What Can I Teach? (Finding Your Course Idea)

shorts Apr 20, 2021

Most people think they need a brilliant idea before they get started on building a passive income. That is incorrect. Ideas don't happen by fluke or accident or waiting for an apple to fall on your head. Ideas are engineered by following a proven process.

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welcome back dr zoda here so i just came back from one of our weekly coaching calls in the digital doctor program where we help busy doctors build passive income by selling the expertise that they already have online and one of the most common questions that i tend to get is dr zoda what can i possibly teach right and that is a really good question because almost all the clients that we work with they start off with no idea we start off on a blank page clean canvas and to be honest it makes my job a lot easier because we're starting off on a strong foundation right we've even had some clients that tried to figure out their idea without the proper support and they just got lost overwhelmed and confused one of our clients has actually spent two years publishing a blog writing a book starting a website starting a podcast as actually and she ended up not getting any students and that is a very painful process to know that years and years of your hard work uh pouring your heart and soul trying to actually help other people just to be wasted but when she joined our first when she joined our program within the first week we got her dialed in on her niche her offer we got her dialed in on who she wants to serve and what she wants to teach and because of this we figured out her idea and now she's doing incredibly well and generating four times the revenue that she used to generate from her clinical pay and so finding your idea is very important and you can't you can't possibly do this without the proper support and that's why i wanted to film this video to provide that piece of guidance and provide that mentorship that you might need in order to go about your journey if you were to decide to do this yourself so first of all there's three key players to finding the right idea the first is psychological and what do i mean by psychological we can break it down into two parts the doubts about yourself and the doubts about the market so i remember when i was first starting up i had so many doubts about myself i think most doctors we in general we tend to undervalue our expertise we go through years and years of schooling being told we're not good enough sometimes we feel like imposters being surrounded by all these intelligent wiz kids that have all these publications that have all these iq mensa scores we sometimes feel like we're just not good enough and that is quite normal to be honest but what is not normal is the irrational fear that comes into place i remember when i was first starting out one of the biggest fears i had was actually showing myself on camera one of the biggest fears i had was this accent that i have it's not technically english i mean it's not technically american i don't even know what accent i have but that was a big insecurity of mine just putting myself online and sharing my value with the world and a lot of our clients that we work with we also have that um that fear but at the end of the day these are irrational and you can't let that hold you back from providing value to other people to serving people that you can genuinely help second of all is the doubts about the market some people just aren't aware that this is a golden opportunity in online education especially medical education and what i mean by this is that i don't know if whether they're just you know stuck under a rock but they're just not aware that netflix is replacing blockbuster or already has replaced blockbuster amazon is replacing walmart and harvard medical school is slowly transitioning online more and more people are transitioning online and away from the brick and mortar setup that most businesses are operated upon and if the pandemic has taught us one thing is that online is where it's going everything is going digital and there are those that take advantage of this opportunity to serve more people to generate meaningful impact and massive income for themselves and there are those that are on the sidelines just walking just watching other people take their lunch and you know it's not fun to be sitting on the sidelines while other people and passing up opportunities endlessly right then there's the second category there are people that are aware but they just don't think it's urgent they think that they have more and more time to build up their passive income they think that their stocks are going to make more money real estate is gonna make more money instead of taking control of their time their finances and their freedom they just don't think it's urgent they think that you know by the time i retire i'm gonna have enough money by the time i blah blah blah whatever excuse that they might have and it's a very dangerous position to be in if the pandemic ever taught me anything i see colleagues around me getting fired uh you know getting laid off and they they don't even have more than a few thousand dollars in their bank account that is financially irresponsible especially if for those that have family to children to take care of that is just financially irresponsible and their fault is going to be painful if they don't take control of their time their finances as well as their you know family you don't want to be sitting on the sidelines and passing up opportunities endlessly and that leads us to the third category there are people that are aware but they just don't think it's important enough they don't think it's important enough to you know start planning for the financial future they don't think it's important enough to start monetizing the expertise that they already have and they're just leaving this in on the table and it's a scary position to be in i don't i don't wish that upon my worst enemy and the second pillar that we want to look at is perspective a lot of this just has to do with perspective especially those without any business experience or marketing experience to start something of their you know of their own is quite a daunting process it's outside of your comfort zone i remember when i was first starting out right uh i would i would have thought all these different ideas all the information is out there for free who would possibly pay for my expertise i just didn't value it as much but it really comes down to a matter of perspective and i want to share this with you so what is this now a lot of people they would think it's a blue square now what is this a lot of people would think this is a yellow circle and they're both right but both of them are just different perspectives of what is the ultimate truth uh-huh so it really comes down to perspective if you have the right perspective yes indeed this is a blue circle a blue square indeed this is a yellow circle but the truth often lines in between and a lot of the times especially as doctors we spend so many hours in the hospital we most of our conversations with our colleagues are related to medicine we live and breathe the medicine when we go back home we're looking at journals we're looking at articles in order to hone in our craft and we basically live and breathe medicine and so we quite literally get boxed in a way of thinking all we think about is medicine and so we might start to think well who on earth would value our expertise who on earth would actually pay money to learn from my medical expertise right now it's only in certain situations like let's say a friend's wedding let's say we meet up our high school friends that we get taken out of this blue box and be introduced into a different perspective of reality ah now people are starting to ask us for their rashes their itches you know all their knee pain stuff like that and then we start realizing that wow outside of the hospital our expertise is highly valued there's a huge market out there that's starving for our expertise and is willing to pay good money in order to learn from us and so you never want to forget forget that as a healthcare professional you never want to undervalue your expertise you want to know your worth and be able to you know help more people outside of the constraints of just the hospital there's a huge market out there that's starving for our expertise that we can genuinely help on the global scale and third of all is positioning and what i mean by this is that a lot of people they might think that all the information is already out there for free people genuinely think that and you know it's kind of a fair play because all the information is indeed out there google pubmed medscape up-to-date landsat all the information is really you know it is out there but it's disjointed it's scattered it's not consolidated and it's not information that actually matters right if information was all that matters anyone with a library card could go and become a doctor all he really needed was a library card and it's not what information you know it's how you use the information that you already know in order to help someone that is what matters in the end and that is what matters most when it comes to finding your course idea it's how you package the expertise that you already have for the online world and create something that actually adds value to others and is actually marketable all right in today's digital age information is cheap like running water but it's scattered and disorganized like the picture i showed you just now the only thing that matters is what you do with the information that's locked inside your head you can keep it locked inside your head never letting it see the light of day or you can consolidate that information to serve more people on the global scale and make meaningful impact and generate massive passive income for you your financial future and your family so you can free yourself up from the hamster wheel of trading your time for money on trading your time for one-on-one consultations and success in finding your course idea really comes down to these three things overcoming your psychological fears secondly seeing things from a different perspective and third of all positioning yourself in the right marketplace and i'll tell you a very simple story i remember in my medical elective i went into you know tanzania and one of the colleagues that i worked with uh she was actually from russia right so she wasn't even speaking proper english okay and based on any standards from the western world she probably wouldn't even pass the sats right that is probably our category that is probably our standard of what constitutes good english and yet in tanzania she was able to teach other tanzanian kids on how to speak english right and so a lot of people they might think that they need to be shakespeare they need to be robert frost they need to be the best english poet in the entire world in order to teach english but that doesn't actually matter it's not the expert it's not the expert that actually matters it's how you position yourself in the marketplace if you were to teach a course on english people would think you're mad but if you were to teach a course on english to china to tanzania to korea suddenly the conversation becomes a lot more different it's all about how you package the expertise that you already have for the right marketplace and that's exactly what we helped you uncover inside our four-step system in the digital doctor program in step one we help you get started by clearly defining who you want to serve and what you want to teach we get crystal clear on your idea and we get that dialed in so you don't make any mistakes later down the line we have clients that have spent two years two years plus starting books podcasts getting distracted by all this noise when in within the first seven days we sat her down we started you know listening to her and started devising a strategy to scale her course in the most profitable and effective way and that's exactly what we hope you accomplish in the first week in the second week we help you set up the foundations to sell your online course we give you a proven sales process to turn a complete stranger into a paying student that just works and you can install it in a few clicks in step three here's the fun part we start building your course content now you don't need an any expensive software you don't need any expensive uh cameras um we have you know we keep things very simple we just at the end of the day what's most valuable is your expertise and so we sit down all you have to do is just fill in the banks to our pre-built templates and you can get your course launched in no time and finally in the final step we automate your online course at this point you've already gotten a few students and you're ready cash flow positive we simply reinvest the profits that we've already made in order to scale from zero to six figures online this is where your hands start coming off the steering wheel and this becomes an automated source of income that works 24 hours 365 because the internet just doesn't sleep and so there you go now you know exactly how to find your course idea and we'll walk you by step by step inside the first week of our program to help you get that dialed in but what do you do with this information well i want to invite you to our free training down below where you can see over my shoulder the four-step system that we use to help busy doctors hit six figure months by selling their expertise online and that's exactly what we hope you do we start off we hope clients that start off with no idea we help them overcome their psychological fears we help them see things from a different perspective and third of all most importantly we help them package and position themselves in the online world to create something that is actually marketable now our program is very selective and we don't work with every single client and that's just because we have a limited bandwidth and we're very selective with the clients that we take on right first of all if you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme if you're looking to take advantage of other people then we're just not gonna work with you second of all if you're stuck in past ways of doing things if you cannot see long term if you cannot you know put a little bit of work today in order to reap the rewards downstream to generate passive income then we simply cannot help you and third of all if you procrastinate if you keep putting things off if you never take action and instead of building a system that generates a consistent and predictable source of revenue a return on investment roi you actually focus on the cost of inaction the coi then we just simply cannot help you who we typically work with is as follows first of all those that value their time they know the worth of their time they're looking for flexibility in their career to serve more people without the deadly time trade of their time for money and second of all those that value their expertise they want to help more people on a global scale and generate clear return on investment for the time invested and third of all they value their future they they're sick of doing the same thing over and over again expecting for different results that is the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over over again expecting different results they want to take control of their lives they want to take control of their finances their future their family and their freedom and if that's the case then we'd love to work with you those are the clients that tend to do best in our program anyway and we want to help you free up your time replace your clinical income and achieve a life of financial freedom so if that's interested if that's something that you're interested in then simply let's talk book a call down below and you can speak with me or someone from our team and we'll help you get set up right away i hope this video was valuable and i hope you can take some nuggets of wisdom from the three pillars of finding your course idea take care

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