To Help Every Doctor Experience The Financial Freedom They Deserve

Here's how we envision it


We believe the healthcare and education systems in today's world are fundamentally flawed and need fixing.

The traditional path of medical education and employment leave doctors overworked, burnout, and drowning in student loans. Outside the hospital: doctors are laid off, sleep-deprived, losing time with their family, and completely unprepared for the Future of the Digital World.

Our mission is to send the elevator back down and help BUSY doctors start and grow wildly-profitable online businesses to help more people on their own terms, and experience the freedom they deserve.


By Doctors, for Doctors

We’re on a mission to reform medical education by bringing our doctors the best online business programs the world has ever seen. Period. We’re here to help nurture & grow the next breed of healthcare professionals.

Traditional education is outdated & overpriced. Our training programs aim to be 100x better than formal education for a fraction of the price.

We intentionally price our programs to make them accessible and offer scholarship programs -- knowing that if we can reach more healthcare professionals, we’ll achieve our vision of reforming health education by democratizing it to the mass population.


Everything You Need

We help total beginners with zero business experience start & scale their online businesses to wildly-profitable levels. We also help 6-Figure Online Courses scale to 7-Figures and beyond.

We go to extreme lengths to make sure that you have all our tools & protocols in a true plug-and-play manner. We do most of the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is follow the path laid out in front of you.

We pride ourselves on our multi-level student support system and our growing high-level community. We're with you every step of the way on your path to freedom.

The result? If done right, having an online course business is incredibly lucrative and can be very hands-off.

Timeless Business Principles

Our clients call this "The expertise of MBA compressed into 4 weeks".

Through our programs, we make sure you’ve got a holistic overview of every aspect of your Online Course business. Such that you understand how to run and manage an Online Course business. And prepare you to become a 6 & 7-Figure Online Business owner.

After working with many clients, we understand it’s just as much about the mental battle as it is about tactics. Our teaching is designed to build real medical entrepreneurs.

  • We teach our clients not only how to sell but how to build an incredible team.
  • We teach our clients how to manage cash-flow, how to understand copywriting, paid traffic, marketing, and more.
  • We’re building real Entrepreneurs with real skills. No gimmicks and one-trick ponies.
  • Finally – we teach our community how to manage mindset, time management & productivity.



Our Core Values

  • We believe that healthcare professionals deserve to live the lives of their dreams, without sacrificing their health, time, or relationships. The problem is medical school never taught us how the world works, nor equip us with the business principles to thrive outside the hospital.
  • We believe that knowledge is power and the only gap between the rich and the poor is the access to the right information and the mental paradigm to perceive it.
  • We believe that the traditional path of education and employment is fundamentally wrong and that we are here on the face of this earth to fix it.
  • We believe that we have the best training programs on the planet for helping healthcare professionals start their own online business, make a meaningful impact and massive income, and take the steering wheel of their own destiny.
  • We believe less is more and focus is powerful. In the modern-day, it’s more about what you ignore rather than what you pay attention to. We've distilled the complexity of business into a simple step-by-step process that anyone can replicate and achieve great success.

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