i'm passionate about something that i i personally had i personally suffered with myself and so i'm trying to prevent other kids because i have the ability and knowledge to do so and so the fact that i i get i'm right now i'm getting emails from doctors saying thank you so much and i have my own facebook group within um my course in my outside my own little community and they're asking questions and sharing ideas and they're just really excited to get it going and the fact that i'm helping them help other people to me is the most rewarding thing so that's that's number one number two is of course it is has been financially rewarding every dollar in twenty dollars out that's pretty good i'm gonna keep going uh why not and uh the beauty is that um it's not i'm not doing i'm not doing anything salesy and it's nothing unethical whatsoever i'm just literally just helping people uh with expertise i already have things that people have already been asking me about for years and if you're listening if you're listening to this i'm sure there are people asking you for advice all the time for certain things especially if you're a doctor you get that you get random messages from relatives from across the country asking for random things about your expertise i'm sure or from friends there are things that people constantly ask you questions about and so why not deliver that value to more people and so um it's not seriously whatsoever it's uh it's gonna be it's it has helped fulfill my personal statement and all good yeah 100 i mean money is just an exchange of value and i see money as how much value you are delivering to other people right um if you if you have a big solution for a small group of people you can make a big chunk of money but if you have a small solution for a big group of people you can also make a huge chunk of money and um at the end of the day the income is a function of impact the impact that you have on other people and i think dr mayhew is a perfect example of someone that has you know went through the system and he's already you know um is already serving a lot of people inside his community but now he's doing at a higher level on a global scale on the internet and it was very exciting to be as part of your journey and to help you cross that chasm and you know i'm very excited for the world ahead as well

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