(Case Study) Examples Of Successful Online Courses

shorts Apr 03, 2021

In this video, we cover examples of successful online courses in the medical industry.

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hey everyone dr zoda here we help busy doctors achieve financial freedom by starting online courses now a lot of you have been asking me to show you guys examples of online courses just so you have a better idea of the finished product of what essentially you will be creating and in this video i will show you one of the successful online courses that i've seen in this niche make sure you stick into the very end because i'll be sharing with you our four-step system to help busy doctors achieve financial freedom by setting their expertise online so that they can help more people on their own terms so the way i like to think about online courses is that when i would see a lot of people they would think that online courses they're the next biggest trend but this is more than just a trend this is an entire revolution in terms of the way we consume media and the way we consume education so back in the day you guys remember blockbuster well we've all heard what the naysayers have said right there's no way that people would watch things online it's a scam it's not safe i would much rather drive to the store and rent out a dvd set from blockbuster surely there's something different about choosing your own movie in the myriad of um in storefront right nobody would ever want to watch something online nobody will want to buy something online it's not safe and yet as we've seen netflix has completely taken the market by storm and the numbers don't lie in 2010 blockbuster has filed for bankruptcy and if you go on their website it's completely dead meanwhile instead of doing the same thing over and over again instead of being stuck by traditional ways of thinking by a traditional business model that no longer works netflix was open-minded enough to go online and by digitizing their service netflix has just been growing faster and faster and faster with fewer employees with less overhead and less complexity in higher profit margins just in 2016 it's already reached 8 billion dollars and and now in 2021 it's even higher than that much higher than that right and we also see this in the retail industry as well so we've all heard what the naysayers have said there's no possible way that people would put their credit card online it has to be a scam it has to not be safe right surely there's something different about driving to walmart and going to the store to the physical store and actually have a feel for the products right nobody would possibly buy something online it's a scam it's not safe and yet amazon swooped in the numbers don't lie instead of doing the same thing over and over again instead of following the traditional path amazon swooped in and went online by digitizing their service amazon has just been growing faster and faster and making jeff bezos now the richest man in the world with fewer employees with less overhead with less complexity and higher fatter thicker profit margins look guys it's time to face reality it's time to wake up because the numbers and statistics don't lie we can pretend that this does not exist and we can continue to live in denial or we can accept this opportunity for a lifetime and position ourselves in this digital economy this isn't just some fad because this is something that we've seen happen before in other industries and as mark twain says history might not repeat itself but it rhymes if i learned one thing from medical school it's this there's a pattern behind everything and this couldn't be more obvious the writing is on the wall behind every symptom there is always a pattern and if we can identify this pattern instead of waiting for things to get worse we can anticipate what will happen next and take action and while others see business as a game of risk as a gamble we see clear cause and effect and while others rely their business on luck and chance we see science because in medicine an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cur only losers react winners anticipate and the best time to take action isn't when things go wrong because by then it's just too late the best time to take action is before things go wrong to be proactive and to be preventative the best time to take action is now look we all went to medical school because we want to help people without sacrificing our time without sacrificing our health without sacrificing our family in the hospital in order to help 10 people we might have to work 10 hours if you want to help more people you can you're just gonna have to work longer hours there's no way around it right you just have to keep spinning that wheel keep trading your time for patient outcomes but on the internet you simply need to package your expertise once in the form of an online course digitize your expertise and have that same packet of information replicate the same results without you even being there and now we can do so on a global scale and reach a global audience more and more people are going more and more people are in their homes on their computers anywhere with an internet connection and consuming content to better themselves to learn more about every single facet of life whether it's fitness health nutrition sleep right our medical expertise is highly valuable in the digital economy and doctors are starting to realize there is an urgent need to transition online which separates us into two groups those who take action on this opportunity of a lifetime will position themselves to thrive in the digital world meanwhile those who are blind will get left vine and meet their eventual extinction and there's plenty of examples of success stories so we have doctors helping doctors launch their own careers online med ed has the mission to change how medical education is approached how medical schools deliver it and how students learn from it right so their entire mission comes down to wanting you to spend time using what you've already learned to practice actual medicine it's less theory and more practice by making things easier faster and more reliable so if we look at their website you can see it's extremely comprehensive it covers basic science clinical case x internship as well right so that's what the course actually looks like and their courses cover basic science clinical residency as well as faculty right so obviously this didn't start off uh this didn't start off as comprehensive as what we're seeing right now right this all started small this all started with one or two lessons sometimes even teaching for free and this grew to became what is now a multi-millionaire multi-million industry but let's look at another example so we have doctors helping students right sketchy micro is a business that is teaching medical students how to unlock the power of visual learning by mastering complex concepts through fun and informative sketches that enhance visual memory right so what they essentially do is that they use these unique creative sketches in order to make visual visualization especially when it comes to microbiology learning all those staphylococcus and streptococcus right they use these visual um visual images in order to help medical students memorize all those pathogens in a lot faster in a faster and more effective way because at the end of the day some of us are just visual learners and we tend to associate things based on the image in our head right so that's basically their entire premise and they do this with other stuff as well so microbiology uh pharmacology pathology biochemistry and so on and so forth and once again this course didn't just happen overnight it started off small in fact it started off with a youtube video just one youtube video and it grew over the course of the next five years into what is now a multi-millionaire multi-million business so we have doctors helping doctors we have doctors helping students but we also have doctors helping pre-meds so six med is a uk-based company helping pre-meds with medical school admissions right so they cover the ucat the bmat and as well as interviews right so it's pretty self-explanatory but we've also had doctors helping patients so diet doctor is a business that helps patients start a low-carb ketogenic diet so if you look at their website again once again it all started off as a online course but eventually it started growing into different meal plans recipes uh and so on and so forth right it all started off small but now this guy has hired multiple people to help with these low carb diets and look it's super comprehensive and this is an example of a cheaper course and the students can simply log in they log in register for a free trial and they can start watching these videos at their own pace kind of like watching netflix except this is a lot more educational they get a lot more value from it and because of that they are willing to pay a lot of money five hundred dollars one thousand dollars two thousand dollars and that's the same thing that we help our clients do and this all has led to the rise of the digital doctor by building an online course we can make infinite copies of our own expertise without having to trade our time without having to put in any extra work we all we have to do is just build this thing once and it replicates itself and it works for us an infinite amount of times once we put it online instead of sacrificing our time for money we are now leveraging our clinical expertise and the power of the internet so we can help more people and make a meaningful impact on the world and people are starting to wake up the market is hungry for our specialized knowledge and starving for our expertise as doctors this puts us in a privileged position to help more people and build a life of freedom and abundance now i'll show you a more practical example and get down into the trenches to show you exactly what this might look like for you so here we have an example from one of our doctors and she teaches a course on public speaking right so finally you get to get paid to speak with her course name and this course helps other students understand the business of professional public speaking especially in the medical field so you can finally get paid for the expertise that you deliver earning substantial income from the stage is actually easier than you think right that's her essential slogan and so this is pretty self-explanatory so her course helps doctors move up the academic ladder earn additional income and so on and so forth right so let's see what happens if we click enroll now well in that case we get taken to a checkout page right where we simply fill out our details our email our first name last name and our credit card information and once we purchase our course then we get access to the online course right and we can simply watch it like it's netflix so some of you might ask who would actually buy this course like why is there actually a market demand well of course there's a market demand otherwise nobody would create a course like this just in america there's at least 300 million people surfing the webs online right there's at least 300 million people serving the webs online and that's just america that's not even accounting uh everyone in developing countries the internet has expanded our global reach so that anyone from anywhere at any time can reach anyone from across the country you can be sitting at your home in your pajamas in your scrubs creating this type of content and reaching people that you would have never been able to in a brick and mortar store that you would have never been able to by renting out a lecture hall and delivering your talk right there so of course there's a giant market out there starving for our expertise and willing to pay in order to learn from someone in like your position it's all about how you package your expertise for the online world and that's something we actually cover in our four-step program but enough about that and we can talk more about that later on let me show you what's actually inside the course once we purchase so once we purchase the course i'm showing you inside my own content portal right so once we purchase the online course then we can simply access it in the web page you can your students can simply log in they input their own username and password and because they purchased your course already they can simply click view program and then they could simply watch through the content at their own pace just like it's netflix right so they get a little intro video you can create an orientation section right and then you can go through the course at your own space right and another great thing that a lot of instructors can add into their course is resources so worksheets a little bit of homework some useful links that can help your student so in my own course i realize that a lot of the clients that i work with they actually start off without an idea right and so the first thing that happens when you join our program is that we help you get crystal clear on who you want to serve and how you can best package the expertise that you already have in the online world and we go through a series of worksheets use asking intelligent questions in order to get crystal clear on your niche and the client that you want to serve and how you can distinguish yourself from the competition out there online we also show you step by step how to map out your online course and how to outline your online course and the great thing about this is that everything is automated so you don't even have to be there when your students uh when your students buy your program they go through the course content they do the homework they go over your worksheets you don't even have to be there you could be at work you could be sleeping you'd be christmas it could be thanksgiving you are still making money and so here's just one of our worksheets right and they can access it anytime they want now another great feature that a lot of these online courses have is a online classroom so as you can see we have a vibrant community of digital doctors right these are people that have joined our community they paid the price and then they get extra support within the community of other students helping each other asking great questions and sharing resources and a great section in the community is sharing our wins right so we have liz she just got her first student and she's selling her course at 750 dollars and we have jackson she's he's just hit 10 grand in one single day and we have stanley he's hit 50 grand in a single month right this stan is a medical student and he's in the community as well and so a lot of these online courses have this sense of community this sense of it's almost like a classroom environment where everyone is free to ask their own questions share their successes help each other out and this really makes your online course a living and breathing community of its of its own right it starts to become alive so one of the questions that i get asked a lot is how much do you actually have to do in order to get your course launched like how much work is involved and that's a great question in our four-step system we actually give you all the infrastructure all the tech everything is already built out for you and all you have to do is just sit down fill in the blanks with your own expertise and we've done 95 of the heavy lifting for you so there you go you know exactly top to bottom what an example of a successful online course actually looks like from the homepage to the checkout page to the classroom to the content portal to the lessons and to the worksheets but do you know how to set up all of this by yourself well i want to invite you to our free new training where you can see over my shoulder the four-step system that we use to help busy doctors hit six figure months by starting wildly profitable online courses so that they can help more people with the expertise that they already have this training is not for doctors looking for a get rich quick seam or to take advantage of other people this training is not for doctors that are stuck in traditional ways of education and employment and they have a lot of limiting beliefs holding them back from experiencing the financial freedom that they deserve instead this training is for doctors that are serious about securing their financial future that see the power of the internet so that they can help more people without sacrificing their time health or relationships so that they can spend time doing the things that they love click the button down below to join this free training and i'll see you right there

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