Burnout To Freedom In 5 Weeks: Digital Doctor™ Reviews

interview Apr 14, 2021

Meet Dr T: Dr T is the Director of the Dry Eye Center and looking to cut back on clinical hours.

PROBLEM - Dr T wasted a lot of time following the wrong advice on building passive income as a physician. She's wasted thousands of dollars on other courses, but did not get any results.

SOLUTION - Instead of getting distracted by the wrong advice, she decided to work with Dr Chester Zoda in the Digital Doctor™ program. By following our simple, actionable, 4-step system, she got focused on the doing the few high-yield actions that generate massive returns on investment.

RESULT? In just 5 weeks, she's already generated 5 new customers for her course, so she can spend less time at the clinic, and more time with the family. She's generated 4x more revenue compared to other programs, and she's just getting started. Nice work!

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY? The 1-on-1 coaching calls with Dr Zoda are invaluable, to help you get crystal clear on the few small actions you need to take to generate massive returns on investment. Highly recommended to work with an expert in this field.

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hi there i'm dr pam t i'm an optometrist and dry eye specialist here in shreveport louisiana a few years ago i was really burnt out seeing patients in the clinic day after day my husband's in the military and we were always traveling and he was never at home i felt really burnt out i wanted to find a way to to help more patients without spending more time in clinic so i wrote a book it's called alleviate dry eye and it's available on amazon well after i wrote the book i wanted to do a course so that patients could find me take a course alleviate their dry eye and feel better so i started doing all the things i took all the courses by amy porterfield her digital course academy i joined a coaching program with ryan levesque and built a quiz and i spent time and time hours and hours and hours a day on my blog videos quizzes courses and had them up on the internet but it just wasn't working i wasn't making any money i might make a hundred dollars a month but i was putting in a lot of time and so then one day i found digital digital doctor with chester zota and i was really intrigued by his course because it seemed so simple so step by step cut to the chase get your patients into your course immediately fast action taking and get people the relief that they want and that they need that's what we're here for is to help our patients and help more of them so i started the digital doctor course with chester and in five weeks i have my first sales i've made over 400 dollars in just these last five weeks which is quadruple what i had ever made in any month before and i am just so thrilled with the course because it really breaks things down simple actionable items that you can do step by step but really the best part of the course is the one-on-one attention that dr zoda gives you each week we have a call that you can jump on and speak with him live he is a true expert in this digital course space knows what he's doing been doing it for years and years and really helps you get to the heart of the problem and a quick fix and you can be back in action i can't recommend this course more it's really changed my online life and i'm hoping to grow my business so that i can spend a little less time here in the clinic and more time at home with my family don't hesitate to sign up for the course it'll really help you thanks again

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