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resource Aug 29, 2021

If you’re a Healthcare Provider without an “Automated Online Course”, you're simply at a huge disadvantage. Here's why...

Without an “Online Course”, you are stuck sacrificing your time, health, and relationships, doing the same 1-on-1 consultations over and over again

We end up with a JOB where we feel like “cogs in a machine”.

This sea of repetitive tasks and endless bureaucracy drowns us slowly at first… then all at once… until it’s too late to make a change

Our patient care suffers. And our own mental health also suffers. And this goes on and on… until we take a step back and realize there has to be a BETTER way

Without an “Online Course”: no matter how many hours we work, no matter how many patients we see, we simply cannot cheat the clock!

Starting an “Online School” is simple and it works every time (assuming you do the work). It has 4 steps.

STEP 1: Getting Started
Most healthcare providers undervalue their expertise. The first step is getting crystal clear on how to package the expertise you ALREADY have for the online world.

STEP 2: Sell
We give you our proven process to turn a complete stranger into a paying customer. So you’re already getting your first few students and you’re cashflow positive!

STEP 3: Build
Here’s the fun part! We start building the Online School from scratch, WITHOUT any capital. If you’ve done academic presentations before, this will be easy!

STEP 4: Automate
Here we show you the step-by-step blueprint to scale from 0 to 100k by using the power of the Internet; so we can expand our global reach, to help more people, without lifting a finger

With an ”Automated Online Course” set up, we never have to go through the headaches of delivering the same presentation twice…

Instead, we can leverage the power of the Internet to teach more people, expand our global reach, and experience the freedom and abundance that we deserve!

Do you want results like the 200+ medical providers we helped? If so, book your FREE call and let's talk. Because that's what they did.

On the call, we'll provide useful unique insights applicable to your medical career right now, and also determine if and how we can help you scale to 6-figures using Online Courses over the next 12 months.

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Your biggest fan,
Dr Chester Zoda


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