How To Start Online Course Without A Single Dollar (Exact Math)

shorts Nov 15, 2020

In this video, I show you the exact math of starting an Online course. It's zero. Here's the math.

Now that you have no risk of getting started, what's next?

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welcome back dr zola here now in this quick short video i want to show you the exact math of starting an online course business and how you can get started spoiler alert without spending a single dollar let's look at the exact math so on my screen right here is the exact chart of everything that you're going to spend when it comes to starting an online course for the first four weeks now do keep in mind that this is a actually quite a common question that i get a lot asked a lot there's actually no hidden fees no hidden transactions none of that this is everything that you actually need first of all you need a computer with a microphone you probably have this then you have a internet connection if you don't have this then you could just go to your local library local cafe again it's completely free then you need the online platform to host your course and we've worked really hard to partner up with our online course platform to offer you guys a free 28-day trial for their entire platform on top of that you actually get access to their university which is a series of tutorial videos that guide you on how to set up your everything from complete scratch on top of that you also get access to the support team 24 hours of every day and of course on top of that you also get access to my support team as well as all the plug-and-play templates that we give you during our program so the website is pretty much designed for you already from from us and all you do is just plug in play fill in the blanks and you're good to go you can get your website running in just a few clicks so a question i might get might be so after these 28 days how much is it actually going to cost you well it's going to be 149 for full transparency and at this point you're already making a few sales you already have a few students and you can simply reinvest the profits back into uh back into the engine to keep making you money now you don't necessarily have to do this and if your course fails which i get a lot of people might be concerned about then you don't even have you can just cancel the subscription in the first month and you could just abandon ship completely and you wouldn't even have spent a single dollar now that is pretty awesome right think of how many online businesses you can actually start today with such little overhead and such little complexity and yet have such high potential of upside this could actually scale into a six to seven figure online business just by setting up an online course there's not a lot of businesses out there especially in this these days which has so little overhead and complexity and that is why starting online course is so lucrative now i'm not going to pitch you i'm not going to try to hype this up too much right let's get to the rest of the math now what else is actually recommended well you might want to have something to record your video this is completely optional because uh i get that some people prefer to be faceless they prefer to be anonymous um that being said we do recommend that if you express yourself more comfortably or more confidently through video or through a face-to-face interaction then you might want something to record your video if you have a webcam if you have a laptop like a macbook you probably have a webcam anyway and if you don't you could use your smartphone which has a camera and if you don't have that then of course you can use a professional camera which you might have lying around the house you probably have this software to build your presentation i personally use google slides which is completely free microsoft powerpoint that microsoft powerpoint and keynote those tend to come with your laptop and if not then you probably have a subscription to microsoft office anyway so you probably have this already so finally where are you gonna spend an expensive ten dollars on when it comes to starting an online course well this is completely optional but it's highly recommended you can buy a website domain name and we're going to show you step by step how to actually get so if your name is bob jones you can get if your online course is on helping middle-aged women lose weight then it could be like so it seems a lot more professional it looks a lot more clean and approachable and it only costs you 10 and that's it seriously we teach you how to set up everything using free software free equipment and only once you're generating consistent profits only then you can start feeding it back into the business and one dollar becomes seven dollars seven dollars becomes 49 and so on and so forth and you can imagine just how lucrative this can actually be and there's not a lot of online courses there's not a lot of online businesses out there that you can start with such little overhead and complexity and this is one of them now i sincerely hope this was helpful and if you're interested in growing your online course business to six figures and beyond of passive income make sure that you take the opportunity to book a free one-on-one strategy call with us this is a call where we sit down with you evaluate your situation and help you devise a strategy to move and advance your life in your medical career forward do keep in mind that our program isn't for everyone and we're very selective with the clients that we actually take on but if you do think you're a good fit then complete the survey down below and we can schedule a call if you're a good fit we're gonna get you in if you're not a good fit then okay no worries we can still help you with your situation so thank you for watching this video and we welcome you to our community here where we're with you every step of the way to financial freedom

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