How This Doctor Works 9 Mins A Day

interview Aug 29, 2021

Meet Dr Tanaka: He’s exhausted as a “hospital slave” and wants more freedom WITHOUT getting burnout. How?

PROBLEM - He sacrificed his time, health, and family for 10+ years… until he finally realized he couldn’t continue this path. He wanted to make a change, but had 0 capital and 0 business experience.

SOLUTION - With 100+ happy doctors, he decided to join the Digital Doctor™ program. By following our simple 4-step system, he started selling the expertise he already had on the Internet

RESULT? In just 6 weeks, he's replaced 100% of his clinical pay. Now he spends less time at the hospital, and more time with family. Nice work!

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? All you need is the RIGHT mentor, a proven process, and the desire to help more people. By automating the expertise you already have, you can educate the world, and build a life of freedom and abundance! ❤

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i'm doctor tanaka and this is my endorsement for chester zoda's business course i've actually known the guy since medical school and believe it or not he was actually my first friend in medical school and we've actually met in the medical school interview so that's pretty cool and that's that i think about it quite a long time ago anyway so um what can i say about him as a person i believe he's a honest person i would say that he's a very creative guy he likes to think outside the box he's also a very logical person that's why i like other doctors he's got his own path and he's explored a lot of ways to achieve a good lifestyle and financial independence he's actually the first guy i know who's actually achieved that in our medical school and i congratulate him for that so throughout the years like i said he's a risk taker and he's had his fair share of businesses some of them are successful and some of uh some of them maybe not so much but he's learned a lot throughout the years and he's able to create some co create this course um to help other people maybe uh start their own businesses and hopefully uh not have the failures that he has previously so i did take a look at the course and it's very comprehensive of course it's more importantly it's actually very easy to follow what i like most about this course is that it's very simple everybody can follow it and people who follow or understand some of those principles can achieve uh some or a lot of uh success depending on i guess how how how much you follow it i wholeheartedly endorse this course and i hope that you have fun browsing the course and i hope that it can bring some joy to your life thank you

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