(Behind The Scenes) Weekly Coaching Call for Intermediates

program Jan 15, 2021

In this video we go behind-the-scenes to look at our Weekly Q&A Calls with Dr Zoda where we cover the step-by-step of how to map out your online course and different pricing strategies

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all right hello hello hello so today is january 9th 2021 and uh this is a group call with uh justice calm all right so how this call is going to go is uh we can jump right in if this is your first time hopping onto these coaching calls welcome always happy to have you here and we host these calls once every saturday night eastern standard time and you can schedule your call at our community all right so if you have a question simply type question in the chat box and you will get unmuted and when you ask a question please try to be specific so we recommend this following format your current situation is x your desired situation is y and your question is zed all right and at the end we will conclude a goal setting workshop to hold each other accountable for next week so make sure you stick until the end if you want to join alright so if you have a question just simply type it in the chat box and we will unmute you all right let's uh let's start with josh hey chester hey josh how's it going yeah i did receive you here in the course and uh do you have any questions about that yeah so um just kind of wanted to get a little bit of feedback on my the mission statement i sent you in my email and then kind of some feedback slash direction on what i've kind of developed so far in the course okay sure so i've had a look at um at the mapping your course worksheet that you sent me um so here it is on the screen and i think that in general you're i really like what you're doing uh your niche definitely targeting doctors that are wanting to start their own online practice is that correct yes not an online practice but a um their own private practice yeah so i think when it comes to your mapping your uh course outline i really like it um i especially like the uh how you go from like the general bird's eye view and then zoom in into the specific details on the budgeting the facilities the staffing and step by step and so on and so forth so i think this definitely makes sense have you conducted your pmf survey yet no that's that's the next step but i think um and that's gonna be one of my next questions is the in the module that that discussed that um i think i just need help is there is there a link or something that shows how to help create the survey or is that in resources oh uh we've already created the template for you and you can just uh make a copy and uh and uh replace my questions adapt them for your own niche yeah and is that found in the resources section yep it's a it's a google form okay i gotta go find that then okay yeah i think that's the next step yeah do you have any further questions about this uh this worksheet uh not this worksheet if you think that that's a pretty good start then um i'm okay moving forward with the survey um and then did you you also got my mission statement there oh yeah i just put what it was in the email it wasn't an attachment i just put it in the email that i sent you oh hold on a second just to make sure that that kind of concise is concise enough i felt like it was pretty long [Music] okay all right so your mission statement is i help medical professionals get autonomy without the fear of failure by teaching them the step-by-step business fundamentals of opening and running a successful private practice so i think this is a good starting point to be honest it is a bit long but don't worry because um once you've conducted your pmf survey you can simply adapt it based on what your prospects tell you so let me just paste this in a text document so everybody can see this all right all right so when you finally start to conduct a pmf survey you will find that uh the words that your prospects are going to use might be different from the words that you might use so for example when you say autonomy um maybe you'll realize that hey some of your prospects are going to like prefer to use the word freedom or uh avoid bureaucratic tasks or their pain points are going to be different from the ones you anticipate so you can simply plug and play them based on whatever responses they give you in your survey okay does it make sense yeah totally yeah but so far your mission statement makes sense it is a bit long but you can adapt it as you go along okay um good yeah so my next step is informing the survey and starting to to get some some feedback yep 100. thank you all right do you have any other questions no i'm great thank you okay great all right ryan uh you're next is there any headphones there hey yes so so you want me to read my question or um oh sure i'll just bring up on screen so you're on week two and uh you have a question about the course pricing so during our one-on-one call we were discussing a price if it is just the course and then a different higher price bit of it just the course with a one-on-one call and consultation with you would it be better to sell the course at the higher price and then include the call as a bonus or to sell at the lower price and use kajabi's upsell feature to add on the one-on-one call after they purchase the course and then also have a separate transaction for people wanting a concept later that did not purchase one all right so have you have you conducted your pmf server yet uh yes i did okay and how many responses have you gotten um i got 82 responses oh wonderful and have you you've built up your entire website and your infinity funnel already um i've built up all of it except for the uh the video i was gonna record that sometime um this week um i'm still waiting on my s corp to be official so that i can um get a bank account with stripe and all that stuff too to launch but kind of i was just wondering um from your perspective is it better to sell it as like a higher priced course with like a bonus one-on-one session included because with my uh my course of helping uh medical students and recent graduates get out of debt and manage their finances um it's kind of a more personal topic so i think that there will be one-on-one uh conversations that people will want to have and so i wasn't sure if it was better to sell it at the higher price with the consults included like one consult included or if it's better to just sell the course and then people can like buy a consult separately or um or like like that type of thing and you know and if they wanted like a consult you know should that be like an hourly rate or a rate for another consult or kind of how that would um how you recommend i do that because that kind of affects how i finish the infinity funnel like i noticed that there's the you can just set the one price or you can use the upsell feature where you sell the price and then after they check out then you can put something else up um and then they can add that on to their purchase and just kind of from your experience what you thought would work better okay sure so how much are you planning on starting the price without the call um so i i looked up my notes from the last time we spoke and i think we said we're going to do you recommend 997 without the call and then you recommended like an upgrade like with the call and everything is 19.97 okay um so you mentioned you had 82 responses is that correct yes okay so you should get at least um you should probably get three customers from just that uh okay just the first batch okay so for your first customers i would actually recommend doing the one call included in the offer uh and the reason i say that is because in the beginning especially with your first uh quote unquote cohort of students what you're essentially um what what you're trying to optimize for is number one your proof of concept so if people are actually paying you money then that means that hey uh your idea your product market fit it's all on point and this is something that the market actually wants this is number one number two you're also optimizing for your own product right so you want to create a course that can actually help these people and in the beginning what you want to optimize for is feedback so by hopping on these one-on-one calls whether you're charging them an extra uh an extra thousand or whether you're not charging them um i think that alone would be if you have the capacity to do that that would be very beneficial for you as the course creator when it comes to creating your course content because imagine all the feedback that you get from these one-on-one calls your students are going to tell you hey they're stuck on this point hey i want more of this i want less of that and that's going to really help you when it comes to creating a product that can actually uh trans get people results and change their life change their lives and deliver on the promise that you have for them when it comes to answering your questions specifically uh with regards to the price i would start off at 997 um and i would just uh throw that one-on-one call in there as well eventually after you've gotten let's say your first batch of five customers then i would opt for two different offers so one offer which is exactly as you described so the primary offer would be 997 for the course and you can use the upsell feature in kajabi to add a bonus uh uh 101 call for the 1997. and how many one-on-one calls would you would you add on top of this upsell like like how many calls could they have yeah um i mean i think a thousand dollars for the one on one calls kind of steep i would probably you know maybe do 500 and like uh maybe one or two calls yeah that makes sense i'd say that's a good move yeah but that's something you can reconsider after you've gotten your first batch of customers that's what i would recommend okay so kind of get started first and then um kind of scale up after that just to do the proof of concept and everything that you're talking about yeah 100 and when you're first getting started it's mostly just to get your first few customers and uh get that make sure your cash flow positive and uh that's why i would just start simple to be honest and then you can start adding these different features different offers uh once you start scaling okay that sounds good and then the other question that i had um is is it good to have um like a like a uh original value price and a buy today price um as like a discount or um just the price is what it is um um but what exactly do you have in mind so like um you know like i was thinking of listing you know like the you know like when you purchase this course um you have the value of uh lifetime access to uh this teaching a community of like-minded students to share with access to me through the community and a bonus a 60-minute one-on-one conversation this is valued at you know twenty five hundred dollars but if you purchase today you can get it for 9.97 and how do you plan to set that up um i was just gonna um like put all of that in the video part and then um have the checkout be the 997 or alternatively it would probably be a little bit more complicated but i could even have like a coupon code or something that discounts the code or discounts the course when they go to the shopping cart okay i think your first solution is gonna work yeah okay yeah that's gonna work okay that's what i thought that's good do you have anything else i can help you with um no i think that's it all right wonderful so uh cheryl you're next yes so i was wondering if you could take a look at our mapping the course that i have i could share my screen i didn't is there a place that we should be uploading this to normally oh uh normally when you join uh when you schedule this group call there's a little box i believe where you can post all your google google drive links um but don't worry uh i can i'll see if i can okay yeah i didn't see that sorry yeah no worries okay sorry let me share do you know how to share your screen on your end all right great should be able to see it now right uh yep okay so this is the mission statement that we have here on the top i help clinicians get the confidence to treat and manage patients who have complicated and sensitive issues such as victims of sexual and child abuse without fear of knowing what the steps are without jeopardizing their potential case so basically what we're trying to do is teach clinicians how to deal with um sexual assault victims slash some like sexual child abuse cases without having the formal training and knowing how to address them because you know there's not always a trained person available that makes sense yeah that makes sense so this was um i mean i think that we did this correctly this was our introduction about us let me know if i'm going too fast okay keep going down and then this was where we had the first question like what specifically you know i just need like an idea of what you meant by these action items one two and three okay gotcha so let's see could you scroll up a little bit okay okay scroll down scroll down a little bit [Music] uh a bit down a bit down all right that's good all right so um just to have a better idea of where you are in terms of the four-step system have you completed week you've you've completed week two yet no it's completed week one okay gotcha so when it comes to the action items this is going to become clearer in week three when we start actually talking about building the online course um so at this juncture if you're still on week one then the biggest priority is just to get started and to have a general overview of how you're going to map out your online course eventually this is something that's going to be adapted you're going to start changing when you start conducting the pmf survey like our other clients have already in week two um you're gonna get a whole uh a whole you're gonna get a wealth of knowledge and a lot of data from the market that you can later on use to adapt your own course uh course outline all right so when it comes to the action items i wouldn't stress too much about them right now this exercise is mostly just for you to get a road map and get it clear in your own head what you are essentially going to create all right but to also answer your question uh when it comes to the action items what this basically means is that these are essential steps that your student must follow before they can uh level up or or proceed in your program so let's see so go ahead sure so based on the screen i'm looking at right now it seems like all right so let's say uh step two is how to approach a patient who has just been sexually assaulted assaulted and one of the action items might be to obtain the consent to assess the timeline and maybe you're going to give them a worksheet or maybe just a a checklist for your students to follow right so one of their action items might be um to practice that checklist or to practice that script these are just ideas of my head right just just idea yeah does that make sense yes okay and then should i keep going down uh sure yeah yeah how long is your program that is a great question i don't blend it did you have any um can you hear me yep hello yeah hi how are you hello i'm good um good so um in terms of this i'm assuming when you say how long the program is you mean um how many hours or how many days like when you say how long the program oh uh how many modules oh how many modules um so it's really going to be depending how far we want to go with this because um the program originally could take five days and obviously we're not going to do that so we have to figure out when we're going to actually uh cut um so i'm assuming it's probably going to be more definitely at least 10 to 10 to 12 modules it could probably go up to 15. okay and it also depends on how far we want to go with this because this entails a huge amount of information it's not only um it's it's it's a it's not only you know teaching it's a clinical hands-on and it's a lot of uh teaching didactic and clinical so it just depends how far we want to go with it and that's something that i guess michelle will have to determine okay gotcha so so your students are going to be doing live sessions with you as well um it depends they can do live sessions um uh or it could just be basically uh kind of doing like adding powerpoint so page so they can actually see um see um you know see the skill set oh gotcha okay um yeah that's fine uh it really depends on um how long your course really needs to be there's no like right right around answer how short or how long it is as long as you're you can deliver the promise that you're giving your students then you're good to go right um from from just your experience um how in terms of people retaining information and learning uh what is your advice in terms of the number of modules that should be in something like this where you don't want to you know do too much where someone starts to get bored but you want to give enough information what's your recommendation so everyone's course idea and everyone's niche is a bit different so there's no real blanket answer that i could give you really it's how as short as possible um most people they want to um get the result that they're looking for in the shortest smoothest most frictionless amount of time as possible and one thing that i found that one thing that i also discussed in week one of the of the program is developing a minimum viable course do you remember that slide yes yeah sort yeah yeah so when you first start out you want to make sure that you build out the minimum viable course which is the most bare bones that is necessary in order to deliver on that transformation for your student so you want to eliminate as much of the fluff as possible while keeping your content essentially as dense and as action-packed as possible whatever that might mean for for your mission statement okay but right now you're telling me um it's 14 modules is that correct um yeah i'm thinking it's going to be like 14 modules 12 to 14. okay yeah broken up a little bit further yeah gotcha and how long would each module be in terms of hours i mean i don't i don't see it going no no more past than than than 30 minutes okay then then in that case that's definitely a a reasonable length that's around seven hours of content that's great okay yeah all right thank you thanks all right all right does anyone else have any questions just feel free to type in the chat box i'm happy to continue all right well so cheryl you asked what is the cost after the first 28 days for you guys right so if i remember correctly in the um community yes the first 28 days you said was free or included in the year after that oh do you mean my program correct oh it's a one-time payment uh you guys are covered for the yeah you get lifetime access to everything but when it comes to the um when it comes to kajabi which is the online platform that we're using um this is a this is basically what's going to host your online course as far as i know you you actually haven't launched your subscription yet so you're still eligible to the 28 day trial when you start building out your website this is going to make sense in week two of the program so don't even worry about it okay great all right any further questions if not then we can move on to the go setting workshop all right so let me share my screen all right so i always like to end these sessions with a short and sweet goal setting workshop so we recommend the following because uh you are more likely to achieve your goals when you set them clearly and you announce them and you share them and we recommend this following format so for example hey i'm dr zoda i'm a emergency physician from hong kong and i joined this program to learn x in order to get why and so far uh you can talk tell me more about what you thought of about the program so far and which week you're in and you're looking forward to what you plan to achieve in the next week all right so we'll just go back in the same order in which we ask the questions so let's start off with josh all right can you hear me i was having some issue with my um microphone a minute ago yep i can hear you okay great um so hi i'm dr josh waltzman i am a plastic surgeon from california and i joined this program to build a course to help other doctors open up their medical professionals i guess open up their their own private practice just as i did and to i guess the desired goal would be to have freedom and autonomy in your own medical practice so far oh and also to teach business skills that i don't think people get in traditional medical education uh and so far i'm having a really good time just kind of thinking about all the things that i've uh had to personally do over the last you know five six years i'm gonna kind of get it down on paper um i finished week one i'm like in the middle of week two um modules and i'm looking forward to uh this week getting the survey out and starting to collect some data and refine my course idea all right sounds wonderful all right next we have ryan hi i am ryan i am a family medicine physician from colorado i joined the program to learn how to build a course on helping medical students residents and attendings get free from debt and get their finances in order and so far i think this has been a really good program to hold me accountable to getting it done um getting the course out there learning step-by-step how to get it done um this week and probably over the next week depending on my time i hope to film the video for the website and get the funnel up and running and get my first students perfect all right next we have uh cheryl and glenda hi i'm cheryl madden i'm a pa from long island new york i'm specializing in sexual assault forensic examinations at the borough of queens in new york city so we joined this program to essentially you know teach providers new residents new er pas doctors np's just to kind of get comfortable with treating a sexual assault patient without jeopardizing their us so far we did exactly what you saw earlier um but we're definitely looking forward to you know just moving forward and um ryan had a good point accountability just to kind of get this done this is something that we've wanted to do for a while and just never kind of did it all right that sounds great and uh sure i definitely recommend uh maybe starting next week you can move on to week two of the program because when you start conducting the pmf survey that's when things can really that's when you really push just the snowball off the hill when things actually start uh getting into into the action okay great all right wonderful so that's the end of our session and i'll see you guys in the community and if you have any questions simply drop them in the community and i'll do my best to answer them as well all right take care and have a great night thank you thank you thank you see you guys next week

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