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interview Sep 07, 2021

Meet Dr H: As much as she loves her medical career, she's feeling stagnated, spending too many hours at work on bureaucratic tasks...

PROBLEM - She's searched tirelessly for ideas to generate passive income without trading her time... But she didn't know where to start!

SOLUTION - After just 2 weeks of working with Dr Zoda, she's turning her passion into profit, and surrounding herself with an amazing supportive community cheering for her success

RESULT? By following Dr Zoda's plug-and-play system, she's packaging her medical knowledge into a 100% automated online course... without any tech skills or business experience

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? "This program is super fun! The community is so supportive, the program is top-notch... Totally recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life!"

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hi there my name is doris h i'm a medical doctor i work in australia in the field of skin cancer medicine i've been there for 18 years and much as i do enjoy my job i am so stagnating and i've been feeling that way for at least three or four years so i've been playing around with different ideas for quite a while and what i could do differently how i could get some income without necessarily trading time for income and what i could do that would be really interesting and that i would be passionate about and not feel like i was a little bit stuck and that's when i came across this course which i'm now about halfway through i've completed weeks one and weeks and week two um and what i've found is it's it's really fun it's like super fun i'm really enjoying it one of the things i've liked the most was the community i've had a lot of issues with tech problems in the past when i've attempted to do um this type of thing or similar things involving a lot of tech and i've just every time i've had an issue i've just gone okay stop i have a question i've put the question in the community and i've got my answer and then i've moved forward then i had another problem so i went stop ask another question get an answer move forward a few of my questions i turned out to figure out all by myself which i was pretty happy about but the community apart from answering my questions is so supportive and it's just so nice to know that i can type anything in there and i'll get a really supportive response very quickly the actual um videos and the teachings and the worksheets are really top notch really high quality um there's no waffle and wasted time and i would totally recommend this to anyone anyone who's looking to change their life it's so fun

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