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masterclass Apr 01, 2021

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welcome back dr zoda here and i want to welcome you here to this lesson freedom fastlane now first of all i want to start off by thanking you for the privilege of being able to serve you i'm here to tell you that today you're beginning to experience something that can truly change the quality of your life forever and i'm speaking from experience i've had the privilege of working with over 100 doctors nurses pas and other medical professionals from all walks of life and studying what is the cutting edge that makes the difference on the quality of life of healthcare professionals and i want to i want you to know that i'm absolutely committed to making you get the freedom that you deserve from this program and all that's required is two things number one the desire on your part and number two the commitment to follow through each day and take massive action if you do that the life that you used to call dreams will become part of your daily reality and again i'm speaking from experience the experience that i'm speaking from is not only helping other medical professionals replace the clinical income and enjoy lives of financial freedom but making changes in my own life and becoming a master of my destiny and what i call destiny is simply the power or agency that decides the course of future events being a master of your own future many of us go through our lives without much conscious thought based on decisions that we've made in the past we wake up we have our morning cereal we go to the commute find a parking spot do our morning rounds cases paperwork academic meetings and so on and so forth and the energy that we have at the end of the day whatever the energy we have left we squeeze in an hour or two for ourselves and for our family just to go back to sleep wake up and do it all over again it's a life that many of us consciously decided at one point in time and it's a career path that many of us take great pride in to become a medical professional to become a doctor a nurse a pharmacist a pa you know those are decisions that we take great pride in and when we made the decision to devote our lives to the medical profession you dreamed of a stable career healing the sick and making a difference in the health of other people and many of us derive a lot of meaning from our work in serving others with the skills and expertise that we already have but things change our priorities change when we start a family and the environment the world the market the hospital system these things change medical field is just not what it used to be 88 of doctors are severely stressed 54 of doctors are burned out and 59 of doctors won't even recommend this path to children in the hospital we're overwhelmed with bureaucracy we spend too many hours at work and we feel just like a cog in a machine outside the hospital we're seeing doctors get laid off drowning in student loans and working pennies to the dollar and many of our clients you know they say that we're not getting any younger and i just don't know how many more years i can keep doing this and i've been observing this pattern festering like a cancer ever since i joined medical school medical professionals aren't even taking proper care of our own mental health with physician suicide being at an all-time high and as such our patient care also suffers with surgeons operating on patients with only two hours of sleep if at all needless to say many of us just don't feel like we're in control of our own destiny we don't have the freedom that we expected we feel powerless about our own life and our careers and our financial future we're a slave to the system and we feel like a cog in the machine and this always fascinated me how come you can have a group of highly educated hard-working selfless generous individuals experts in the medical field that have devoted their lives to education and serving other people right experts in the medical field that know the value of hard work and intelligence and yet at the same time they don't produce the freedom of life that they deserve the freedom of life that they want and while someone else who seems to have every disadvantage they don't have the support emotionally financially socially spiritually they don't have the education they don't have the background and yet they go to produce results way beyond what anyone else could expect how could there be such a huge mismatch between the results that people tend to get and the difference in the quality of our lives does not come down to our ability because what human beings are capable of is absolutely incredible we've invented stone tools we discovered fire gunpowder we invented rockets to go to space the difference in the ability in the quality of our lives does not come down to our ability rather what people will do is rather different than what they can do and what i'm going to challenge you to do in this program is to take massive action on the life and freedom that you deserve and making the right decisions to get the freedom and the abundance that you deserve because you're worth it this means that the ability to take action and generate results and not just results that are woo-woo that the results that are short-lived results that you know that make you feel good feel good gimmicky results i'm not talking about those results i'm talking about long-lasting change long lasting results in your life and your career results where you only need to put in the work once and reap the rewards downstream seeds which you can plant today seeds which you can plant just once and reap the harvest for generations to come and it's a power that you already have it's not something that i'm going to give you but something that i'm committed to awaken within you and all that's required is the desire on your part and the commitment to follow through and take action and it's a power that you already have a power that you once knew to be true but along our journey of life we got distracted we have those to pay obligations responsibilities and along our journey of life we decided to forget that we had this power in the first place a power that's locked deep inside you and by tapping into your potential you can make a great contribution to society enriching humanity with discoveries and insights the gift that you have for the world and serving more people along the way and the journey outwards always starts within the journey to changing the world impacting more people expanding our global reach contributing serving helping the world it all starts with yourself and you're probably wondering hey dr zoda what does this have to do with passive income and financial freedom i came into this program just to start an online course i didn't sign up for this what does this have to do with helping and teaching other people with online education with online courses well i'm sure you've noticed that it's not just about knowing things that actually counts there's plenty of people that know a lot of stuff their heads are full of information and they just can't seem to do anything with it they know a lot but they don't achieve a lot and i'm sure you've also noticed that there's some people who don't seem to know as much as other people but they just seem to succeed so much while way beyond their wildest dreams i'm sure you've noticed these things and these occurrences throughout life and it's not just about knowing information and it's not just about some secret strategy or some fancy gimmicks there's something else there's something else which other people haven't been talking about for no other reason really then they just haven't understood it why do you know what you need to do but you just can't do it why do you hope dream and pray for things but never seem to be able to obtain or achieve them why does everything seem just out of reach why do you start making positive progress towards your dreams towards your goals but then always self-sabotage these are important questions to ask yourself because unless you can uncover these underlying reasons you keep making the same mistakes over and over again without knowing why you keep making out you keep missing out on opportunities that are right in front of you not knowing why you keep rejecting and denying yourself of the opportunity to help more people to become better to serve more people out of ultimate fear and denial and you might be wondering seriously what is the strange content doing in the program about passive income and automating your medical expertise if you remember from week one lesson one the reason this program gets such amazing results for people is because it's engineered to be the catalyst of change and it's not just just some doodles scrapped together without much careful thought or planning it's precisely orchestrated in the right sequence in the right steps to generate one specific outcome for your life your career and your financial future and to accomplish this i put a lot of effort and attention and study and experimentation into the art of changing people and getting them the results that they want my central focus throughout creating these training programs is to get medical professionals exactly the life that they want and the freedom that they deserve i want more healthcare professionals to build passive income instead of always being tied down to one-to-one consultations i want more healthcare professionals to leverage the power of the internet to automate the clinical expertise that they already have to generate passive income and generational wealth i want more healthcare professionals to work because they want to not because they need to and most importantly i want more healthcare professionals to have the freedom and autonomy that they deserve to life life on their terms while serving more people on a global scale the truth is setting up your online course it's simple and there's no need to make it any more complicated what's most valuable is your expertise and you already have everything that you need inside your head already you're already an expert although you might not feel like it and all you have to do is just package that expertise that you spend years and years of schooling training for you just have to package it for the online world but from my observation i used to tr you know i used to teach tactics but i noticed that not everybody got results they would understand what to do but somehow they didn't implement them life got in the way i didn't have the time i just couldn't find the time or they understood them but they just didn't believe them oh would this actually work will people actually buy this would i actually have a good idea is there actually a market for this these things bubble up to the surface and they might understand the tactics but they just don't feel worthy of success they don't feel worthy of a life of freedom and they can't seem to break break free from these barriers and they just can't seem to face their fears head on or get outside of their comfort zone and because of this they get stuck in the nazis paralysis a slave to the prison of their own minds irrational fears uncertainties doubts they start bubbling up pouring in and suffocating them strangling them from making the right decisions to achieve what they want and in the end they don't take action and if they don't take action they don't get results they remain where they started having not tried at all and to be honest i've been doing this for long enough now that i became very aware of what was going on with all of my students and i became aware of the difference between those who achieve massive results seemingly effortlessly and those who would struggle to even take the right step the first step and although i used to focus on just teaching what to do alone there was one piece missing it's more than just knowing what to do that counts right i have the recipe for success i have the recipe to start your online course that stuff is simple that's why i came up with this new philosophy of creating these training programs and i call it the catalyst of change and hey although i know this might sound bleak i think it's better for me to just tell you this today and i'll share a bit about my story because this is easier to see in other patients it's but it's harder to see in ourselves as healthcare professionals it's our privilege to be with our patients when they draw their last breath i remember back in my medical school years ago i remember i would spend this summers volunteering at the palliative care award and i've always had a fascination with what really makes the quality of life that people experience and in my conversations with the eldest and the wise and the dying and the aging treating the sick and understanding how they viewed their life at their final moments i was hoping to uncover what really makes a life well lived and the answer fascinated me and it had me shocked to the core because it's not death that these patients tell me they fear it's what happens short of death losing their hearing their memory their loved ones and their way of life time slips by fast and in the end we only regret the chances that we did not take and the decisions that we waited too long to make of which here are a few of them not spending enough time with my family not traveling the world and doing what i love not allowing myself to be happy giving myself the permission to be happy and above all else not taking action on the life that you want and whatever i heard that summer it it either traumatized me or it absolutely inspired me one by one i would listen to their stories their adventures when they were younger their regrets when they were older and we really formed a kindred spirit we really formed the kindred relationship they would remember my names and i'll remember theirs and they tried to set me up with some of the nurses in the in the same world and they tried to share pictures of their children with me when really became friends at the end of their journey and one by one i would see their beds become empty one by one i would see them disappear the hospital beds empty without a trace and by the end of that summer not one of them remained and all that remained were the remnants the stories and the lessons that they shared with me in their final moments and making a change is pretty scary it's going to require you to step outside your comfort zone and take action but you know what's scarier regret the worst feeling is regretting not having done something when you had the chance and while this might sound heavy it's better for me to tell you this today than for you to realize this decades down the road when you think back to the path not taken the life not lived and when we've missed this window of opportunity it's just way too late i've lost many of my colleagues during the pandemic and a few of them are i was really close with i wasn't expecting that and it really shocked me to the core because most people they don't take action because of some sort of irrational fear of failure and i see this especially happen with doctors medicine is an incredibly traditional orthodox and stringent specialty and rightfully so right one decimal point is the difference between a lethal and a therapeutic dose one error in our patient id or the drug prescription is the difference between life and death the difference between our careers and our lawsuit but surprisingly not once in my conversations at the palliative care award did they ever tell me that they regretted the things they did but rather they regret the things that they did not do and you see failure is not some sort of overnight experience and neither success failure is the result of failing to take action failing to follow through failing to say i love you failing to give a hundred percent to go all in failing to invest in yourself and make the right decisions and committing to change that creates the ultimate failure in life regret and once that opportunity is gone it's gone forever and it will never return and yet on the other hand success is also not overnight but it happens one step at a time it's successfully taking action one step at a time it's successfully getting yourself to show up to show up and give your best to follow through with the things you promised yourself it's successfully breaking through the barriers the fears the limiting beliefs that once held you back the limiting beliefs that used to stop you and it's the culmination of all those little successes just like uh stacking dominoes on top of another that eventually creates a life that we have total pride and joy knowing that we've lived this human experience fully knowing that it's a life well lived this program is to show you how to absolutely tap into that power within you on an ongoing basis and to make success not only achievable but effortless and become your new standard of living your new baseline and before i go any further i want to tell you that i have incredible respect for you and my team and i are committed to your success and i hope that my caring will come through in my sincerity in the quality of my work and the journey that we're about to take together for the next four weeks of the program the reason i say that is because i feel like you and i are kindred spirits and the reason i say that is because you've joined this program you've joined our community and you've made an investment in yourself and your future and you're now actively listening to it which means that you're 10 times ahead of 99 of the people that you and i are gonna meet on the street people who want their lives to change but they have no clue what it is that they even want and worse off they're not willing to do anything to change their circumstances you've made an investment in yourself in your financial future and the fact that you're even listening to this lesson shows me that you're willing to do what it takes to succeed so i'm committed to do my part to give you the guidance and the step-by-step process that will really make a difference in the quality of your life i've spent my life focused on one primary question what really makes the difference in the quality of someone's life and i believe that in life power comes from concentrating your focus and taking daily action to improve yourself if all you do is just work on one thing every single day and improve one percent a day what's the difference that you're going to make in a year well it's not 365 percent difference right it's not just addition because one percent a day it starts stacking on top of another just like one domino next to each other you get to take advantage of compounded interest of exponential growth we're talking about differences way beyond anything you can imagine einstein used to say that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world and what i'm trying to say is this by taking small actions daily little bits of progress you can absolutely transform the quality of your life and experience the freedom that you deserve so don't get disheartened if you you know don't see results from today's efforts because today's results come from yesterday's efforts the people that succeed they put in some work today and they understand that there's nothing they understand that overnight success and overnight failure these things don't happen right most people they put in some work today they see no results and that must mean that oh this is not working ah i must be doing something wrong and it's like a snake eating its own tail no matter what you do you continuously self sabotage for example i might have eaten a salad this morning and when i look in the mirror i don't look like arnold schwarzenegger i don't look like some hollywood celebrity that must mean i'm doing something wrong that must mean i'm a failure that must mean this doesn't work or let's say the first day of medical school you open up a medical textbook you start learning um you know the basics pharmacology physiology anatomy and the next day you forgot what you read that doesn't mean you're not succeeding it just means you're you're taking the first step in the process so trust the process because the efforts that you put in today you're not going to see the results immediately it's like planting a seed it's like planting a tree the best time to plant the tree is 20 10 years ago the second best time to start is now that being said what i want to share with you in this program in this lesson are the skills on how to do that how to accomplish more more quickly than you've ever dreamed before how to make it happen now not just 10 years from now and my expertise in this area comes from the fact that i wanted to make changes in my own life because i believe that success it doesn't come to those who do a lot of things success comes to those who ignore everything else and focus on the few small decisions that they need to take to generate remarkable results let's face it in today's day and age we have more information on our fingertips than the president of the united states 20 years ago the world is constantly evolving the world is constantly shifting the tonic plates are constantly moving beneath our feet more information is flooding into our eyes our ears our sensory organs that we couldn't even keep up if all the information is really out there for free why isn't everyone successful because in today's day and age success is not about knowing what to do but rather knowing what not to do and those who master their focus they eliminate all else and those who are ready to take action will experience the life of their dreams all it takes is the desire and the commitment to follow through the problem is that most of us in life we're not in control of the power that we already have our power of mental focus in fact many of us focus on things that don't even contribute towards our goals we focus on things like well gosh how come my life isn't working oh gosh will this actually work well gosh how come this always happens to me who would actually listen to what i have to say do i actually have what it takes to succeed can i actually make this work and if you focus on that long enough well that's exactly what you're going to experience because what you believe you'll become and what you become you'll believe in life whatever we focus on consistently we tend to manifest in our lives focus is like the sun wherever it shines there's your harvest that's what you're going to grow if you want more positivity in your life focus on the positive things if you want more negativity in your life we'll focus on the negative things that is the problem most people in life focus on the wrong things on the trivial things that do not matter that is they're focused on how to make a living instead of how to design a life worth living they're focused on the past rather than investing in their future they're focused on what didn't work rather than focusing on what does work they're focused on hype fashion gimmicks the next shiny object some fancy marketing that you see rather than focusing on the truth the reality they're focused on what they're bad at their fears their insecurities their doubts rather than focusing on what they're already good at for example their medical knowledge their expertise their desire to help other people and their love for teaching and serving and many of us we get caught up in our day-to-day experiences that we tend to forget the real important changes in the long term and so in today's lesson i'm going to show you exactly how you can rewire reprogram your mind for success and how to focus on the few tiny changes the few small decisions that you need to make to help you generate remarkable results long lasting results in your mindset and if you can do these few pieces right you can pretty much bomb everything else and you'll still succeed and have the quality of life that you deserve because focus is this today's superpower it's not about knowing what to do that matters it's knowing what not to do focus put your phone on hold put your kids to sleep this is your time to focus on the things that really matter to you because we'll be covering a lot of ground really quickly and i've condensed over 1 000 books that i've read on you know neuroscience psychology spirituality philosophy the domains of expertise far beyond the scope of just online education and i've distilled it into something practical that you can apply today to experience the life that you want all right and here's what we're going to cover first and foremost the only three pillars to your success you can pretty much bomb everything else and as long as you get these three pieces right you will succeed and you will take the most advantage out of this program and transition from being a slave to freedom and what i mean by slave is simply not just being a hospital slave trading your time doing one-to-one consultations but being a slave to time being a slave to your circumstances and being a slave to your own mind your own limiting beliefs that might hold you back you okay you can only get these three things right and you're pretty much going to succeed so it's vitally important second of all we're going to talk about clean thinking and what is a pro what is clean thinking doing in a program in a lesson like this you might ask well just like you're doing any medical procedure we want to come into the environment to ensure that we don't contaminate whatever we're about to do and a lot of people when they join a program like this they come in with all these stories of their past stories that they tell themselves in the past whether this has worked whether this doesn't work they come in with all these misconceptions and preconceptions about what the things are and what things aren't and just like performing a medical procedure we want to wash our hands we want to sterilize our tools we want to make sure that we come into the environment without any judgments without any biases without any delusions that might hold us back from the change that we want to experience okay part number three we're going to talk about the power of belief how to empower your reality and this is drawing from the knowledge that i've had reading over 1000 books on neuroscience psychology philosophy all walks of life all different biographies that i've read and distilling it into three fundamental rules that govern our reality three fundamental principles that govern the way we perceive reality and part number four is about self-acceptance it's about discovering who you are coming face to face with our own strengths with our own weaknesses about who we actually are the story that we tell ourselves the identity that we tend to have all right this is going to be a very enlightening um lesson because any change that you experience in the external world whether it's about how much money you make what job titles you have any achievements that you have it all starts internally it all starts within and coming face to face with our own strengths our own weaknesses and accepting ourselves part number five we're going to talk about the freedom fastly this is what everything is culminating towards and in this lesson i'm going to share with you basically what i call the freedom fastlane bible where you can actually decide on your destiny get crystal clear with what you actually want and how you can best get there okay with clarity brings power most people aren't even clear with what they want most people don't even know what they want and this is basically a goal planning workshop where we get crystal clear on who you are and who you want to become on what you want to achieve and what type of life you really want to build for yourself your family for your future all right this is a very exciting lesson and this is what this entire lesson is going to culminate towards so let's talk about the only three pillars from slave to freedom all you really need is these three things a plan a specialized knowledge and mindset these are the only three things you need to be successful if you have one of these you might get okay results if you have two of these you might get good results but you need all three in order to get the results that you want to accomplish in this program success is 20 knowing what to do an 80 mindset the psychology behind success first and foremost the plan most people have absolutely no idea what they even want if you don't know what you want well then of course you're definitely not going to get what you want if you don't believe me just go out to the streets ask somebody where they want to be in 12 months time in one year's time two years time 10 years time and just see for yourself you're gonna look at the human race and you're gonna wonder where are we heading towards well we just don't know people don't plan to fail they fail to plan not having a plan is like showing up to the airport without a ticket you might end up in the savannahs you might end up in the bottom of the pacific ocean and if you do that well you're gonna wake up one day from this life that you've created for yourself and realize well crap this isn't where i want to be how did this actually happen i didn't design this life consciously how did this actually happen because without a plan you're going to be a part of someone else's plan and sometimes that someone else might not have your best interests at heart if you're working in a very toxic environment in the hospital system well your boss you're basically a part of your boss's plan right unless you take control of your life you're always going to be dictated by someone else's plan whether it's the government or your uh your employer and so on and so so you need a plan having a plan brings clarity and oh you might be thinking oh this is too simple it can't possibly be true this is too simple i already know you know i already know a plan i'm a doctor i'm a healthcare professional i run with plans all day that might be what you're thinking but it's simple but powerful right in this lesson i'm going to show you exactly how to create your plan to really experience the life that you want often the most important things to your success it's never really about something hiding in details right it's not some secret or some hack or some buzzword it's just the fundamentals that are staring you right in front of your face the fundamentals that are simply right under your nose and that's what we're going to tackle first second of all specialized knowledge now what is specialized knowledge masters know something that's others simply do not they apply that knowledge to empower themselves and help other people that's it you know whether you're in the medical field education industry the legal profession culinary world all of these are masters in their craft it's literally in the chinese word this word means which means shufu and if you ever you know studied chinese shufu basically means your master right and this title is held in a you know very high position it's basically pedestalized by the majority of people doctors are seen as experts in their field teachers they're seen as experts in their field masters of the field lawyers chefs accountants these are people that are deemed to be masters of their field masters of the craft and masters simply know something that others don't that's it they apply that knowledge to empower themselves and to help other people and the truth is you already have that covered whether you feel like a master or not whether you feel like an expert or not you are a expert you went for years of schooling you went through years of training you went you know you put yourself through years of student loans and you graduated and become a doctor you might not know everything but you don't need to you simply know something others don't and you can apply that knowledge as you already do in your day job to empower yourself and help other people so you're already a master even if you don't feel like you are even if you have you know some sort of imposter syndrome holding you back you already are an expert and it's time to start serving and empowering other people with the knowledge and expertise that you already have second of all success is not a miracle success is engineered by following a proven process that's it you didn't become a doctor straight out of your mother's womb you didn't come out of your mother's womb knowing how to do brain surgery that just doesn't happen if we want to do a medical procedure we follow a proven process if we want to have a treat you know if we have a patient with an infection and we want to figure out which antibiotic to give him we follow it an algorithm if we want to bake a cake we follow a recipe it doesn't matter whether you're gordon ramsay or whether you're some head chef you always start by learning the recipes first before you start tinkering and exploring the other possibilities and improving your craft if you want to hike up a mountain let's say you want to hike up mount everest well guess what you're going to follow a map if you want to learn investing you're probably going to read a book you're going to read some white papers you're going to study right specialized knowledge is not a miracle and success is not a miracle it's engineered by simply following a proven process a lot of people coming into this program they think that oh i need the perfect idea before i get started oh i need the right idea the right business idea i need to basically invent the next iphone the next ipad i need to have some sort of magical breakthrough and then sit down beneath a tree and wait for an apple to fall on our head just to figure out this right idea i need to take a pen and paper take a notepad go into the cabinet in the woods and figure out brainstorm with my family with my friends just to figure out this magical mystical idea it always seems to be without you know beyond the reach but ideas don't happen by accident they don't happen by fluke they don't happen by chance they're not some miraculous event that happens ideas are engineered by following a proven process and success is engineered by following a proven process it's engineering it's science it's not some magic hokey pokey hocus pocus magical miracle that happens overnight there's a process to all of this just like conducting a surgery just like this decision on you know what drug to give your patients just like baking a cake just like hiking up mount everest there is a process to all of this and specialized knowledge is typically extremely hard to find right most people back in the old days without the internet without a library card you have to go out and look at multiple different sources multiple different mentors you have to basically try to compile all of this information out by yourself but you're going to get the very best of it in this training program that is the true beauty about starting an online course you can package all the specialized expertise all the specialized knowledge that you already have and memorialize it forever to serve more people without trading your time energy or health as a doctor patients have to schedule time out of the day they have to commute find a parking spot come to our clinic listen to the same conversation that we've had for the 100th patient that we had in a row and you've probably been repeating the same conversation the same explanations for the same conditions for the last 20 to 20 years of your training right it's a very tedious cumbersome and time-consuming process but the true beauty of publishing your expertise online is that your specialized knowledge gets memorialized on the internet forever imagine trying to figure out how to do brain surgery all by yourself you can pretty much borrow a library card read every publication read every textbook under the sun but you're still probably going to be lost until you actually do it in this program you get all my specialized knowledge distilled and simplified into the next four steps into the four-step system and i'm giving you all of my best stuff without you having to piece together everything yourself all the technology the platform the templates the website designs the sales process i give you all of it so you just have to fill in the blanks with the expertise that you already have and get your course launched in the shortest time possible now you still have to learn some stuff by yourself but by no means will you have to build anything else yourself from scratch because i've basically boiled down everything i've accumulated along my journey so far the tools the templates and we give it to our clients within the program and i say this without any hyperbole this training program is the best in the world for helping medical professionals start an online education business to generate passive income without wasting a moment of time if you've passed your four years or six years or eight years of medical school and training and residency well four modules four weeks four steps in this training program it's going to be a cakewalk it's just four chapters in a rather simple process because most of the heavy lifting we've already done for you and most of the heavy lifting you've already done to accumulate all the specialized knowledge in your medical specialty in your medical profession all of that is already inside your head now it's all just about packaging your expertise for the online world to generate passive income and generational wealth and automating it to become a passive income stream so you've already got this covered and finally is mindset now first and foremost don't put this off as woo-woo i'm not gonna you know ask you to go take some psychedelics or go to the mystical mountains and meditate for months and you know align your chakras with the stars of the starry sky i'm not gonna ask you to do any of that this is all scientific this is all stuff that i've accumulated along my journey so far that actually practically works for me because in life i'm sure you've noticed what you believe you become and your attitude determines your altitude what you succeed what you get from life right if you can condition your emotions for freedom and abundance but that's what you're gonna get in life growth happens whenever we step outside our comfort zone and whenever we do something new it's going to seem a bit unfamiliar to us initially our fears our uncertainties our doubts they're gonna bubble up to the surface and that is absolutely normal and you shouldn't judge yourself for it because that is just a normal part of the process and your worldview your mindset your paradigm is basically the collection of the experiences the beliefs and the judgments and biases that you have most of us aren't even aware of this most of this happens in our subconscious right we might think that as human beings we have the neocortex you know we we um a lot of our conscious thought actually happens a lot of our decisions comes consciously but actually most of our decision making happens subconsciously without us even being aware of it we are creatures of habit and unless we can be aware of these habits unless we can be aware of these patterns we're going to keep making the same mistakes doing the same thing over and over and over again so how can we expect different results right if you know what's important for you but procrastinate you don't take action you always fall back to your impulses your temptations you get distracted and you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from the life that you want then it's time to look into your mindset you know exactly what's important for you you know exactly what you need to do but you just can't seem to take action there's some resistance there's some inertia behind taking action whether it's going on a call whether it's committing to someone whether it's making the right decision to advance the next stage of your career right you know what's important for you you know what's important for yourself your family your future but you just can't do it well it's time to look into your mindset and that's what we're going to cover in today's lesson success is 80 mindset and 20 knowing what to do if you have the right mindset you can pretty much bomb most of the things but you are still going to succeed but if you have an unhealthy mindset one that is plagued with a lot of delusions a lot of judgments or biases a lot of beliefs that disempower you but it's going to be pretty hard to succeed it's going to be like pushing the train out of the station you're going to be met with a lot of massive resistance so it's better to start with a clean slate and that's exactly what we're going to do part 2 clean thinking how to sterilize your mind just like going into a medical procedure just like going into the operation theater we're gonna start off by sterilizing our environment our tools our hands so that we don't contaminate what we're about to do so that we can come in with an empty mind a beginner's mind and actually get the most out of this program and take advantage of what i'm about to share with you freedom starts by letting go and the more you let go the more you are free and the more you let go the more you make space to be open for everything else to be connected with the essence of life to be attached to nothing and connected to everything healing starts with lingo spirituality starts by letting go unlearning all of the faulty beliefs that you once accumulated along your journey so far and replacing them with new ones and you can almost think about it like a software update human beings we might think that our brains are so evolved but actually the hardware is quite outdated and most human beings they're just so distracted that they're in dire need of a software update of you know and what i mean by a software update is simply a reset of the mind and education or education system to become a good student to become a best student you must adopt a beginner's mind now i'm sure many of us listening to this program we come from all backgrounds right and to become a student again is to adopt a beginner's mind to absorb everything to be willing to learn to be willing to grow and to be willing to let set aside our judgments our biases our differences and learn as much as you could possibly can to take advantage of this program and so let me ask you a question what is the most resilient pathogen is it a parasite a bacteria a virus an intestinal worm it's a belief a belief is resilient highly contagious and once a belief has taken hold of the mind one that you believe with full conviction despite contrary evidence a story that you've been conditioned to believe in since your childhood to your education to your employment to your daily lifestyle repeated in your mind over and over and over and over again it's almost impossible to eradicate and just like a pathogen invades a host so too would a belief come to invade your mind and a false belief firmly sustained despite contrary evidence well we have a word for that as well in psychiatry it's called the delusion and there's three of them that you're going to encounter along your journey so far and i by no means i'm speaking like an expert i'm the reason i'm able to share these things with you is because i've made these mistakes along my journey all right and i've encountered all three of them along my journey so far the golden handcuffs the mirror and the loaded dice the first illusion is the golden handcuffs people believe that their past is greater than the future and if you're not excited about your future well it's gonna be pretty tough to get out of bed in the morning right all that's left of your life is basically paying taxes filing paperwork and that's not really the life that i want and that's not really the life that we deserve for example we see this happen time and time again in the entertainment industry with the justin biebers or in the athletics world we have star athletes that hit their prime in their 20s people believe that their past is greater than the future and for many doctors they fall prey to this delusion they think that their best years are in medical school and or rather they think that right after medical school in the next few years of the training they think that all their work is done they can just you know pat their backs they're done they stop learning they stop growing they stop advancing their careers and serving more people understand the things that got you here they're not gonna get you there and to rise to that next level of life to demand more from your life to claim that quality of life that you want you're gonna have to do something you've never done before you're gonna have to let go of whatever stories that you've had in the past and you're gonna have to focus your attention on the future building a future that you're excited by and one that fills you with passion and joy and i hear these things all the time ah dr zoda i want more time but at the same time i just don't have the time to make it happen right now i want more freedom but i'm comfortable where i'm at i don't want to learn do anything new you know i want to help more people serve more people but i'm not comfortable putting myself online so understand whether you're focusing on the stories of the past whether this worked the student whether you're focused on the stories of the present your children your obligations your business your private clinic the future is gonna come with or without you and it's coming quick if you're fighting change then you're fighting the future and it's only a matter of time before you get completely wiped out because today's world is just not the same as it was just a few decades ago today's world is not the same as when we are back in medical school the world is moving so fast things are changing so quickly such that it's not really about how intelligent you are how many papers you published how many degrees you've gotten all of that is absolutely respectable but in the end it's about how fast you can learn grow and evolve how much you're willing how much you're willing to take advantage of an opportunity how willing are you to step outside your comfort zone and live life on your own terms today's world is not about what you know but what you don't know and what you do not focus on rather than what you focus on the best students are those that come into the program with a beginner's mind a set of bright new eyes they can have the best accolades the best hands in the surgery that the world has ever seen the best publications in their domain of expertise the best teacher of the year award completes an mba a thesis a phd all of that is absolutely amazing and incredible but they're willing to put on the student hat again and put those aside to become a student again and these best students they never forget the reason that they achieved those incredible things in the first place because they had a beginner's mind in the end everyone in our community is on a path of lifelong learning and growth we're all here to learn and support each other and help each other grow and succeed beyond our wildest imaginations and the only way to do that is to let go of all the stories that we've told ourselves in the past or the failures that we might have the reasons why you might think you might not succeed the reason you might doubt your own self-worth the limiting beliefs and irrational fears that might hold you back that pattern of self-sabotage ends today and if you change nothing nothing changes if we do what we've always done we just get what we've always gotten if you want something new you're gonna have to do something new let go of all the stories that you've had in the past and design a future that brings you passion and joy because if you don't sacrifice for your future your future becomes the sacrifice the work that you put in today over the next four chapters the next four weeks in our program will plant the seed for the future harvest this is an investment that you made in yourself that will pay dividends down the line it's like pushing a snowball up a hill all it takes is a little push to get started but once it's set in motion the momentum carries itself and the results become automatic to generate more passive income for you to cut back on clinical hours and design a life of freedom serving others with online education the second delusion is what i call the mirror principle people's fears are a reflection of how they judge others and put another way your irrational fears are an outward reflection of how you judge others one of the most common ones i see in the medical profession is the fear of failure if you judge other people for their failures you're gonna constantly fear failing and i by no means am no exception right the reason i'm able to show these to you and share these with you is because i've made these mistakes along my journey i had to unlearn a lot of my past behaviors that were disempowering me in order to bring um you know some of the lessons that i'm sharing with you in today's lesson in the medical school i would constantly judge my peers the people in my study group if they made a mistake if they either misspoke or they said something that was blatantly wrong i would constantly judge them and because of this i would constantly fear failing whenever it was the day before a med school exam i would constantly fear feeling i wouldn't be able to sleep i was basically sweating bullets by the time i showed up to the board exams right and the fair game right medical school is a very scrutinizing process you have to pass or you fail and what i did was i developed an unhealthy relationship with success and failure and that's something that i had to unlearn second of all doubt if you constantly doubt other people you're gonna constantly doubt yourself people that think that the whole world is out there to get them well whenever someone lends a helping hand whenever someone offers them something to help them they're going to push them away they're just going to push them aside when a new opportunity comes in whether it's a new job opportunity a new business opportunity a new offer a new dating partner right they're gonna shut off completely ah this is too good to be true this must be a scam because deep down they think that they're not worthy of success when jeff bezos the creator you know the founder of amazon created amazon back in 1995 he was absolutely ridiculed by the public selling books on the internet huh who would actually buy that selling books sending information on the internet it must be a scam well the thing is time always corrects everything time is the greatest equalizer and the market in the world will always have its periods of booms and busts of manias and depressions but in the end when the dust settles the truth will always reveal itself and in the short term the market in the world is a voting machine right it's a popularity contest about who gets the most likes to retweets who shows up on opera publishes multiple books who starts multiple podcasts who stirs up the most buzz on the internet you know what i'm talking about right the people that pose in front of expensive cars and private jets a cacophony of drama and fake news which pretty much describes most of social media but in the long term the market in the world is a weighing machine and when the dust settles the truth always reveals itself and whoever serves the most people whoever helps the most people whoever takes action on the new opportunity while it's still young and become an early adopter these people always win and position themselves for a life of freedom abundance and serving more people with their gifts to the world and so if you live in constant doubt if you constantly doubt other people you're gonna always live in constant doubt of yourself number three appearance if you judge others for the way they look then you're always gonna fear the way you look and i don't just mean like how attractive somebody actually is but how they appear right how they present themselves if you're the type of person that judges others for the way they carry themselves the way they dress their accent the way they conduct themselves well you're always going to constantly judge yourself and this ties with the last point which is being bold next let's talk about being weak and what i mean by weak is simply making weak impotent decisions if you are indecisive and you think about it with every aspect in your life then guess what you're going to attract the same behavior from your relationships and with others if whenever you go to a coffee shop you spend 10 minutes thinking whether to get a latte or a cappuccino or an espresso or an americano when it comes to making the right decisions to important decisions in your life then you're always going to think about it you're always going to be extremely wishy-washy and that's exactly what i mean by a weak decision a wishy-washy decision i remember back in my psychiatric rotation i remember one of the patients that i had really stood out to me she thought that the whole world was against them she thought that everything was out there conspiring against her and when it came time to take her history i realized that one of her problems that she kept telling me was that she found it very difficult to find a romantic partner she found it very difficult to find the man of her dreams and when i started digging deeper and deeper into her history well she told me that she had this rule where whenever she wanted to commit to a serious relationship she would have to wait 33 days where did she pull this number from i don't know but she would not make any decision unless she thought about it for 33 days so with every single past relationship she had whenever a man that she was very interested in wanted to pursue something more serious she would always stop them reject herself before giving the other person the luxury of rejecting her she would tell them that hey no i need to think about it for 33 days before i can come to a decision so of course the people that she attracted into relationships were non-committal who are not looking for anything long-term not looking for anything serious right if you are indecisive even with the small things like choosing which coffee to get even with um then you won't then you're just going to be indecisive with the big important decisions in your life in your financial future these are the people that ignore emails letters paperwork they put all their tax bills in inside a folder and just sweep it under the rug and they never reply back yes or no they never come to a decision they never take a chance on themselves and by not making a decision you are making an indecision right but not taking action that there is always a cost to inaction by postponing things procrastinating things that decision lingers away at the back of your mind and slowly but surely eats away at you and once i discovered that especially with that patient example that i shared with you i completely changed everything whenever i go to a menu i'm not gonna you know i'm not gonna go wishy-washy i'm gonna make a decision right there and then whenever i make any meaningful purchase i would just look at the facts look at everything that i need to know and then i would just commit fully and go all in 100 recently i purchased a penthouse near the waterfront and the way i made that decision because of the pandemic is that i wasn't actually able to scout the location myself and so what i had the rio to do is basically do a facetime and show me around the um the penthouse show me where all the mirrors are where all the plugs are where every single little detail actually is what the view actually looks like and i just made the decision by the end of that call and a lot of this comes with being clear with what you want and what you don't want if you know exactly what you don't want and if you know exactly what you do want then you can make decisions in a snap just like that because if something can get you to where you want to go then there's no reason to procrastinate or postpone or delay that decision the sooner you get started the better and the faster you're gonna get results and that's the same principle that i apply in every single area of my life if it's an important decision i'm gonna make it within that day i'm not gonna let anything delay after the next 24 hours because you can always make more money you can always generate more passive income but you will what you'll never get back is time time spent with that decision eating away at you and basically killing you from the inside imagine going into the operation theater with an indecisive surgeon well the cost of your success are pretty slim right every single moment every single minute that passes you're putting the patient at unnecessary risk it's much better to be decisive make the right calls in the right moment and commit to them fully whether it's a yes whether to know and what's next is self-worth if you don't invest in yourself others will simply not invest in you right if someone is just too stingy or too skeptical to invest in their own future or their education or their career or their family then they're just not going to get anyone to invest in them right because that's what they believe in their own belief system back when i was completely broke in medical school i would just use my library card and borrow every single book that i can get my hands on that i wanted to read whether it's business philosophy psychology neuroscience biographies spirituality i mean the list goes on i read over a thousand books throughout the years of my medical school and not just medical textbooks but all those disciplines that i talked about just now to really improve myself as a human being and become more dimensional instead of just being you know one track minded like one trick one trick pony and so the point i was trying to make is that even in medical school when i was completely broke i was you know drowning in student loans i still invested in myself i still invested my time in reading those books i was resourceful and found a way to invest in myself and improve myself and obviously as i started getting more success during residency started making some more money i would invest more and more of my money into different training programs much like this one different courses different educational content investing in mentors stuff like that recently i invested fifty thousand dollars in a business mastermind with some of the greatest and greatest in the online digital online education space these are people that are weight making way beyond um what i can possibly imagine eight to nine figures and i did that because it put me outside of my comfort zone outside of my little comfort bubble in medicine being a doctor uh you know serving healthcare professionals it threw me deep into the waters so that i had to learn and grow and improve and advance myself and this is very fascinating because it's not just whether you invest in yourself or not it's the level in which you invest in yourself if you've never invested more than one thousand dollars on your own education on your own career on your own training then of course when it comes time for you to create your own online course and price it you won't think it's even possible but if you've invested two thousand dollars three thousand dollars five thousand dollars six thousand dollars ten thousand dollars then you've proven to yourself that this is possible that the market is out there because you've you've become a participant in it right and now you have the confidence that you can do the same you have the confidence that you can charge what you are worth and you have the confidence that you can actually get your students results you can help more people whether it's patients whether it help it's helping other doctors or medical professionals whether it's helping academics and other doctors your belief system is more stronger your belief system is more tethered to the truth because your worldview your belief system is completely different from somebody that has never invested more than a thousand dollars in themselves and finally being bold if you judge other people for putting themselves out there you're gonna encounter massive resistance when it comes time to put yourself out there right i remember back in the day before i you know started teaching or started serving other doctors and healthcare professionals i would judge others for the quality of their work for putting themselves out there i thought hey i could do a better job i could teach people i have something to contribute and yet at the same time i have this insecurity of mine where about my voice if you've listened to a few of my lessons then you know that initially when i started i was absolutely insecure about my voice i don't know whether i have an accent or not i don't know whether it's american or not what is canadian i don't know but i was just insecure about my voice and i'm sure a lot of us when we listen back to our recordings our voice it sounds a bit iffy it sounds a bit off it's not what you expect and so when it comes time to putting myself out there i had massive resistance right even though i knew that my slides the quality of my work is and i'm proud of it i had massive resistance in putting myself out there and presenting myself and so that was something i had to overcome i had to step outside my comfort zone little by little and actually present myself in the best possible light and this all starts with letting go of the judgments and biases and fears that i had with other people whether it's the fear of failure doubt appearance wishy-washy self-worth and being bold i had to let go of each of these one by one along my journey and this principle applies to everything this is by no means an exhaustive list if you're rude to vendors to waitresses to bartenders then you are inviting this behavior into your life in order to attract happy healthy human good human beings into your life then you're gonna have to be first become a good human being yourself if you're closed off reserved if you have trust issues well you're going to invite that same behavior in your patients in your family and your relationships in everything that you do people that struggle to find the right idea and get students well they do the exact same thing to others they say that hey this idea is stupid this idea won't work this idea it's done already this idea all the information is out there for free and that's because they judge other people so strongly that their minds become delusionally fixated on this concept of an idea such that they couldn't even see the opportunities right in front of them the right idea doesn't even matter as long as you have the right scientific process you're gonna figure out that idea right ideas don't happen by miracle or accident they happen by following a proven scientific process so the solution to all of this is to treat other people with love and kindness treat other people well be decisive be generous help people serve people say thank you practice gratitude give testimonials to the people that helped you right this is going to clear space for you to invite more of the things that you want and you deserve in your life how you do one thing is how you do everything and how you judge others well it's our reflection of your irrational fears because what we condemn we fear and what we fear we condemn these delusions are powerful like i said the resilient highly contagious and once a delusion has taken hold of the mind it's almost impossible to eradicate and then delusion that is fully formed fully understood repeated over and over again that sticks right in there somewhere it's a story that you've repeated to yourself draw it inside your mind and it comes to shape who you are and who you'll become and the life that you experience the third delusion is that people believe success is not in their control and i call this the loaded dice people just believe that success is outside of their control right and this is absolutely normal because most people they hang out with the same tribe they hang out with the same community they see the same co-workers doing the same thing living the same life and then they die most of these beliefs that you've heard from our society they're not yours they're just handed to you by society so why do we fear change why do we fear change well we fear change in case it makes us worse off but the truth is you can always direct influence and control change for the better so there's nothing to fear and the reason why i got this to load the dies is because a dice a die has six sides right one two three four five six but a loaded eye there's always a bias towards one side or the other alone to die the odds are not fair and just like in life those who win in life those who get what they want those who achieve or the successes the freedom that they deserve they stack the odds in their favor you have the power to direct influence and control change for the better so you have nothing to fear but people are so delusional that they start believing in things like oh 99 of businesses fail uh 99 of x y and z fail blah blah blah they start believing in these delusions that they forgot the things that they have right inside their control that they have the power to direct influence and control change for the better in the right direction back in the ancient times in small villages and civilizations legends and myths are used to explain natural phenomena right that this was the day and age before science so if children had disconfigured faces stories were told about them being a curse from the gods that will bring forth a 100 year drought these children would then be ostracized hung in the village and slaughtered to protect their culture and yet on the other hand if children were born showing some sort of aptitude toward a skill or some sort of um some sort of craft stories were told about how they were struck by lightning how they were blessed by the elders blessed by the gods and destined to grow civilization it was a sign of the gods as like some sort of prodigy a birthright and that was the world before the world was introduced to science and critical thinking success is something that you're born with that's what they thought success is something you're born with it's not something that's cultivated it was nature not nurture it was genetics not the government and it was a predetermined fate and not your own destiny something that's within your control and we carried these delusional stories with us in modern culture so if you you know check out the cinemas today the newest blockbuster movies the new hollywood flavors of the week superhero movies are introduced telling stories of how heroes acquire their skills through some sort of magical spell a chemical compound a radioactive spider romance movies show star cross lovers that meet due to miracle occurrences enchanted crystals or the right alignment of the stars news broadcast they only showcase the most extreme events in the world the disasters the politics the earthquakes and the more extreme the more eyeballs it's gonna get and hollywood showcases all these one-hit overnight successes one hit wonders the justin biebers that had their moment of fame and disappeared twice as fast and this applies to everything in the entertainment industry but also social media right social media showcases everyone's highlight reels the food the travel the accolades the achievements and has turned us into lab rats constantly pressing on that lever to get tiny pellets of social or intellectual nourishment just to keep up with the joneses right just to avoid the fear of missing out video and mobile games they've left the entire world chasing these imaginary points in an imaginary world have you noticed that most of them best selling mobile games they're basically a simulation of a virtual casino right people are trading real money they're giving they're pulling out the credit card paying real money for these in-game currencies gems and tokens in a virtual world that doesn't even exist right and it seems more and more people these days are distracted by the next shiny object bitcoin big data artificial intelligence get rich quick schemes throwing their money into things that they don't understand things like real estate things like stocks things that they don't own and control if you only control these things perfect right but most people they throw their money into things they just don't understand and they don't own and control for a measly eight percent 10 return on investment each year right that's like gambling at the casino they're distracting themselves to death like a kid at a candy store and instead these people neglect the things that they're already pretty good at the things that are within their control something like starting your own business something like helping people which you're already great at something like leveraging the power of your medical expertise and the power of online education to serve more people right things like healthcare helping people on a global scale instead we don't even recognize an opportunity even if it hit you right in front of your face and whenever we hear something so simple so pure so obvious so clear we mark it as ah it's too good to be true i can't possibly do that i'm just not good enough i just can't possibly do that right all of these channels of instant gratification right whether it's entertainment social media uh news broadcasts but these buzzwords these shiny objects all of these are just instant gratification and they feed the delusion that success is not within your control but rather happens by forces that are outside of your control it's always the next shiny object that is what these people think and this is one of the most pathological beliefs we have in our society right now we imagine that success just happens out of nowhere overnight a strike of lightning a blessing of the gods we believe that success it must be complicated for it to work because surely if something is so simple so obvious so clear it can't possibly work right it has to be the next weight loss pill it has to be the next magic bullet the next shiny object the next get-rich-quick scheme for things to actually work and so instead call in the frenzy of distraction and noise we start living in denial we start inventing stories like these on why some people can live the life that we want that and have the success that we want that can have the experience and the freedom the abundance that we secretly want we think that ah she's just a natural oh he's born with it oh he has rich parents oh he's just smart he's talented he's tech savvy blah blah blah they just got lucky these canned responses justify our own shortcomings instead of facing them head-on it makes the life that we're living a lot more palatable it keeps us in our own tiny little bubble our own comfort zone instead of growing and learning and evolving and helping more people with expertise that we have sharing our gifts with the world it's giving us an easy way out an easy way to justify an easy way to procrastinate and not take action an easy way to put off the things that we know are important to us in our future and these little satisfaction instinct gratification they give us a false sense of comfort but it comes at the expense the expense of a better tomorrow for ourselves our patients our careers our financial freedom and our family because the truth is everyone has the same 24 hours in a day everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses nobody came out of their mother's womb knowing how to perform brain surgery right it just doesn't happen i've seen rich trust fund kids in my high school they end up living under a bridge and showing up to my emergency room with needle tracks over their arms and they couldn't even form a proper sentence in english without frothing over their mouths and meanwhile i've also seen some of my mental parents right they lived out of a shoebox in greece with nothing to their name no accolades no achievements they're basically nobodies and they essentially swarm across the atlantic ocean to get a medical degree in the united states and now he owns a multi-million company multi-million dollar company extending the lifespan and human span uh the lifespan and the health span of the human race and i myself i came from a humble traditional upbringing with my asian chinese parents and we grew up middle class and my parents would have to work three jobs each to pay for myself and my sister's tuition finances have always been the cause of arguments it's always been a struggle between the two of them but i always had a good heart i always wanted uh to help more people and i knew the value of hard work and discipline and i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to build and develop everything myself and much like my upbringing i'm pretty humbled and reserved right i like getting i like to succeed by getting real results and not just popularity hype likes and dislikes blah blah blah that we see in the social media these days you've probably noticed i avoid popularity contests like the plague i avoid posting pictures of sports cars or myself in front of a private jet or motivational quotes on social media ten times a day or shouting and dancing and jumping up and down in front of a stage instead i like to focus all of my energy on getting my students real results and not just feel good gimmicky results on lasting long-term change instead of just short-term instinct gratification and you're never going to see me you know getting distracted by things i don't understand or altering three different books or showing up on multiple different podcasts and talk shows and just a quote-unquote get my name out there because that stuff even though it's good for publicity in the short term it's been my observation that those who shout the loudest they don't get the best results and what's real to me is making quality training programs and ensuring my clients success and letting my work speak for itself much like the video you're watching right now and that's how i started out as well i had a fantastic program that my students absolutely loved um i could get them from point a to point b and replace their clinical income but as i started growing as my community started expanding people started wondering if i even existed or how to even find me and so i had to let go of that belief once more and evolve i had to develop my own self-confidence my own public speaking skills and learn how to overcome my own struggles my own judgments my own biases by putting myself out there because i knew that i had something that could genuinely help a lot of people not just my friends not just my colleagues not just my mentors and not just confined to my local environment but to actually serve and help people online all across the world and so in that moment i made the decision to get outside my own head outside my own comfort zone and i had to learn how to put myself out there and the truth is whenever we do something outside of our comfort zone it's normal to view discomfort what's normal is if we let these irrational fears hold us back from taking action on the success that we know is within our control what's not normal is if we let these delusions hold us back from the freedom that we know we deserve and so it's time to let each of these delusions go one by one first it's the delusion of the golden handcuffs thinking that your past is bigger than your future so breathe and let go of that second is the mirror principle where your irrational fears are an outward reflection of how you judge other people how you judge behave and think towards others so once again breathe and let go of that and finally the delusion of the loaded dice thinking that success is beyond our reach thinking that success is outside of our control breathe and let it go all right now we have a blank page we have a clean slate a tabularata and now we've made space to install some new empowering beliefs that can bring us closer to our success all right and that's exactly what we're going to cover next the power of belief how to empower your reality now your beliefs have the power to create and destroy your life much like we illustrated just now they can either empower you for a life of freedom and abundance where you can master your own mindset to accomplish things that you would only dream of just a year ago or they can completely disempower you so that you're always suffering from the same fears and doubts that hold you back where you remain a slave to your limiting beliefs and remain in the same situation that you wore years and years ago and the way i like to look at it is like stacking rocks at every decision we make in our lives we are feeding one side or the other so for example if let's say some software crashes on you or your iphone crashes on you then you can either choose to believe that hey i'm just not a tech savvy person ah why is the world conspiring against me oh why do things never work my way or you can just simply take it for what it is and say oh well time to fix it that's it i know some i know a lot of people they would struggle with math for example in high school and i remember a teacher who used to tell me once that i just wasn't good at math and for a few years that's exactly what i thought every time i struggled with a math problem i would just say oh i'm not a math person i'm just not a math person but that is completely delusional nobody has a math and gene nobody's born knowing how to do math right and the moment i switched teachers incidentally during high school i started solving problems faster and the more i started solving problems the more praise i started getting from my math teacher and the more praise i started getting the more i would actually enjoy doing math huh isn't that new for a change i would actually borrow math books i would actually do all my homework i would actually do more than just my homework i would over deliver and the more i did it the better the better i felt the more i enjoyed it the more praise i got and that led me up a upward spiral right and this goes back to the simple cognitive triangle that we learned in our psychiatric rotation right and i'm sure many of us are here are familiar with this but just a brief little outline i remember back in my psychiatric rotation right one of the patients that i got was this lady that believed the whole world conspired against her so every relationship that she had she lived with fear skeptic refusing help even if our nurses our other doctors healthcare professionals they wanted to help her she would always push them away she thought everything everyone else is out there to get them everything is a scam the reality is not real she thinks the whole universe is out there to get her and if she sees an opportunity like a job opportunity that's too good to be true then she self-sabotages because it makes her feel comfortable knowing that she rejected others instead of the other way around and if the man of her streams expresses any interest in her then once again she self sabotages fear uncertainty doubt sinks in and to reject someone else before someone else could actually do it to her because she felt unworthy of love and the same applies with every area of her life her family job opportunities and so on and so forth right and so what she believes she becomes her experience of reality is the sum total of her belief system that she has trapped herself inside your thoughts shape your feelings your feelings shape your behavior and your feelings and your behavior reinforces your thoughts right slowly but surely this is like a drill drilling into your skull your entire being your entire identity your thoughts feelings and behaviors all of them will be formed to form your belief system regardless of whether they are true or false these beliefs will then come to define who you are who you become and the life and the reality that you experience just like my math teacher telling me i'm not a math person just like somebody telling the story that they're not a tech savvy person that person replays that story inside their imagination again and again and again like a drill inside their skull until it cements a belief deep inside their brain and the more we feed that one belief the more it feeds upon itself like a vicious cycle this is what creates positive spirals and downward or negative spirals right for example we've all had a bad day when we just woke up on the wrong side of the bed we might stub our toe we ran out of toothpaste and we went out the door and you know it was raining you know that was a pretty bad day right and because we started off on a bad foot it's going to show up in every aspect of our lives we're going to start complaining we're going to start being a little negative nancy we're going to start treating others poorly and of course when we treat other people party they're going to treat us a little bit party we're going gonna have a bit of an attitude and so on and so forth this leads us down in negative spiral right on the other hand we've always had a good day when we got a restful night of sleep when we had a great breakfast when we told our loved ones that we love them and what i really notice is that those who make decisions quickly and are decisive and take action those students tend to get the best results and it's just like a compounding effect it's like a drill in the other direction in a positive direction those who make decisions quickly they commit they go all in they put in the work those students tend to get the best results and they make the most out of this program because what you believe you become success becomes effortless and easy for the people that make decisions quickly they take action and they get results and i'm sure you've noticed right it's not the events of our lives that shape us but our beliefs as to what those events mean so the same event can happen to two individuals but based on the story that they tell themselves the meaning that they attribute to that same event the belief that they hold the quality of their life is completely different and the decisions and actions that they take is completely different in other words you experience reality not as it is but as you are and how are these beliefs form because in order to override them in order to take control of our own belief system we must first understand how they are formed in the first place and the truth is 80 happens subconsciously and 20 happens consciously and these are just arbitrary numbers what i'm basically trying to say is that the majority of the thinking happens subconsciously and the minority happens consciously we as human beings we think that just because we have the neocortex all of the decisions that we make must be conscious right the executive planning the taking actions decision making long-term thinking all of that must be conscious right but the truth is the conscious mind serves the subconscious mind the neocortex the latest invention of the of the human mind is actually serving the reptilian mind it's actually serving the deeper ancient brain neurostructures inside our own heads and until we make the unconscious conscious it will dictate your life and you will call it fate it will always be outside of your control because what you are aware of you are in control of and what you are not aware of is in control of you and what i do works because it changes you from the inside out and the solution to all of this is the beginning of self-awareness until you can bring this to the surface and make the unconscious conscious it will dictate your life and you will call it fate and you can almost imagine how these beliefs will start dictating our lives if you don't believe that success is possible well what you believe you become if you don't believe that it's possible to overcome let's say a drug addiction then what you believe you'll become if you don't believe it's possible to start a online business serving others with expertise you already have well what you believe you become if you don't believe that it's possible to sell your expertise online and help other people what you believe you become reality doesn't just happen to you like a passive observer you create your own reality with the beliefs that you hold and the meaning that you assign to every single event that happens in your life what you believe you become and what you become you believe and this is the diagram basically showing how our brains receive information this basically sums up our human experience we take in information from our environment so what is the objective reality and we perceive it inside our own brains so if you ask your child how do you see things well with my eyes how do you smell things oh with my nose how do you hear things well with my ears this information then gets passed through our sensory organs and gets passed through into our brain where it then processes and interprets this information it decodes it basically and this is where our meaning is formed we call this perception so in conclusion we see people in things not as they are but as we are what we believe shapes our identity and what we believe we become you experience reality not as it is but as you are and so it will clear up a lot of the mystery if we figured out how this mechanic actually works how do we actually form meaning and how do we actually perceive our reality that would clear up a lot of the mystery and it would really help us install some new empowering beliefs inside our own minds and there's three different rules that i've basically discovered and observed in my own way of thinking this is by no means an exhaustive list but simply the observations i've made in my own thinking my own behavior in my own thought patterns and i'd love to share that with you the first rule is perception is more powerful than logic look the brain doesn't realize the difference between what is objective reality and what is subjective of reality in other words the brain doesn't actually know the difference between what is actually true versus what is perceived to be true and that's why in clinical trials we go through the lengths of data science and randomized control trials and double blind studies to really get a clean data set because it's almost impossible to get an objective account of reality through the lens of one observer there's always going to be bias and instead of being able to see what is actually true we will only see what is perceived to be true and they did a fascinating study on this basically they had some subjects and they would put a hot piece of coal behind their back and so he would ask the patient or the subject hey is this hot or cold hot okay another hot call is this hot or cold okay hot and they would basically increase the temperature of every single hot coal behind their back they would put another hot piece of coal is this hot or cold hot are you sure yes i'm 100 sure and then the next piece they're going to switch it up with a cold piece of ice cube and put it at their back and the subjects have completely freaked out they thought what what are you doing ah they thought that it was actually a hot piece of coal and when the you know and when the test subjects were asked well was it hot or was that cold oh it was hot are you sure yes definitely sure and what was crazy was that not only did they think that the ice cube which is obviously cold was actually hot but their skin actually started to blister that just goes to show how perception is more powerful than logic your mind simply cannot tell the difference between objective reality and subjective reality because they believed that that was a hot piece of coal behind their back the skin actually completely blistered even though in reality it was a cold piece of ice cube and in the same way if you ever stood in front of the cn tower or i don't know what's the tallest tower in the world but in toronto in canada there's a really tall tower called the cn tower and people would travel there and they would stand in front of a glass floor and they would be able to see everything that was beneath them the civilization the city the the cityscape everything and you know it's safe your mind knows it's safe but your perception always wins over logic you're always going to fear that certain sense of dread that certain sense of fear even though your mind knows it's safe and that so that just goes to show how perception is more powerful than logic so how can you apply this today well by simply taking action the moment you take action your decisions are grounded on logic instead of all the um stories that you tell yourself inside your own head and that's precisely why i chose to use this picture it's a picture of a man looking inside a swimming pool whenever you want to jump inside the pool you might think ah it's too cold uh you know it's freezing you would see all your friends celebrating having fun smiling laughing splashing around having the best experience of their lives but you would stand there on the sidewalk and pass over this opportunity because you're scared because you're scared that the water is gonna be too cold you're scared that you're gonna make a photo of yourself whatever the reason might be i know for myself the best thing to do in this situation is simply just to jump right in just to take action because the moment you take action everything sorts itself out the moment you take action the moment you jump into the ocean now you can actually start experiencing the juice the freedom the joy and the passion of life and this happens conversely as well i'm sure we've all had the experience of watching a horror movie and oftentimes we suffer more in imagination than in our reality we start inventing all these stories inside our heads about oh how this is going to fail how this there's a zombie behind that door how this will work how this will work we start sensing dread before we even take in the first step and began our journey we suffer more in our imagination than in reality and the only solution to this is simply by taking action small actions taken daily yield remarkable results it's like stacking one domino after another one day at a time the second row that i discovered is that your mind learns by repetition and loves what's familiar there's this old saying in neuroscience that neurons that fire together wire together that was by donald hebb and this means that the more you run a neural circuit in your brain the stronger that circuit becomes so for example the more you practice piano or the more you start speaking french or the more you start learning how to juggle the stronger these patterns this stronger these neural circuits become and conversely the more you tell yourself certain stories inside your head i'm not a math person i'm not a tech savvy person these stories get hardwire inside your mind and for example one way that uh that i'm sure many of us can resonate with is that in medical school the way i studied was using flashcards i would have to drum up all these different pharmacological drugs inside my own mind the best way to learn is just by repetition flashcard flashcard flashcard flashcard and so i remembered basically every single drug that was available that was the best way to actually learn and another example that i'm sure we can all relate to is driving right in the beginning when i'm you know when you're first getting your driver's license everything is so unfamiliar you know you have to sense the pressure of where to put it on the gas pedal you have to focus on the traffic the road you have to focus on your mirrors your your lights and ah just overwhelming sensory overload right the first time you drive i can't possibly have a conversation i was focusing on too many different things but now when you drive i'm sure you can have the radio turned on you can have a conversation with your family you can get distracted on your phones you can have a crying baby at the back or a shouting dog and everything would still work out because it's become ingrained as a pattern inside your own mind and the more you do something the better you get and the more you believe something the more you hardwire that belief until it becomes a part of your identity just like stacking rocks on a scale like we discussed the bottom line is this our minds forget things all the time if you want to practice more positive thinking then that's why the practice of starting a gratitude journal works incredibly well for our patients with depression and anxiety because what we believe we become and the more we repeat that belief the more it becomes hardwired inside our own mind if we can simply engineer more positive beliefs into our daily practice into our lifestyle then we will quote become a positive person so how can you apply all of this take a list of all of the beliefs that you hold strongly the negative beliefs that you have those that disempower you and tie you down and you want to let go of them and also take a list of the positive beliefs that you have those that empower you that fills your life with passion and excitement and you want to reinforce them because your mind is like a garden over time it grows weeds it grows things that you don't necessarily want there you have to let go of these negative beliefs in order to make room for these positive beliefs neuroscientists literally call this process cyanatic pruning just like pruning weeds from your garden where you weed out your garden you can keep it clean and healthy and filled with positive beliefs that empower you to live the life that you want and take action towards your success the third and final rule is that your mind avoids pain and is addicted to pleasure so in the 1930s the psychologist skinner devised this operant conditioning chamber called the skinner box in which a lever pressed by this rat can trigger a reinforcing stimulus so for example the delivery of food water or some sort of punishing stimulus for example like a painful foot shock right these rats are then placed in the skinner box and will rapidly learn to press the lever for food and to avoid pressing the lever when it delivers that shock right what resulted was perhaps the most dramatic experience in the history of behavioral neuroscience these rats would then press the lever as many as 7 000 times each hour to stimulate their brains they basically became heroin or morphine addicts and the more they started graduating this experiment and had different variations they started realizing that these male rats they would completely ignore a female in heat and would jump across basically run across these foot shock delivering floor grids in order to reach the liver that's how powerful this pool is actually for them right and female rats they would completely abandon their own newborn nursing pups in order to continuously press that lever some rats would self-stimulate as many as 2 000 times within the next uh 24 hours completely non-stop and would exclude in the neglect any other activity they had to be unhooked from this apparatus in order to prevent their own deaths by self-starvation pressing this lever became their entire world now does this sound familiar does it sound like social media to you i'm sure we've all heard of these stories like pavlov's dogs or operant conditioning or the carrot and stick analogy or even the marshmallow experiments with children but all of these studies showcase how despite the evolution of the neocortex enabling humanity to have higher cognitive functions like decision-making or planning or long-term focus at our core we are still slaves to our reptilian minds our primal instincts our impulses and temptations our need for short-term gratification our brains will avoid pain at all costs and they're addicted to pleasure and the rise of social media has led to a generation of people addicted to instant gratification they live their entire lives in the never ending now the perpetual present just like scrolling endlessly at a bottomless feed it's literally called a feed perpetually locked inside the present moment our decisions then become overly influenced by the most immediate event we become easily emotional and we ascribe greater significance to problems than it should have in reality and we're always going to want pleasure there's no denying that and we will always want it now not later but now but the important things in life like building a family securing your own financial future serving others with education creating generational wealth for your family these things don't happen overnight success doesn't happen overnight the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago and the next best time is now if you believe that success is going to be hard work well of course it's going to be hard work and painful for you if you believe that success can happen effortlessly and all you have to do is just follow the steps if you believe that you have a gift and you are about to share it with the world if you believe that at the end of hard work is going to be reward well guess what the work that you put in is going to be filled with purpose you're sharing your gifts with the world one step at a time closer to the life of your dreams and the freedom that you deserve so how do you apply this principle how do you apply this rule well you must condition your life you must condition your mind to fall in love with what you do most of my students join this program because innately they love helping other people they love serving other people many of them love teaching right part of medicine part of the reason we became doctors is because we had a mentor we had teachers we had seniors that shared their expertise that taught us how to navigate the landscape the chaotic landscape of the hospital that taught us how to do certain procedures medicine at its core is just about teaching and many of us already love teaching we already love sharing our expertise for other people and the secret to enjoying the most out of life is to really enjoy what you do to do work that you love to work because you want to not because you need to if you ask michael jordan arguably the best basketball player of all time you'll realize that actually in his past he was rejected in the high school he was rejected when he first enlisted to join the high school basketball team and yet somehow through trials and tribulations he became the best basketball player of all time and there's an interview with him uh you know around a few years ago where the interviewer asked michael jordan what is the secret to your success what's your secret sauce how did you go from being rejected from your high school basketball team to becoming the best basketball player of all time where your name is echoed where you're a legend in the basketball world and he told the interviewer dead on and looked him in the eyes and said you have to fall in love with the game in order to achieve in order to live a life of passion a life of freedom and abundance you must fall in love with what you do again and claim back the joy that you once had in helping other people in serving people that's part of the reason why most of us entered medical school in the first place to help more people but on our own terms and for me it's being of service seeing my students generate passive income make incredible progress and experiencing the freedom and abundance in their lives as our students grow our community grows raising our standards of excellence for the future of medicine and online education and throughout the next four weeks we will help you uncover what it is that you truly love to help you fall back in love with medicine fall back in love with teaching and serve more people with online courses and so in summary what you believe you become and what you become you believe what you believe to be true affects the reality that you experience first we can make our beliefs and then our beliefs make us it doesn't matter what is true with work what you believe will become true and by making the unconscious conscious we can now have our hands on the steering wheel of life and be able to dictate our own life and decide our own destiny this is the beginning of self-awareness and this is the beginning of self-acceptance all right so this leads us to the topic of self-acceptance discovering who you are and there's only three things that you need to succeed remember what they are first of all a plan second of all specialized knowledge and third of all a healthy mindset the problem for most people is that they just don't know where they are and they don't know where to go if you imagine your life like a gps if you don't know where you are and you don't know where you want to go well crap it's no wonder that most people end up completely lost in life not even a gps can save you on the other hand if you do know where you are and you do know where you want to go then the path will automatically appear all you have to do is just follow the steps and you'll get to where you want to go effortlessly this is what this program does for you think of this program like a gps if you know where you are and you know where you want to go we'll show you exactly step by step the most simple and effective path to get you to where you want to go fast and with the support from my specialist team as well as our community of over 100 doctors nurses pas and medical professionals will hold your hand every step of the way to a life of freedom and abundance but this all starts with knowing where you are and where you want to go most people don't even know where they are and as a result they can't figure out where they want to go and you want to imagine um you know a patient coming into your clinic with hypertension if they don't even know their baseline if you they don't even know what their blood pressure is then it's very hard to devise a management plan to help them control their symptoms it's very hard to develop a management plan to get their blood pressure their hypertension under control and perhaps they do know where they are but their goals are unclear or ill-defined most people's goals are to pay their lousy bills to get by to survive to make it through the day in short they are caught up in a trap of making a living rather than designing a life it's not just setting the goals that actually matters but the quality of life that you experience along the way listen whether you want it or not time is going to pass by one second at a time in 10 years from now you'll arrive somewhere the question is whether you decide this destination consciously or unconsciously whether it's a life you consciously chose or somehow ended up by accident that is your decision and you're going to end up somewhere regardless see clarity brings power and we want to get crystal clear on what you want and design a life worth living and this requires you to be fully honest with yourself these are the four stages of self-awareness most of us start off somewhere here in these three boxes for example we have low internal and external self-awareness this includes the seekers they don't know who they are what they stand for or how their relationships see them as a result they might feel stuck or frustrated with their performance and relationships then there are those that have low internal self-awareness and high external self-awareness these are the pleasers they can be so focused on appearing a certain way to others that they could be overlooking what actually matters most to them over time they tend to make choices that aren't in service of their own success and fulfillment pleasing other people instead of focusing on the things that bring them joy and fulfillment then we have the introspectors people that have a low external self-awareness but high internal self-awareness they're clear on what they're clear on who they are but don't challenge their own world views or search for blind spots by getting feedback from others and this can harm the relationships and limit their success and finally this is the box in which we all want to be high external and internal self-awareness these are people that who know who they are what they want and seek out and value other people's opinions above all else this is where leaders begin to fully realize the true benefits of self-awareness and this is where you want to be and self-awareness is actually self-inquiry the conversation that you have with yourself your inner dialogue and hey the relationship you have with yourself is the only one you're ever going to get from the moment you were born to the moment you die so you might as well have a healthy relationship and a healthy conversation with yourself i realized that the main difference between those people who seemed to be successful in any area and those who want were simply down to the questions that they asked themselves these successful people they asked better questions and as a result they got better answers most people tend to ask in disempowering questions the questions that they ask are lousy and as a result they get terrible answers questions like oh what if i fail what if this doesn't work what if i'm just not yet enough what if i don't get accepted what if i don't pass my boards what if i relapse these questions are terrible because they disempower you successful people develop a pattern of asking questions that empower them quality questions create a quality life instead of asking will this actually work they ask how can i make this work right imagine going into a marriage thinking oh dear will i actually would this actually work will this marriage thing actually work well damn i mean your marriage is pretty much destined to fail to begin with instead of asking will this work how can i make this work how can i what can i do today to make this happen they think long term what action can i immediately take such that my future self would thank me for what would this look like if it was easy clear and obvious have i done this before and succeeded you want to remind yourself of the previous times you've succeeded most doctors most health care professionals uh you know a big part of our job is education whether it's patients or our colleagues it's simply sharing information and sharing expertise sharing our gift with the world whether it's teaching other residents or medical students all of us teach all of us already do some form of teaching already in our day-to-day now we can package the expertise for the online world to generate passive income and generational wealth all right by asking better questions you're going to get better outcomes because what you believe you become you want to develop the habit of turning these obstacles into opportunities and there's no such thing as making a mistake all right there's no such thing as mistakes just happy accidents and there's no such thing as failure just to feedback case in point some of the greatest medical breakthroughs came from taking advantage of these happy accidents for example penicillin the invention of chemotherapy drugs x-rays valium the pap smear viagra all of these were inventions that were discovered accidentally stumbled upon in search of something else remember it's not the questions that you ask but also the questions you fail to ask that shape your destiny quality questions create a quality life and a statement closes the mind and a question opens the mind to all different possibilities these questions can either empower you or disempower you and here are some action items we want to establish our old baseline we want to get crystal clear and accurate snapshot of where we are right now and this includes your character traits as well as your judgments and biases all right first of all the two personality tests that are you know well well approved in the scientific community is the meyer briggs test mbti and the big five personality test the ocean test and so here is the mbti test you can simply click tick to test and it's a free personality test and uh simply answer these questions and it's going to give you an accurate snapshot of which one out of 16 of these personality types you fall behind or fall into so for example one of them is the intj the architect and it's going to give you a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses that you might have so for example architects they're rational informed independent but their weaknesses is that they tend to be arrogant dismissive of emotions so they're hypological they don't really take into account emotions overly critical combative romantically clueless okay and uh you can even look at the career paths the parenthood and you'll be surprised at how fascinatingly accurate these tests tend to be all right the second test is the big five ocean test and the big five personality test looks like this and it's it's widely accepted in its commonly used model inside the field of academic psychology in fact it was based on a study done by goldberg back in 1992 you can actually read more about this here you can simply click begin assessment and it's gonna list you some questions and this is some fun stuff because it's more about discovering who you actually are right any progress that we make in life it's all about who we are and who we are becoming unless you know who you are then it's just like sun tzu says the military strategist if you don't know yourself and you don't know your enemy then you're always going to fear the outcome of 100 battles but if you do know who you are well then it's actually life becomes quite effortless because you know your strengths you know your weaknesses you know your blind spots to watch out for and the result that you're gonna get from this test is um is what is what's called the ocean the acronym ocean and this stands for openness conscientiousness extroversion agreeableness and neuroticism so openness is basically high scores tend to be original creative curious low scores tend to be conventional down to earth you know and uh conscientiousness tends to be reliable well organized self-disciplined doctors tend to be very high in this area because you know our field is very scrutinizing and we have to dot our eyes cross our t's and we have to be very disciplined low consciousness means you're disorganized undependable um negligent all right extroversion uh that pretty much sums up uh what you assume it would be so sociable friendly warm talkative low scores tend to be introverted and reserved quiet agreeableness tends to be people that are good-natured sympathetic warm friendly low tend to be critical rude harsh callus okay and neuroticism tends to be nervous high strong insecure always worrying anxious low scores tend to be calm relaxed laid back that sort of stuff all right doctors tend to be very high in conscientiousness once again because of our job description and also high in agreeableness because i assume that most people that enter medical school most people that enter the medical field they're there to help people they want to serve more people they want to help more people so and and they're warm and friendly and they like interacting with other patients right so high agreeableness and high conscientiousness and you want to you know just do this test and look at your results and see if they match up or not next i've prepared a freedom fastlane bible and what this basically is is uh shorten the worksheet it includes establishing your old baseline so once again you want to get an accurate snapshot of where you are right now just like a gps you want to figure out where you are right now and this includes your character so how would you describe yourself in three sentences where do you live how do you present yourself what do you wear what do you look like right your myri briggs test the first person ansi quiz that i covered and what are your current biases so for example if you're a very logical person then you might be neglecting your intuitive intuitive side if you're very masculine so like very competitive very aggressive very goal-oriented then you might be neglecting your feminine side like to go with the flow um you know approaching things with grace and warmth all right if you're a very shy person then you might need to work on your outgoing side if you're very organized then sometimes it's important to introduce some chaos into your life some experimentation some ingenuity all right if you're a very very charitable person if you're a very selfless person sometimes it's time to prioritize your own needs your own health your relationships all right there's no right or wrong answers it all depends on where you skew in this continuum in this continuum in this which side you're more biased towards and you want to be aware of this once again there's no right or wrong answers no one's here to judge you it's more about knowing who you are right now at this stage in time all right what are your good and bad habits what do you do repeatedly strengths weaknesses negative things that pop into your mind what was your childhood like because a lot of our adulthood is actually a manifestation of what happened in the past whether it's some childhood trauma or just some childhood positive experiences that we've had if you grew up in a very low socioeconomic class and you always had to struggle to make ends meet if your parents are you know in the low socioeconomic class that might give you a drive to make more money when you get older to really prioritize your finances all right on the other hand um let's say you had some sort of childhood trauma right you you aren't loved by your parents you want uh accepted by your peers maybe that's going to give you the drive to really push yourself to prove other people wrong stuff like that okay a lot of our adulthood is actually a extrapolation and manifestation of our childhood trauma and if you'd like to read more of that you can definitely look into sigmund freud and carl jung's studies so what past events do you worry about or replay in your mind over and over again once again one of the brain rules that we covered is what gets repeated uh your mind loves repetition your mind learns by repetition and so the stories that you keep telling yourself over and over and over again inside your head you want to list them down whether it's a good story or a bad story list them out and in this case talk about those stories that you keep repeating in your head like oh i'm not a math person i'm not a tech savvy person where did the story come from who gave it to you it had to occur somewhere right it just didn't happen out of thin air uh a tech-savvy gene or a math gene it doesn't happen right it had to happen somewhere what things do you worry about in the future what blocks you from achieving what you want daily today and how do you imagine yourself gossiping and talking about your uh you in the cafe this is an important question because a lot of us we really care about the way we are perceived by the outside world is this accurate is this not is this a rational or irrational fear you want to list it down do you think people are gossiping behind your back uh saying that you're sloppy you're making mistakes saying that they don't like you um the way you look the way you appear saying that um you know whatever it might be just list it out it's whatever you think there's no right or wrong answer next let's talk about the judgments and biases and the best way to look at this is the people that you die idolize or admire like people whose work you admire this could be fictional or non-fictional um so like real people either mentors that you've had in past or like movie characters or biographies you've read who are people you idolize or admire and what traits or characteristics do you like about these people because what you like is probably what you buy stores if you like people that are very entrepreneurial they're very creative then you probably like that trait inside yourself on the other hand well who are three people you despise and think are wrong maybe it's people that are very um greedy you know people like living on wall street smoking a cigar maybe you think that mon money is greed well guess what what traits or characteristics do you dislike about these people maybe you think they're greedy maybe you think that they're selfish maybe you think that they're egotistical arrogant right well what things do you love doing and could happily do every day what things do you hate doing and never want to do once again there's no right or wrong answers what four letter results that you get from the meyer bricks test and the opposite of each type is as below so the meyer brick says it gives you 16 different personality types which are a combination of these eight variables all right you want to identify your opposites and see how you are going to need them to achieve your goals and dreams try to introduce more of the opposites into your life and into your business and be aware that these problems will exist due to things being too binary and biased on one side so for example if i'm too introverted quiet and reserved maybe i need to introduce some more extroversion and it'd be more loud i need to put myself out there to be more outgoing i have a fear that i might annoy other people because extroverts tend to be uh you know i judge them for thinking that they're too loud and too arrogant and too noisy and you know life to the party they're just annoying maybe that same irrational fear that i had is the same outward reflection of how i judge myself maybe what i need is actually to become more extroverted to myself out there for example the n stands for intuition so random no rules maybe if you're just no rules go with the flow you need some more structure in your life you need to schedule things you need to block out your time to make things happen feeling if you're a very emotionally sensitive person if then maybe you need to be more logical you need to handle criticism well if somebody tells you you're doing something wrong maybe instead of just feeling like pain and sorry for yourself and guilt you should just look at it logically and thank thank the person for it hey thank you for your feedback you know that's it it's it's nothing more than that there doesn't need to be any emotional attachment to it and if you're a perceiver and you're very indecisive maybe it's time to be more decisive maybe it's time to start taking action start doing the things that you committed yourself to doing and do you see how your current judgments and biases are in direct conflict with the dream that you have for yourself do you see how these things that you dislike in other people and judge them are the exact same things you need for yourself to achieve your dreams it's just like the mirror principle we covered your irrational fears are an outward reflection of how you judge other people understand that the way you exist at this moment it makes it impossible to achieve your dreams who you are right now will never achieve your dreams all right that's just the truth you must evolve and become someone else you must evolve to achieve your dreams and that means letting go of these irrational fears limiting beliefs judgments and biases that hold you back you have to evolve grow and become someone better a better version of yourself one that can achieve your dreams effortlessly so congratulations you established an old baseline for yourself and that is exactly what's covered in the action items next let's talk about the freedom fast lane and the decision on who you'll become you want to become someone who can achieve your dreams effortlessly instead of being tied down to the limiting beliefs and irrational fears you previously had let go of all of them become someone new start a new chapter in your life all right decision means cutting off from all possibilities and going all in and make that commitment go all in and make this happen for yourself you have my team you have a community of over 100 students and all of our students are cheering you on instead of going alone we're gonna go together we've done this so many times before and you can just follow our footsteps first and foremost if you change nothing nothing changes one thing that we can be certain in life is that if we do what we've always done we're always gonna get what we've always gotten in life you don't get what you want sad luck but you don't get what you want you get more of who you become and the answer to this question 10 years from now you're gonna arrive somewhere the answer is that your decision is where all right the answer to this question is exactly what i've been alluding to all along the power of decision understand that everything that happens in your life began with a decision the life that you have right now it's not a fluke or an accident or as a miracle occurrence it's the sum total of the decisions that you made and i believe that it is in these moments that your decision shapes your destiny right now you can make a decision to heal the world with your medical expertise without sacrificing any more of your time on one-to-one consultations you can decide to generate passive income pay off student loans secure your retirement without worrying or treading the next bill you can decide right now to take better care of yourself your family spend more time with people that you love to explore the hobbies that you've given up during your medical career maybe you want to learn to fly a helicopter to run a marathon begin meditating learn to speak french to travel the world with people you love to fly to fiji and live on an island if you truly decide to you can do almost anything in this world the world is your playground and you only get one life so you might as well treasure it you might as well make the most of it the most exciting thing about all this is that you already have the power to make this happen all it takes is to make the right decision to start this journey and to take action decisive action if you want massive results then take massive action if you don't want any results if you don't want no results then take no action it's as simple as that now i can't promise you a perfect life but i can promise you a better life the problem is most people live their lives like a leaf blowing in the wind their destinies are nothing but a forethought and after thought and they see themselves as victims to invisible forces outside their control it's always the government's fault the banking system's fault the health care systems fault but if you look at most people their day-to-day lives are subject to the slightest impulse interpretations and the desire to scroll on social media to watch an extra hour of netflix to binge on some junk food nice ice cream it's almost like they're not in control of their lives they're subject to the influences of the reptilian mind caged in the prison of their own design and unable to break free from the impulses and temptations that tied them down and shackle them to a life that they no longer want to live a career that they no longer want right a relationship that they're no longer happy in understand each of these moments they might not seem like much but just like dominoes stacked on top of each other they compound over time it is in these moments that your decisions shape your destiny the question is whether you want these whether you made these decisions consciously or unconsciously as you look back over the last 10 years were the times when a different decision would have made your life radically different from today either for better or for worse take a moment to think about that right imagine my story in the palliative care world sharing my last moments with these dying patients uh the most common regrets that i heard is never having started a side income passive income i would have never been able to work doing what i wanted to not being able to work being having to go to work because i want because i needed to not because i wanted to i stayed at a job that i disliked and i was bored by you know i would have never had time to spend with my family doing the things i love when people look back on their lives it is the things that they have not done that generate the greatest regret a life worth living might be measured in many ways but the one thing that stands above all others is living a life of no regret if you're watching this video you have something to offer the world that can help more people and build yourself a life of absolute freedom the best time to plant the tree is 10 years ago the second best time is now and the worst time is on your deathbed when you're on life support and living out of a catheter because you have no other option look back over the last 10 years were the times when a different decision would have made your life radically different than it is today either for better or for worse the day my life changed just happened in one moment the day i determined not just what i'd like to have in my life or what i wanted to become but when i decided who and what i was committed to having and becoming in my life and in the same vein we don't rise to our highest aspirations we fall to our lowest standards you want to create a character for yourself where success is not just a dream or a fairy tale right it's a hygiene standard you expect success every day anytime that you sincerely want to make a change the first thing you must do is to raise your standards because we don't rise to our highest aspirations we fall to our lowest standards what we're willing to tolerate when people ask me how did i change my life at such a young stage of my career i tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what i demanded of myself my standards i wrote down all the things that i would no longer accept in my life or the things that i would no longer tolerate and all the things that i was inspired to become you see in life lots of people know what to do but few people actually do what they know knowing is not enough you must take action and here's the action items for establishing your new baseline let's revisit the bible and we're going to conclude with an exercise so here is the freedom uh freedom fastlane bible so once again now we're going to establish a new baseline just now we established our old baseline our character our judgments our biases now we're going to establish a new baseline so what is your dream what do you even want make this as clear as possible and come back each day to build upon it once you can see an image inside your head it's amazing how the universe conspires with you to create it you want to visualize this as clearly as possible feel the sensations the smells and everything clear clearly define your dream what would it be like how would you be feeling when you achieve the things you desire next let's define your dream make it as clear as possible where do you want to live what do you want to do each day where will you live most people have lousy goals like i just want to lose weight well how much weight and by when five pounds 10 pounds 20 pounds 30 pounds this week next month in 12 months based on those parameters the way we're going to help you get there is going to be completely different so you have to be crystal clear with what you want right if you have a financial goal how much money do you want to make in the next 12 months 100 000 200 500 000 1 million get crystal clear on it because that's how we're going to help you next declare your dreams to those who care the best way to succeed is to tell other people your loved ones your family and your friends because this is going to push pressure on yourself to perform next decide what you're going to do what is your online course idea who are you going to help and with what most people think they need a perfect idea before they get started but that actually isn't the case that's putting a barrel before the wheel we're going to help you figure out your idea inside week one of the program we're going to get crystal clear by following a scientific process a proven process to get crystal clear on who you want to serve and what you want to teach and we're going to map out your online course so you already got that covered from that worksheet next design your entire life how do you want to spend your time your capital your newfound freedom maybe you want some more passive investments maybe you want to travel maybe you want to spend time with your loved ones maybe you want to explore some new hobbies design it make it exciting don't be some lousy somewhere to go that you know you know that you're not going to wake up in the morning for make it exciting make it so that you wake up every single day working chipping away towards this goal next design the daily actions take the big picture and break it down into current year then the year becomes months and the months become weeks and the weeks becomes days into a daily action plan and we're going to help you cover that insider mapping your six figure course worksheet finally it's time to deliver it's time to commit time to take action commit to one thing that you're going to do today to make this happen whether this is just booking a strategy call to speaking with my team whether it's showing up on the coaching goals so that you can ask for help whatever it might be whether it's just introducing yourself inside our community and sharing your vision sharing your gifts with the world whatever it might be start to take action this lesson and actually implement it immediately because power comes in momentum take these actions today and live a life of freedom and the final exercise is what i call defibrillating your pattern and just like an ecg right most of us live lives like a regular rhythm we live our lives we go to our jobs we go to our commute we come back we watch an hour of netflix our rhythm is very predictable it's the same thing and sometimes the best way to elicit change is to shock the rhythm to defibrillate our patterns and obviously i'm not telling you to put some d fib pads on your on your breast and start shocking yourself what i'm saying is simply just doing something that you previously wouldn't if an opportunity arises but you haven't taken action off because of excuses maybe it's time to take advantage of this opportunity maybe it's something you've been procrastinating on in which case go back take action maybe it's a conversation that you didn't have because it's difficult and you're scared of hurting someone else's feelings you're scared of your own feelings being hurt someone you have confronted due to irrational fear give them a phone call text them right now make that commitment once again it's like a domino stacked on top of another these small actions accumulate over time and they carry momentum and a really good one that i like to do is just to eat something that i never would right if i want to lose weight i just eat a salad it's just one salad i'm not committing to a crazy diet it's just one salad and you'll be surprised when i eat one salad well guess what i'm gonna start drinking black coffee instead of white coffee instead of with milk i'm gonna start eating a second salad i'm gonna start going to the gym these things feed upon itself just like a positive spiral and you wanna focus on the positive only selectively focus on the positive and feed that upward spiral because that's how you're gonna get success all right i'm very excited to work with you for the next four steps of our program to help you generate passive income and build a life of financial freedom and abundance

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