Do You Need An IDEA Before You Start?

interview Jun 20, 2021

Doctors undervalue their own expertise. We go through years of schooling feeling like we’re not good enough. And we often feel like Imposters. We feel like we have nothing to teach. And we don’t feel qualified to be an expert; even though we are.

In reality: there are plenty of underserved patients in desperate need of our education, and there’s plenty of people that are hungry for our expertise. 

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i was thinking of um something you said uh which was the expertise imposter thing and uh i love giving this example because sometimes you know as doctors we just live sleep breathe medicine we sometimes forget that our expertise is seriously valuable uh like i don't know how many times i have to keep saying this but i'm gonna scream it from the rooftops and some people would still not believe that um there's just some psychological barrier but uh a great example of this is like english right recently i remember um you know you don't need to be shakespeare in order to teach english you might think that hey if you're some high school kid teaching somebody how to speak english teaching a course on english nobody would buy that in america nobody within their right mind would like english would learn english from high school right but if you put that same person in the middle of china in the middle of india in the middle of russia suddenly the conversation becomes completely different suddenly there's a huge marketplace for people that want to learn english from someone that is just a few steps ahead they don't want to learn english from a professor of english they don't want to learn english from shakespeare or robert frost right they want to learn english from someone that's just a few steps ahead so that they remember exactly what it's like to teach some someone that's um in their situation and um this is actually very similar to doctors there's just stuck in this little bubble we're stuck in this little bottle in the healthcare world hospital clinic every all of our colleagues we kind of speak the same medical jargon the same language we almost forget that our expertise is hugely valuable and it's only when we put this person outside their bubble either in a friend's wedding either at a family gathering where people start asking us all these problems when people like like yourself people have been asking you to teach them how to do x y and z that's when you realize just how valuable your expertise is and once you realize that that's when you can actually monetize it on the internet and grow a really powerful passive income source where like you one dollar in twenty dollars comes out and um and yeah i mean that's just what i was thinking as you were going through um your example just there exactly it's like you know take note when people keep asking you the same questions again and again and again and again and you you kind of really dispense that information without a second you know just under your breath almost it's so easy for you to automatic that's how valuable your knowledge is is that you know it that well that people that more people are asking the same question you know once that happens once you know you might not remember it but once it happens twice three times more times five times you might be on to something and so and if you solve that problem for that people for those people there are many others like them everywhere and there's no reason why you can help more people and what if somebody's thinks hey i just don't have that like nobody ever asked me which is tough to tough to imagine as a doctor right but they might think that hey nobody has ever asked me um to solve a specific problem like what advice would you give them hmm so i would say that every patient that you see in your clinic has a chief complaint and which is usually a very specific problem and uh it works good scenario if you're not hearing out about you can start there uh if i was a dermatologist i might teach people about skin conditions or you know how to uh making this up but uh they just wanted to say algae really how to have great skin for the rest of your life but um you know but but advice from a dermatologist you know and uh and not just uh generic stuff on you know that i don't know that you might read online and so um i know that's happening and so there are things that you can ask about at least test so again you don't need to go ahead and just jump over and make the mona lisa right away you know you can just you can just say i think people are asking me next question all the time at work or or things i've learned i learned how to i don't know cook really well like i could make a really good steak you know and people keep asking me teach me how to make that steak you know i i don't think they do online chef courses all the time i just did one like last week i i did a virtual cooking class last week you know i literally paid like a hundred dollars for this course anyways um bye i know how to cook but anyways anyways um so all i'm saying is that um even if you're not sure if someone paid for it you can at least come with a hypothesis then test that hypothesis if it doesn't work out you know maybe you spent one or two hours but then you know for sure you know and because again step three is actually making the course and spending you know 50 hours in the course but step one and two could just take two hours one hour you know you're just literally brainstorming and then maybe it's messaging something messaging on like maybe reddit or facebook asking them hey anyone interested in this doesn't take any more than an hour and so that's where you can test your hypothesis before you create it and then once you have tested it you already know it's going to work you've already eliminated the guesswork there 100 yeah i mean if that conversation alone didn't i think that conversation would be quite helpful to some people that are they know their worth but they just don't feel their worth like logically they know this is the right move but psychologically you just feel like there's something holding them back um and i think that conversation uh we kind of drove on it quite a bit and fleshed it all out but i'm pretty sure that conversation is going to help someone make that decision whether to really take things pick their career to financial situation to the next level

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