How This Doctor Earns 2000% ROI Passive Income With Online Courses (Full Interview)

interview Jun 18, 2021

Meet Dr M: He joined the Digital Doctor™ program back when he had a private practice that is doing well, helping children with progressive myopia. He loved the patients... but no matter how hard he worked, he only had 24 hours each day.

PROBLEM - He wanted more time outside the clinic, with his family, pursuing what he loves. For 3 years, he was searching for a way to serve more people WITHOUT sacrificing his time...

SOLUTION - Since joining Digital Doctor™, he’s been able to launch his Online Course teaching doctors how to start their own practice... WITHOUT taking time away from his family

OUTCOME - By following our 4 Step System, he's generating 2000% ROI passive income, in just the first 2 weeks of automation. He's just getting started. Nice work!

HIS BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? "If you're a Doctor, you know so much that you don't give yourself credit for... what matters most is taking action".

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[Music] all right welcome back dr zoda here and today we have a very special guest dr tan mai with us yet again and uh dr mai specializes in myopia management and when we first started working together he wanted to have more time outside of the clinic to generate passive income and serve more people without being tied down to his time and since joining our program we've packaged the expertise that he already had into the an online course and now he's helping younger doctors start their own private practice and uh this is round two of this interview series where we're gonna document his journey from zero to six figures and then from six to seven figures and uh we're gonna dig into his story today and go through every step of this evolution so i'm very excited to have him here today um so maybe just a recap for some of the viewers that are watching this for the first time um what was life like before joining our program yeah so um for me i i do have a i am in private practice i have a brick and mortar uh you know business and it's going well and but i know that it just takes intense amount of work and takes a lot of time and so i was inspired by seeing what chester zoda has done and i knew that i could help so many more doctors be successful at their practices but having the time to do that is finite right doing one-on-one coaching sessions you know it just can only go so far and i wanted to my ultimate goal in michigan was to help more children stop from having myopic progression as many as i could you know and so in mind with that mission statement i decided to teach a course to help other doctors do something that they might not have learned in school or they just weren't very familiar with and so they could take a class online and so i launched the course and it's going really well the feedback has been amazing everyone gives me you know five out of five of course that's what they tell me to my face but uh but i believe it's true because they've also referred other people and that's the best sign that's going well once they were for other people and those people joined the course as well and so it's going very well and positive feedback from very from beginning to end in terms of creating the course spreading awareness valid making sure ensuring the course has the right content that that uh someone would want to learn and and the process in which to do so has been very smart the pms is very brilliant that alone is uh it's just brilliant because it just if you ask someone what they want it just stands to show that if you just give them what they ask for why wouldn't they um you know sign up with you to get that right as long as you can promptly deliver so that's been the case for our uh my course and it's going really well very happy to hear that and um it's it's been a while since we first last um had uh one of these conversations but you know now you're in a very different position because when we first had this conversation you were actually complete step two of the program diving into step three building out the online course and now you've completed the com the complete digital doctor transformation um so what results did you achieve from working together yeah so like you said yeah i i first time i made sure that there were people willing to swipe a credit card and give me money before i created the course and once multiple people decided to pay me for a course that i told them i was going to make for them then i made the course and then now i'm in step four step four is the really exciting part it's where i pour gasoline onto the fire right because i've already proven that people are willing to pay me money for because they have paid me money for it and so at this point it's all about scale it's almost creating more awareness you know it's all about optimizing a little bit i'm still testing things improving it so i'm just getting started i've literally only been uh in it for i've only done it for two weeks uh my favorite abs this is only been two weeks and it's gone extremely well which i'll i'll share a little bit more later but yeah okay one thing i'm at right now and um um i remember in our previous conversation um you know we were we were diving into this um and we're going to talk more about that first from our first conversation before diving into the four steps and how you came to get the results that you've been getting but um in our last conversation we kind of ended with the note that many doctors and healthcare providers they're they're they tend to be attracted to work with me because um they want to work less they want to earn more without getting tied down to trading their time for money and uh but ironically the biggest concerns that they have when joining a program like this is the time commitment and there are still some doctors out there many of them might be watching us right now that are still tied down to the long hours they're working on the weekends they're working on christmas thanksgiving um and sacrificing a lot of family time and they just don't see a way out and the conversation always comes back to time many doctors just come to me because they just want more time and you have a very special story and i wanted to start this conversation off there because dr mai here is a busy man right during the day you have a practice to run and during the night while going through our program you had a newborn baby that was on the way and i can't imagine what juggling just one of them would be like but juggling two of them and on top of that adding starting a new passive income source like starting building an online course and serving your students uh i can't even imagine what even juggling all those balls must be like and yet you are still able to see incredible results in a relatively short amount of time and so i'd love to hear your experience going through that uh going through the program while juggling all of that yeah i think it's a matter of people ask me that all the time they'll say how did you find the time to do that right where they can just work one job and that's all they can do so yes i have a busy practice i have a newborn baby i've got two kids and that by itself either one of those could be a full-time job but really one thing that uh the zodiac mentions is that you don't need to spend a lot of time on this you just need to commit to time blocking certain amounts of time throughout the course of the week so let's say you decide you know what is every every day from let's say it could just be 8 p.m to 9 p.m one hour that's it not even in a whole hour 45 minutes even eight to 8 45 but if you focus on something and you slowly build it it's like a snowball you slowly roll it you're so low you go until it also just gains and gains and momentum and that's what i did i didn't spend a lot of time you shouldn't have to spend 10 hours a week on this so 50 hours a week on this if you just spend like you know two or three hours a week it's like just listening to the content on this episode of course shouldn't take any more than a few hours to finish each module if you because you have to maybe even re-watch them doing everything that you mentioned doesn't take a lot of time writing the survey doesn't run a lot didn't take very long it only took me like you know half an hour an hour posting it on facebook only took me 10 minutes you know the thing that takes the most time is creating the course but i only created the course after that away validated it was worthwhile and so um and even the course even then i would just share it you know one bit at a time the way you taught me was just i honestly i shot it on one take just hitting pause and go pause and go i you know the perfect as an enemy of good you know i didn't care if it wasn't perfect i just was gonna go for it i was gonna post it i mean sure i'm gonna make some flubs i might have to you know i mean maybe too many uh that arms in there but still pretty good it actually sounds more natural anyways and so um for that uh all those things again it didn't take me a lot of time you just have to get going you just have to get started and that's really the secret the secret isn't uh the work the secret is just starting the work sometimes and uh as far as starting the work that that is the secret right that is the hard part um there's a lot of people out there that might think i just don't have the time to make this work even though they can see how this might actually help them claim back more time in the long term okay um what advice would you give to these people yeah i'd say that um just like anything this is more a time investment just that you can invest money and have return an investment you you put in the time you put in 10 hours but in the back end you can get 100 hours back so it's so worthwhile i would spend a thousand hours to get 10 000 hours back right so in a way i would over leverage i would actually spend this proportion amount of time working on this i would actually spend you know 40 hours a week on this and that's my job technically right if i were to really leverage and leverage my time instead of seeing patients one at a time and trying to fix their problems this i can help a million people at once because that's the beauty of digital that's the beauty of the internet in a way is that you can reach uh every single person on the planet with it with a click and uh there's really no limit to what uh how far you can how far you can go and so that's what my advice would be basically leverage your time spend a disproportionate amount of time on things that will cause disproportionate results that's beautiful and when you meant when you mentioned that um throughout the force that process i suppose we're going to dig into this later on but uh in fact we can dig into this right now so um inside our digital doctor program we we have what is called the four-step system where we guide a complete beginner no business experience no business idea uh complete scratch right you don't even need to need know any tech skills all you need to know is english internet connection and a computer that's pretty much all you need to get started and we guide them towards the four steps of the journey and uh to get the end result and uh now that you've completed all four steps of the program uh i'd love for you to share your experience going through each step so yeah start with step one step one is essentially um coming with the idea and validating right not validating your ideas that's up to you but cover what's the idea and what you might want to you know what kind of program you might have what kind of interests that you have what do you have that you might want to share with the world right and we all have something that we can share i think i think the mistake a lot of people think is that they don't have anything that they're capable of sharing so not true there are things that you yourself are paid for let's say you paid for an mcat prep course or yeah you pay for that material yourself so and you've taken that course why can't you just teach the same thing you know basically why can't you teach the things that you have learned yourself anywhere along the way and anything at all and so that's the mistake number one is that people don't think they've got anything to teach when you have lots of these especially if you're a doctor there are so many things that patients are asking about on a daily basis people are already paying you on a daily basis for your advice if you solve x fathom literally every day that's at the doctor that's really they show up for that they're not showing up just for them for you know for your sake they're showing for their sake and so you're already solving people's faults on a daily basis why can't you just solve it and give that several advice online that's step one uh step two is at that point you know it is convincing someone that you have their problem sorry that you have the solution to their problem right and so you've got to figure out what a problem might be that's worth solving step two is validating that like and by asking them the question asking people out either online on social media or literally even calling people you know and asking them and interviewing them saying you know i'm thinking about creating this course about xyz you know um would you be interested in knowing more about it and um and then and then and asking them what is the few things that are you know the burning problems that you have and what's what's stopping you from overcoming that problem and then and if i were to create a course solving the problem that you want solved would you be interested in that course and so if if they say yes yeah it applause and say yes then you're on to something and that's step two and then um so step one is getting started without an idea and then step two is uh selling without appearing salesy and uh then what next step three is about building the online course and that's right yeah so i'd love to hear your experience with that yeah absolutely yeah so after you now people have paid you money for the course that you pro that that you've asked them you know first you you asked me this stuff too what's your problem and and if i can solve it would you buy this course basically and that's essentially the question you've asked and now they said yes i have paid you for your course and now step three is making that course and step three is the reason step three is a lot of people get hung up on step three because they try to they think that it has to be like steven spielberg james cameron but anyways making like you know an oscar-worthy movie right but no it's not true it's okay having a little bit and i'd rather you get it done than to just try to think is to make an oscar with a movie so even even this interview you know chess and i we're just talking you know we're just hanging out you know we're not this is not scripted we didn't like create a powerpoint exactly what we're going to say to each other or anything like that we're just talking hanging out and so anyways as you clean your course you're going to create your slides and material and i would just honestly i would ask as if it's almost live as if you're presenting it live to an audience and if you presented live to an audience then you don't have you don't have the ability to to stop and reshoot you're just gonna shoot and keep going right and so that's how i made a much of my content is just me it's just discussing the problems how would it go about fixing it um for me i have a niche where i'm helping people design special contact lenses and i just discussed how i would go approach this patient what i would do how would i help them you know and just and then and going through that whole process and so it's very conversational uh it's done very quickly it's done from the beginning of this course is that you don't have to travel around the world and you know get a film crew you can do it literally in your room with just a mic that cost me like a hundred dollars or something like that 200 i can't remember it wasn't that much um and i just bought it on amazon and i just um that's all it took and as long as you've got google slides and this is what i used to make like once it's a mic you can shoot an entire course it's extremely easy yeah 100 the mic is even optional like if starting off with a with like a budget you don't even need a mic just a macbook laptop that's perfectly fine computer internet connection i've even had some people tell me oh what if i don't have the internet just go down to your local starbucks or your public library there's no excuse not to not make this work because the expertise that's inside your own head it's it can really serve a lot of people and help a lot of people but sometimes they just don't feel like that right they need to be they might think they have to be spilled in order to direct the movie they might think they have to be shakespeare to teach english but actually there's a huge market out there that's starving for their expertise especially doctors uh i really like what you said where you you know as a doctor your day-to-day profession is literally people coming into your clinic with a problem you solving that problem helping them and therefore there's exchange of value and uh i really like that um approach to things so step one getting started step two selling the course step three building the course which leads us to step four automating the course then you have just came out of um step four completely fresh so i'd love to hear your experience with that that's right so the beauty of this course is that how much experience did i have advertising on facebook or on you know any platform because i'm paying painful ads and having people you know watch it read it and sign up for a course and i had zero experience never done it any ever before my entire life i i knew nothing and yet knowing nothing here i am completely rookie able to take a the step-by-step project uh dr tezona gave me and it's it's actually very easy because i didn't have to there were a lot of little things little the digital things that even i click here click there do this that i was able to just watch your video just literally follow along and click it because i didn't know what i was doing and i didn't have to know anything and i was able to just create ads very easily i was able to create 30 different ads with all these different images copy different copy images and different targeted audiences and spit test basically 30 different ads and to find out which ones would work out the best and then from that i'm trimming and optimizing right now i might have been doing it for two weeks but even despite the fact that right now my sequence is not optimized whatsoever i am getting um a what is it 2 000 return on my investment right now so uh so it's going really well 2 000 so that's twenty that's one dollar and twenty dollars out yeah so every dollar i've paid facebook i've gotten twenty dollars out okay so if you put ten thousand dollars in that's 200 grand coming into your bank right exactly so now i i i i just started two weeks ago the ads are not optimized whatsoever i need to trim some bad ones and i'm just getting started lilly's only been two weeks but so far you know every dollar i've paid for facebook has given me twenty dollars back the people in the course i didn't have to jump on a phone and convince them to join my course i didn't have to you know spend an hour convincing the joy and i'd have to spend ten hours teaching them this stuff they just saw the ad pay for the course and now they stand for it they're going through the course without any um any hand holding from me i didn't have to email them to give them their login and information or anything like that i didn't have to reset their passwords when they got stuck everything's taken care of and i literally have everything's on autopilot basically that's beautiful that's beautiful and um what results have you been able to achieve like uh outside of the finances which you know one dollar and twenty dollars out that's fascinating results um but what results have you know uh have you achieved not just uh financially but maybe like um how has this program affected other areas of your life like your time your family stuff like that yeah just excited to know that um for me uh everyone has different motivation and i will say this quite honestly the main reason why i started this course is i'm trying to actually fulfill my mission statement that i'm trying to reduce the amount of kids who have progressive myopia and so that's actually my main mission statement and so not just uh you know with this on a course but even just at my practice my setting on a daily basis and that's something i'm passionate about something that i i personally had i personally suffered with myself and so i'm trying to prevent other kids because i have the ability and knowledge to do so and so the fact that i may i i get i'm right now i'm getting emails from doctors saying thank you so much and i have my own facebook group within my course in my outside my own little community and they're asking questions and sharing ideas and they're just really excited to get it going and the fact that i'm helping them help other people to me is the most rewarding thing so that's that's number one number two is of course it has been financial rewarding every dollar in twenty dollars out sounds pretty good i'm gonna keep going uh why not and uh the beauty is that um it's not i'm not doing i'm not doing anything salesy and it's nothing unethical whatsoever i'm just literally just helping people uh with the expertise i already have things that people have always been asking me about for years and if you're listening if you're listening to this i'm sure there are people asking you for advice all the time for certain things especially if you're a doctor you get random messages from relatives from across the country asking for random things about your expertise i'm sure or from friends there are things that people constantly ask you questions about and so why not deliver that value to more people and so um it's not seriously whatsoever it's uh it's gonna be it's it has helped fulfill my personal makeup statement it's been all good yeah 100 i mean money is just an exchange of value and i see money as how much value you are delivering to other people right um if you if you have a big solution for a small group of people you can make a big chunk of money but if you have a small solution for a big group of people you can also make a huge chunk of money and um at the end of the day the income is a function of impact the impact that you have on other people and i think dr meyer is a perfect example of someone that has you know went through the system and he's already you know is already serving a lot of people inside his community but now he's doing at a higher level on a global scale on the internet and it was very exciting to be as part of your journey and to help you cross that chasm and um you know i'm very excited for the world ahead as well um so i guess this leads us to um what what some people might think is that hey that's that's easy for you to say i mean that's easy for you to say because you have a you know it's because of your idea it's because of uh this this and that it's because you um it's because you are already an expert in your field but what about me what if i'm just a general practitioner what if i'm just uh like me i'm an emergency doctor uh we're generous uh what do i have to offer the market will people even buy this all the information is out there for free right um and so for these types of people um how much you think you know we can help them yeah good question um i would say that that's something that's very common which is impossible syndrome and that's the number one reason why people never get started i think in pursuing a true passion is that they they believe that they they are an impostor but for me uh i i will just say this i'm not like a 30-year veteran in the field i'm in my 30s and i haven't it wasn't that i didn't graduate that long ago and so i just i'm getting started as well but despite the fact that i'm not a 30-year veteran i still know a little bit more than the next person and that's all you need you just need to you don't need to be number one in the field you just need to be able to be you need to know just a bit more than the person listening and and because you do know bit more than person listening they they are interested in what you know and they want to listen to you and you do you do have something that is a value that can help them and if you do people are definitely willing to pay you for that information and so i would say even if you're a journalist there are things that again that people are asking you about on a daily basis i i know they are because that's why you have a job if if people can do if you can do your job on google why would you still be why would you have you know why would you still have a job and so you have a job for a reason there are things that you know that people literally are paying for you on a daily basis and so don't undervalue yourself you know imposter syndrome is real but just know that the secret is getting started the secret is just sitting down and coming with and brainstorming sometimes and covering ideas and you can punt ideas with chester as well and i on the online forum there's no there's no reason why you can't ask quote dumb questions just say i don't know what i'm doing i've got these three ideas anyone thinks they're a good idea and you know chess will tell you if it's good or not and and the most point is i test it won't tell you though he'll say you know maybe but we can always test it and that's the real secret yeah yeah and that's why we're here right we're there to hold your hand every step of the way and um i was thinking of um something you said uh which was the expertise imposter thing and uh i love giving this example because sometimes you know as doctors we just live sleep free medicine we sometimes forget that our expertise is seriously valuable uh like i don't know how many times i have to keep saying this but i'm gonna scream it from the rooftops and some people would still not believe that um there's just some psychological barrier but uh a great example of this is like english um right recently i remember um you know you don't need to be shakespeare in order to teach english you might think that hey uh if you're some high school kid teaching somebody how to speak english teaching a course on english nobody would buy that in america nobody would in their right mind would like english would learn english from a high school group right but if you put that same person in the middle of china in the middle of india in the middle of russia suddenly the conversation becomes completely different suddenly there's a huge marketplace for people that want to learn english from someone that is just a few steps ahead they don't want to learn english from a professor of english they don't want to learn english from shakespeare or robert frost right they want to learn english from someone that's just a few steps ahead so that they remember exactly what it's like to teach someone that's um in their situation and um this is actually very similar to doctors there's just stuck in this a lot of bubble um we're stuck in this little bottle the healthcare world hospital clinic every all of our colleagues we kind of speak the same medical jargon the same language we almost forget that our expertise is hugely valuable and it's only when we put this person outside their bubble either in a friend's wedding either at a family gathering where people start asking us all these problems when people like like yourself people have been asking you to teach them how to do x y and z that's when you realize just how valuable your expertise is and once you realize that that's when you can actually monetize it on the internet and grow a really powerful passive income source where like you one dollar in twenty dollars comes out and uh and yeah i mean that's just what i was thinking as you were going through um your example just there exactly it's like you know take note when people keep asking you the same questions again and again and again and again and you you kind of rarely dispense that information without a second you know just under your breath almost it's so easy for you to automatic that's how valuable your knowledge is is that you know it that well that people that more people are asking the same question you know once that happens once you know you might not remember it but once it happens twice three times more times five times you might be on to something and so and if you solve that problem for that people for those people there are many others like them everywhere and there's no reason why you can help more people and what if somebody's thinks hey i just don't have that like nobody ever asked me which is tough to tough to imagine as a doctor right but they might think that hey nobody has ever asked me um to solve a specific problem like what advice would you give them so i would say that every patient that you see in your clinic has a chief complaint and which is usually a specific problem and uh it was a scenario if you're not hearing out about you can start there uh if i was a dermatologist i might teach people about skin conditions or you know how to uh making this up but uh they just wants to say aussie really how to have great skin for the rest of your life but um you know but but i buy some dermatologists you know and uh and not just uh generic stuff on you know that i don't know that you might read online and so um [Music] i know that's happening and so there are things that you can ask about at least test so again you don't need to go ahead and just jump over and make the mona lisa right away you know you can just you can just say i think people are asking me next question all the time at work or or things i've learned i learned how to i don't know cook really well like i can make a really good steak you know and people keep asking me teach me how to make that steak you know i i don't care to do online chef courses all the time i just did one like last week i i did a virtual cooking class last week you know i literally paid like a hundred dollars for this course anyways um bye i know how to cook but anyways anyways um so all i'm saying is that um even if you're not sure someone paid for it you can at least come with a hypothesis then test the hypothesis if it doesn't work out you know maybe spend one or two hours but then you know for sure you know and because again step three is actually making the course and spending you know 50 hours in the course but step one and two could just take two hours one hour you know you're just literally brainstorming and then maybe it's messaging something messaging on like maybe reddit or facebook asking them hey anyone interested in this doesn't take any more than an hour and so that's where you can test your hypothesis before you create it and then once you have tested it you already know it's going to work you've already eliminated the guesswork there 100 yeah i mean if that conversation alone didn't i think that conversation would be quite helpful to some people that are they know their worth but they just don't feel their worth like logically they know this is the right move but psychologically you just feel like there's something holding them back um and i think that conversation uh we kind of drove on it quite a bit and fleshed it all out but i'm pretty sure that conversation is going to help someone make that decision um whether to really take things pick their career the financial situation to the next level and um really what i'm trying to get bowl back to is really just the power of decisions and uh most of the people watching this they they might be already inside our community uh which we know uh quite fondly and or they might be thinking of joining our community right but they haven't made that decision yet maybe they are thinking no time no idea no finances maybe it's something they've been thinking of doing for like four years five years uh i've literally just got off of a call with someone that's been thinking of doing this for four to five years but they've just been procrastinating procrastinating some people might not think it's even possible like um for whatever reason and they just haven't made that decision yet and i'm a big believer that it is in these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped like the life that you're living it's it's not luke or accident it's based on the sum total of the decisions that you made in the past and whether that's your financial future your family your freedom um your time uh i'd love us a lot for us to unwind the clock back to when this all started right when this all started you didn't know me i didn't know you when we were first having that call together right and uh after you know seeing that you were qualified for our program you were presented with one of those decisions that can potentially change your life and um imagine if we were on that call first call together um walk the viewer through what was going through your mind at the time yeah i i think similar to everyone else i wasn't sure if i would put in the time to make it work that's one two i wasn't sure if um i'd be able to do it i guess to put to put it simply i was afraid that um i would try and fail and uh and that that that alone was a little bit uh unnerving i didn't want to commit to something to spend money on something that was going to be a complete waste of my time and uh but i decided to make a plunge anyways because i thought um you know since since i saw other people succeeding with this program and and and since the message made sense it made sense that why can't i help more people you know by by teaching and which i naturally love doing myself and so um for me i made that job because i'm someone that loves to just dive in and make it happen and uh and it's okay making mistakes you learn from your failures too so i knew that even the worst case scenario was this was a scenario that i would try and fail but i would learn something maybe something that i'll never forget for the rest of my life and that by itself i knew that that wouldn't be that big of a it would that that's not that bad of worth case scenario but what's the best case scenario the best case scenario is that i could be you know have complete help so many more people i could also you know along with having more people because when you help people it is exchange of value and there's nothing wrong with making money um and so what if i could also make money helping more people and uh you know honestly be financially free and uh but but also helping more people mainly then that to me was that the possibility of that high upside and that just that small possibility for that downside in comparison to the upside to me was worthwhile and uh so i i jumped in and i and i'm really happy if i would go back knowing what i know now i would have really regretted saying no because then all this would never have happened and then there'll be less people that i'm helping and also even for my own family's sake for you know a personal situation or financial situation thing like it would also be much different and so um i'm happy i made the plunge yeah and uh yeah it's funny you mentioned that um because it's really in these moments that your destiny is shaped right uh like it's a decision fork it's either a yes or no there's no brain gray zone thing i'll think about it i'll i'll you know other this this and that i'll think about it i'll wait for a bit it's really just a yes or no it's really just that simple and what i've noticed is that a lot of people they might focus on the return on investment rightfully so right they want to know what is the roi um but they might miss on the cost of an action the coi and you were kind of talking about that right imagine imagine what the outcome would have been like if you decided not to join that's exactly right exactly and that is the insidious nature of life in general there's so many things that you have not done that have cost you so much in relationships uh money time etc health event right the content in action uh you know and so um the cost of an inaction is always going to be 10 000 times more than the cost of failure and and honestly there are many all the mistakes in your life won't even touch the amount of things that you've lost by not doing anything at all uh because there's so much more that is in store for you and there's so much more potential that you have than you realize and so realizing that potential and not losing and letting go to waste it to me it should be mandatory and so don't don't let it go to waste your your your your skills your knowledge your passion for teaching your passion for helping others your passion for making a difference in this world don't underestimate your ability to do so and and i'd say you know be bold and move forward and uh and you won't regret it yeah i always say like the biggest expense is not knowing how to serve more people not knowing how to make more money not knowing it's not it's not just you know investing in yourself or investing in your own education but not knowing how you could have done better that is the biggest expense because that's gonna hold you back and keep you stuck in the position that you're currently in and the reason i say that is because you had a pretty great life before joining the program already you had a great practice running you loved what you do did but you knew you could do more and i'm sure a lot of viewers um in watching that are in the same position right they they have what i call the golden handcuffs where they have a cushy job uh they're making good amount of money they you know they might not necessarily be happy with how much time it demands of them but they're just comfortable enough not to do anything about it right people people change either out of inspiration or desperation they have neither of these they're totally comfortable in the situation they are tearing in and yeah to these types of people i'm curious what um what advice might you give them yeah yeah there's a good thing i love the two the two most important days of your life where the day you were born in the day you find out why right and so again yeah you must have a strong reason to do this it doesn't have to be um uh you know just you're doing my income but it has to be because you hate your job and that's why you need to leave it you know i'd say it could be um you know more it's just be you you want to help more people and that truly is your mission statement and i go back to that if i'm true to my own personal mission statement then it just stands a reason that it's that i can do i can do more and i can achieve more if i'm trying to fulfill that and if that's a burning passion for years you're going to achieve it and so i love that what you said there's two things that shape you with your inspiration and desperation so the golden handcuffs are dangerous you know that it's very dangerous to be too comfortable i think ultimately you by living a comfortable life um you know you lose on the potential that you might have and you lose out on your ability to make a bigger mark on the world and i think that's uh yeah i think it's a little bit sad almost but it's about just just a coast through life when you can take it by the by the horns and control your destiny a little bit better so um yeah my advice would be to come up with something that you know what kind of change you want to make on the planet uh what is your personal mission statement what what do you stand for and what do you want to make a difference and then going all in and um i think in this world today the ability of of the internet to reach more people you know across the world with no geographic boundary it's never we've never had to perform the entire history you know and so it's it's the most exciting time to be alive to make these type of things to make a mark on the world and so yeah my advice would be that um but again you do have many things that lots of people would benefit from and uh my my hope would be that you'd be interested in helping more others that's wonderful and uh i've always been curious about this but i never really asked you so uh i'm going to put you on the spot but um i remember in our first call together um your your wife had some hesitations right um so would you like to talk more about that yeah i said hey i got i'm gonna just call this guy named chesterzotta i just saw his facebook ad uh he's telling me that uh you know that i'd be i'd be a perfect student first course so that he could uh it sounds like a good fit i've got i've got i've got knowledge that i'm interested in teaching and uh there are people that i believe i can help but i'm not sure if there's a scam or not i don't know i've never met this guy yeah you know and then my wife's like yeah i don't know either um but you can do whatever you like i i trust you and uh i uh you know i just looked over your website and i saw it all day i looked at testimonials and i said how much work would it take someone to create all this for it to be a scam and your message seems that it made sense you know it wasn't it wasn't anything that was crazy there's nothing crazy about this program it's very logical it it absolutely will work it actually will work as long as you actually do it because if you test something before you create it you will find out it already works before you you do it basically and if it doesn't work you just keep testing the next idea and you can keep going there's no such thing as failing and ending you can keep trying you know until you find something that hits and so yeah it's just it's largely makes sense and and it's not a scam whatever yeah so the question i wanted to ask you is uh what does you know seeing the results that you've been able to achieve seeing you go through the program now what does your wife actually think about all of this she thinks it's really fun she actually is really excited to see where this goes and i'm just getting started and so um she's excited she actually has helped me make some of my she does marketing and so she helps me with some of my um my graphics and uh made my spring course a little bit better in terms of the content of it and so yeah she's really happy that i'm doing it and she sees that i you know it's a passion poncho of mine um um once the babies are in bed and uh you know everything's quiet at night time instead of just watching netflix i'm working on this course instead and uh you know it's great because you know i don't know anyone watching this you say you're busy but you always find like two hours a day to watch netflix so all you have to do or youtube videos or whatever right usually that time with this and you'll make a bigger difference for yourself but more importantly you make a difference for others and that's something that you need to really consider get get out of your comfort zone you know don't just uh you know cut back a little bit on that social media and you'll have you have all the time in the world to do this yeah i love that i love that yeah i've seen that to be a common pattern inside our community where um people might join by themselves and then uh they would also bring a partner along and it becomes like a almost like a collaborative project that they have together like a side project um and it's it's really quite awesome uh see seeing um how your wife you know is a an instrument of auto building out this process with you um so i'm really happy to hear that yeah she's happy exactly and so um you know if everyone watching this uh you know you might not know chester's dota but you can easily google more about him online and you'll know that he's he exists and he's a real person and he's fine you can also look at me dr tom mike costa mesa i have a physical location i have employees i have a busy practice you can even read my reviews online like i exist and um and it's no secret and i'm helping people and uh making a difference in the world and there's nothing salesy or scammy whatsoever about what we're doing we're just trying to help more people live a better life yeah 100 and um actually so um so what i wanted to cover next was actually uh to kind of wrap up this call is that since the last time we spoke i've been saving up for this special moment with you um a lot of people have been sending me email emails or speaking with our specialists on our team or maybe like just comment on youtube and they kind of asked like what happened with you they kind of want to know like did those results continue or was that like a fluke or an accident and um and uh yeah what do you have to say to these people yeah so i again i am someone that is walking through this step step by step and you're watching watching me as i do it we're live like i'm still in the middle of it you know that's why they're so excited i did one two three and i just started step four two weeks ago and uh it is going extremely well uh i i've had people even uh my friends even just call me or text me but hey i i see your your eyes are everywhere i see them like every day and it's actually really fun i'm like wow i i it worked it actually worked and then my reach is uh is is is incredible almost it's amazing how people are seeing my content and learning more about what i'm doing and um and so i would say that uh without sharing numbers uh too much uh all i would say is that um it's going extremely well and i could probably replace my income as a doctor with it and so um i'm um it's it's uh it's it's it's it's i'm i i'm very happy basically it's going away and then what the most i'm happy about is that the feedback from my students has been so positive and they're they're excited to get it going too i'm very excited to hear that and uh um i'm just gonna run through a quick couple of questions that the community has sent me so this actually leads to uh something i actually um would be quite interested in uh you answering dr temple asks um how is the essential essentially how is the brick and mortar practice set up different from an online course in business because you've had a unique perspective of running both and now i'm very excited to hear that you're saying that you can actually replace not just your you know clinical practice but your entire um private practice so i'm actually curious to know how you would compare these two business models yeah that's right i've done both right so i have two businesses now and well i have multiple but uh between just these two um the brick and mortar one takes uh ten thousand times more work than this one so uh you know i would say you know if you're just getting started if you let's say you don't currently own your own business you don't own a private practice like i do right you're just an employee in a hospital or what not um if i were to start one the one that's much easier the one that's ten thousand times easier to get going with less headaches work you know lawyers and paperwork and hiring fire employees and all that stuff insurance panels by far it is doing the online business it's not even close and um because you can set this up in like i literally set this up in the last few couple months you know it it whereas to take to create a brick-and-mortar location and actually get profitable learning hiring employees to get to a level where um you know it is doing well it can take years and 10 000 times more hours of work so it's not even close between the two wow wow i wasn't expecting that i mean because because you've actually you're actually doing both simultaneously right how big is your um how big is your practice actually so um we have uh so the group practice that i started called so when you start calling it means you know you you have zero patients on day one no one even knows you exist but you just created the business and you open open it up like you're the grand opening party and all that and so now we've got 17 employees or three doctors and i'm actually booked uh solid every day at that practice uh seeing patients and so i i'm busy you know i'm not uh i'm just i'm not someone that um you know had to do this online course because i wasn't succeeding or anything like that no i'm doing quite well um but um but again between the two dominant core the online business is much easier to get going and you started this by yourself basically yeah by myself yeah and uh so just the overhead is um the overhead the hiring you do this by yourself you don't need a film crew like you talked about you don't need people following you around you know even the expensive camera um and uh that's one of the amazing things and uh i was actually gonna go somewhere with that but um yeah it's just uh it's just kind of crazy that you're able to or we were able to you know just have a computer internet connection computer just get started just right away um some people might still think that the brington motor setup is is uh is better though um so i was actually very very i actually chose this question because i was actually really curious um on how this was actually different um i've seen i've seen like um in terms of business models i kind of see the brick and mortar set up like starting a restaurant in chinatown not necessarily like a private practice but i'm talking about just brick and mortar stores in in general um yeah i you know i i have a lot of immigrant family friends uh you know they they would come across to america and they would start up a restaurant a chinese restaurant of course in chinatown and in terms of just a business model it's you can't go more homogenous and undifferentiated than that you're literally in a town called chinatown where literally every single restaurant is chinese food so yeah there's no possible way to compete and on top of that um you know the profit margins are hairline hairline and the stopping costs the product cost food is also perishable so just thinking about accounting it gives me a headache and an aneurysm already um actually that without rambling too much that was actually my question so what would the profit margins actually look like from the brick and mortar setup versus the online course setup yes i don't know how it is in everything but in optometry at least or eye care and ophthalmology it's usually um the margins are you know not the gross margin not the gross product but the net income because it ranges between like 20 and 30 um so 20 30 so let's say you make a million dollars you make 200 300 000 right uh now whereas this online course right now the margin is more like 80 percent um for me it's actually more right now but i i suspect it's because i'm just getting started and it's early i think my margin will go down but i'd be happy with like 70 60 50 compared to what i'm what i've had in the past and so it's much easier again the reason why is there's no overhead uh i i didn't need to buy anything i already have a laptop you don't even need a mic you can just use your laptop you know use your macbook it's fine that's all you need and then um zero employees and so um yeah this is this one's much easier it's not even close i have to manage 17 employees when i go into my my practice yeah that was very interesting um because um you know i'm always curious to know the business side of things and like you have a very unique perspective so that was a very interesting answer um another question that the community asked and is dr sid williams she asked what was the experience like with our support so the q a the community i don't think we talked too much about that in the last interview yeah one thing i'm really happy about is that um right now i'm really happy how much i want to be careful saying this because if this video goes on people are watching it but i'm really happy how much um how much access i have to you talk to this job soda you know and i don't think that is always the case uh because you're the principal you know you're the you're the owner and founder of obviously it's not as if i'm talking to someone you hired and you have farmed after work i'm going to you as the owner and founder of the work in a way and anyone that knows this whenever you're working with an owner whenever you're working with stall that it's you know it's their own business um that's usually the best person to ask questions to so i'm always impressed that i have that access to you and i'm always impressed by the fact that i can jump on a saturday call and ask a thousand questions and your answer every single thing if i want to uh luckily i haven't done that to you but but the good is that you should i shouldn't need to at the same time because most of the information is already in the course but um i'm i'm i'm basically been very happy about how much access i've had and uh if you get stuck you don't need to do it by yourself you can just ask and uh and a chance to help you that's amazing thank you for saying that i mean that that really you know warms up my heart but um i think that's one of the benefits of having to be being able to work less so you can serve more um i remember like it wasn't always like this when i was still working at the hospital out each i mean we only have 24 hours in a day and there's only so many patients that we have to take care of and if your time is stretched then the patient care and patient attention that you give to each individual is also going to be shrunk and i never really felt like this because i felt like i could get more i could serve more i could help more people um but i was because of the constraints of time and because of the constraints of my own energy levels it was always like just strong i couldn't give the people the attention that i wanted to give them and i'm really quite happy with this setup actually because i get to work with people that are committed like yourself um they they enter the program they want to serve more people their intention is in the right place um and uh i help them cross that chasm by simply packaging the expertise that they already have in the online world onto the internet and i think i take great pride in helping them my team and i take great pride in helping them cross that chasm and so like personally i feel i feel like this is this is really my call i find this much more fulfilling and um i can serve more people uh without having to basically stretch myself thin and uh so it really warms my heart when you say that uh because that's what i was planning on like all along that's excellent exactly and for me it's been check check i think uh it's uh it's been a complete win-win you know we worked we worked together and in a way and uh i feel like you feel that my success is you're part of your success and that's why it's nice to have someone rooting for you and but more importantly so that's actually achieved um that level as well and kind of help kind of baby me through it and uh literally like spoon feeding me as i go along and so it's been quite easy in a way i've i've had to recreate the wheel i don't feel as if i'm going to hit a wall because um i know that i've got some help it's just terrific you i think you also said like we should get matching goodies right and take a selfie together that's right yeah yeah exactly yeah it's go it's gonna come i i will eventually fly to hong kong someday once my kids are older and then we'll meet and then we'll hang out we'll have a meal we'll be fine we'll get some dim sum or something 100 yeah looking forward to that day um i actually might come to california as well next year oh hey yes come on buy it yeah hope you're in southern california yeah and uh all right final question dr khan asks um i don't know if you're open to this but could these um would you be open to sharing like a screen share of inside the course just a quick rundown so that people that are like what are you actually selling that's his main question oh okay interesting okay yeah let me see yeah so this is my curriculum the first module was just like uh i kind of i copied you chester i said you gotta start with why and x how to execute and you know the overview because guess what if you're missing that key foundational step you're not gonna achieve the success that you want and then i give them a little bit of clinical foundations i teach them how to do what i do by understanding corn topographies lenses cannabis orthocardiology advanced arts pathology optic zones things like that i go over how to train staff and then i go over some you know my consultation into marketing and so that's my course basically i've tried these students to do something called orthocarotology arthrology is basically a special lens that uh that people use to reshape their cornea so i teach them how to do that and things i've learned over the course of my career mostly um honestly it wasn't even recently things like most of what i've learned in the first just two three years of my career and uh so it's not that you need to be doing it for like 20 years with a teacher course i could have taught this course five years ago um just with what i learned by taking other people's courses teaching the exact same thing and stuff but just just spreading the word out there and so anyways it doesn't have to be all your original content you don't need to be a genius and that's yeah that's my course yeah that's amazing thank you for sharing that um because i think it could really help people to actually see like like what is this actually sometimes they don't understand like what is an online course and just being able to see it uh maybe you're also gonna get some customers from this interview uh coming along your way so i guess we're gonna wrap up this interview and uh all right so now that you've completed the transformation you completed all four steps of the program you've seen the results that you've gotten what's next hmm good question so this is my first online product i've ever made obviously it's successful and um and i'm very happy with it mostly because i'm helping people and their feedback are being positive uh the next step is i might create more courses uh as well like more products that i would do the exact same thing just a different infinity funnel basically for that product i will test it i'll ask people interested in it then i'll test it then i'll create a course and then i'll do the exact same thing so the beauty is that um even if this one didn't work i got lucky in a way i got lucky and i i hit a home run very beginning but if i didn't i would just keep testing the next one and so i'm i'm basically going to start from ground zero again where i'm going to test my next idea and see if that hit if it doesn't hit that's okay i'll just move on and try again by testing the next one and i keep testing and testing and testing until i find what works once i find out what works then i execute and create that next course and so that's kind of my next level is uh just doing it again in a way it's kind of it's almost as if i it's like it's almost like a franchise model anyway i found the model that works a i'm just gonna copy paste it again for the next one that's amazing and uh i'm very excited to help you with that process as well uh if you need my help um that's gonna be the second part of your uh transformation and it's it sounds to me that um correct me if i'm wrong but it sounds to me that you already have everything set up the course people love it it's built um it's automated and uh if you wanted to you could even have the option to you know let this passive income source kind of run in the background and go on a family vacation and sip a pina colada on the beach if you wanted to i could exactly yeah that's enough there was forget about it it's uh it's uh something that is so rewarding is something that for me it was actually extra you know and so um it's been it's been a great journey and i'm just by the way people it's not as if i've been doing this for 20 years this course did not exist three months ago so it didn't even exist three months ago so uh just getting started and so it only is going up from here because if i'm if it's going well when i'm when i'm messy then i i can't imagine how things will go when i actually know what i'm doing yeah like even just like a year from now yeah 100 once you learn this skill um creating a second course third or sport course a whole university that becomes easy because you mastered the skill of online education digital marketing and uh that's where all the magic kind of happens absolutely exactly so you've i kind of have almost as if i have the structured to create what i do have to show i have the structure in which how to execute and create an online education course an online business basically and i can copy and paste it as many times as i want at this point and again this thing does not exist three months ago my entire course i didn't have a single buyer three months ago you know and so um that's how fast you can get it going it doesn't take years it can take weeks or months and this is by the way i have a business and i had a newborn baby so no one has an excuse that seems to be a good point to wrap it up do you have any parting advice for the people that are watching that have been following your transformation since day one yeah my advice is just uh you know um perfect as an enemy of good and and have a strong mission statement have a strong reason why you're doing something ideally if you make it more than about yourself for me at least that's more compelling and that will that really that that's what drives me uh to wake up in the morning and get after it every day is to see what kind of difference i can make in the lives of others and i hope that if you're listening you have that same mentality if you do the word the world rewards the people that give that's good i try to get and so if you just constantly try to give and help others you will leave you will live a rich life and not just in terms of finances but even just in relationships and just spiritual well-being and that's been the uh hallmark of all my successes having that mindset and i truly do believe it and i i try to execute every day and get better and uh and that would be my favorite advice to anyone listening awesome the secret to living is giving huh that's right all right the secret right there that's it that's the secret you don't have to you don't have to listen to anyone else that's the secret all right so we're going to wrap it up here and uh thank you dr mike for your time and uh for your generosity sharing um uh your progress and your journey with us um i'm very excited to see the next steps ahead absolutely my pleasure thanks for having me all right

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