How This Doctor Beat 666κ+ Loans With Online Courses

interview Aug 29, 2021

Meet Dr Shah: After 666κ+ in student loans and 9+ years in medical training... how did he break free?

PROBLEM - Decades of schooling left him burnout and tied down trading his hours for dollars... he spent years thinking of ways to automate his medical knowledge... but had 0 mentors, 0 tech skills, and 0 idea where to start.

SOLUTION - After following Dr Zoda for years, he stopped procrastinating and joined the Digital Doctor™ program. By following his simple 4-step system, he started selling his medical knowledge 100% automated with 0 time commitment.

RESULT? By overcoming his limiting beliefs, his automated online course has 100% paid off his loans and allow him to help more people with a global reach... WITHOUT his time. Nice work!

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? Believe in yourself - As healthcare providers, there is a huge 350B+ market out there starving for our expertise... all we need is the RIGHT mentor + a proven system + the desire to help more people... and become 100% debt free! ❤

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yeah so my name is doctor bhav shah i am from new jersey i have been trying to find ways to automate my life that way i can have more time to make influence because one of the biggest things i want is to have an influence on on the world whether it be through individual connections through patients in general and i wanted to wear the medicine lenses so that's why i'm going through medicine but one of the things that i've been finding is that current in the current reality of the world money helps make movements so if i automate that part of my life early on i could get debt free earlier it was another physician who kind of went through some form like you went through similar things and wants to teach somebody and it seemed like you were also um a couple steps ahead enough to reach your hand back and say that you know you're also kind of growing and building out so it's nice to see someone couple steps ahead to say hey we're going in the same direction i just happen to be slightly ahead of you so look back throw a rope and let's move together kind of thing and that that for me i think is one of the biggest pulling points because a lot of the times a lot of these things are just surface level like oh go to this website and like sign up and do this thing rest versus here's some homework spend time with yourself and and you actually focus more on the process rather than the end result you're like sure yeah i do you know um and i think that that kind of support makes a big difference because in the society we are in today we are very goal driven rather than process driven and we hear all the time from successful people the process the journey is what makes it not the end result so yes it is hardest to get that first dollar it is hardest to get that first million but after that it's just the process so if you don't have the process for the one dollar you're not gonna have it after you don't have the process for the first client it's not gonna be there after so i think that's why i'm harping on it so much is because you fundamentally took what society teaches us and flipped it and was like okay let's start with the process the hardest part first and let's harden that up right yeah you i want you to figure out what you want to do and i'm going to check whether you can do it we're going to find people that think they're worth it and then we're going to get you a client and we're going to refine refine or find perfect perfect perfect and then just grow from there um i think that's why i keep you know again if i had done it fully through i think that would have been my full like yes that is my full experience again i would say that as long as you stick with and use every bit of it how can i say this um let's say you took a gym membership at la fitness right there's a swimming pool there's a jacuzzi there's the gym there's the cardio equipment and there's free classes right that come along with it if you just go there and sit in the jacuzzi every day and go man god nothing's changing really not much is gonna happen but if you meet with the trainer you get your regimen you check in with them you know you add homework on your own diet and then you come in and you're like you know what i'm gonna do this these workouts this is my schedule i'm gonna then you know throw in some like swim time i'm gonna throw in some of this stuff and take one or two classes once a week just to challenge myself and utilize every bit of your membership quote unquote i think you'd be worth it then and i think that's exactly what i'm trying to get at when i explain dr zoda that just doing the course isn't going to get you the value just showing up and learning like you've said this too in in your pitches just gaining the knowledge everyone gains knowledge it's not you know and recently i've been hurt hearing a lot of like mentors i look up to online say it used to be knowledge equals power you got to modify that equation a little bit sure reading is knowledge knowledge equals power but then application of knowledge is what matters you know know the knowledge but then applying it makes that difference and i think that's where i would recommend dr zoda and i wish i would have experienced that to speak more to it for you because i think sitting with you one-on-one for an hour saying hey dr zoda i'm having a mental block and i can't get past it would have given me a lot more roi than me sitting by myself going i can't do this and i'm just gonna sit here trying to figure this document out and then three days later trying to do it again and not getting anywhere so all in all i would say if you utilize if a student utilizes every aspect of it the value is worth it right and and your goal is to make sure we reach the end and it doesn't matter how long it takes right as long as you get that first client you get the class going you can refine the course keep building out but you are there to help us through and i think that if somebody uses every aspect of this and believes in themselves they need to have that positive mindset and belief system too right because that's a part of the process but i think that i would recommend it i feel like a lot of doctors don't know a lot of financial fire doctors or financial freedom doctors haven't found a way to help med students build something because a lot of it is real estate and that takes capital so unless you're coming from somewhere you have saving capital you're on loans most of the time going to med school and you can't really use loans to invest in real estate so um it came different to when you also advertise and reach out to med students and then you not only said sorry wait till you get residency even though that is the most important you said okay you know i will try to help you the best i can as much as you can and i'm willing to work with you till the end because i know you're also like you saw something in me where you're not you you don't think that i'm just freeloading in a way of course right you don't you see that i'm not trying to just get by you see that i'm actually interested um and i care about value and education and others and you reached out and said okay i could care less about anything else right now what can you do what is best for you i'm here for you and i think that's what separated what's another point is it drove that you cared and you genuinely thought that there was some value here so you're like i just want to be there and whenever he's ready i'm always there for him and i truly appreciate that that i don't know let's say that other physicians aren't there for med students it's just harder because of the spaces they're in they don't know how to include us

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