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program Feb 15, 2021

In this video we go behind-the-scenes to look at our Weekly Q&A Calls with Dr Zoda where we cover Secrets to a Great Webinar, Email Marketing, and Automating Your Online Course

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testing testing all right welcome so this is the digital doctor coaching call today is february 13th all right let's jump right in and if this is your first time hopping onto these coaching calls welcome always happy to have you here we host these calls once every week saturday night and you can schedule a call at the community by clicking this link and these calls typically last an hour or until everyone's questions is answered all right great now just some quick house rules about how these calls typically work if this is your first time so to ask a question simply type into the chat box question to get unmuted and when you ask a question please be specific we recommend the following format so i'm on week two of the training my current situation is blank my desired situation is blank my question is blank all right and we hold a 10 minute max threshold just so that we can get everybody the help that they need and after all the questions are answered we will conclude with a go setting workshop so stay tuned until the end if you'd like to join all right well uh nice to be with you and let's go ahead and begin so if you have a question simply type in the chat box okay so i've got a few things the first one is a um so i finished that and then i'm working on my my video which i'm gonna shoot hopefully today i told myself i shoot today after talking to you about it uh and then i want to show you my video real quick um like i'm trying to do with you basically uh you know this is just my master class how to deal with the k this is me with some patience and something you know they love me then i tell them like i've helped other doctors do it and they're doing they're doing successful they're knocking down buildings and growing their spaces this is me winning multiple awards from like you know celebrities and optometry and then like i say who is this for this for the guy who's trying to grow his business like you know this guy he says he wants to double the double amount of efficiency he's seeing in the specialty i just give him some reasons you know i applied for those principles i tell him that i've been like you know lecturing all about around the country about it and i wanted to just help more doctors and i want to give them the secret sauce and this is me like but i didn't i didn't i wasn't there um i wasn't always there i started cold i had no patience in the door my schedule was completely empty at first i was worried about all the debt i was in and i just had a new baby and then and i was trying to get the word out but i was afraid that you know patients would hate me if i messed it up and so i just tell but now now fast forward today we've got all these five-star reviews on google we have a seven-figure business everything's going really well um and i tell them like the road map of what you're gonna get in my course how to set your systems wood forward scripts consultations i teach them some principles about my goldfish and cookie walls pricing i'm gonna help them like price the offering so they they know how to do it so they don't under charge or overcharge i tell them the type of investments they then go back out of it and then um you know i i show up this thing called the demand matrix um which is like you know when you go up the y-axis it's more expensive things which is like high-end things but if you go to the left there's like less less customers um and then but then i want like the golden goose which is a lot of customers for a high price just like you're selling iphones right everyone's iphone but they're expensive and so anyways i said you gotta get the golden goose which is all the cryology and what's the class about i'm gonna pre-order this uh it's a pre-order lodge it's gonna start in april since i'm not done with the class yet um and i say that normally you know spending going to a conference would cost over three thousand dollars i said the cost of doing nothing is worth a hundred thousand dollars but my pre-order launch which i'm gonna you know honestly i'm gonna triple the price and maybe a month is only 4.97 and then that's it don't doubt what's time to take action and that's how and that's my my son and then that's my presentation that's great perfect honestly perfect um how long do you plan to plan your video to be probably like 20 minutes that's okay yeah yeah and it's basically just powerpoint slides right yeah it is i'll be i think i'm just gonna film i don't know how you filmed yours when you're showing but i was gonna just i use zoom all the time so i was gonna do zoom and have my little yeah me getting a like off to the side and i was going to film that record record i don't know if you have a better way that's actually quite smart that's actually quite smart i've never thought about that but um i use obs so there's a lesson week three lesson two that covers how to use obs are you there yet week three yeah it's almost like week two so i haven't opened week three so uh but yeah i i peaked at week three a little bit but does that obs allow you to show yourself on camera because i wanna show my face on camera yeah it does but you have to you have to hook up your camera to the computer or you can use your webcam got it yeah i was gonna use my webcam and then uh yeah that's what my time was yeah then that's great just play around with obs you'll be fine okay would you recommend obs or we're just doing it on zoom and just recording the zoom meeting um that's a good question i'll actually have to experiment around with zoom as well um but you can play around with both um i've never tried zoom so i can't comment too much on it got it because yeah i mean it's recording this talk for instance and you know that i can see your face pretty good when i look at recordings of it just the same as we're doing it now so i'm just familiar with it but i'll check it obs too yeah that might be good but the but the thing is um i don't know this for certain but with the zoom basically your powerpoint slides are going to be here but your face is going to be here right yeah right you want to put and you want to put your face at the corner of the screen right ah okay okay anything that's consideration number one and consideration number two is um i actually don't recommend using your face when you get started but it seems like you know you've gone this far uh one thing that you should consider if you decide to show your face is that you want to make sure that the bottom right of your powerpoint slides so just go through your powerpoint slides really quickly yeah oh okay yeah so so that's the thing like you you have to carefully position your face in a place that doesn't obscure your powerpoint slides right right so you'll probably have to like cut a corner at the bottom right um when you when you make the slides and you have to rearrange everything that's why it's a huge headache um it depends on whether you want to do it or not but uh it's completely optional you know what i mean right yeah yeah i see what you say yeah exactly so if i do at the bottom right and i've got like let me see maybe this one ah it was okay maybe this one might cut off something yeah i see what you say you don't want to yeah i i could arrange some things okay got it but it's completely optional that's why i don't recommend um uh yeah it's completely optional so you don't have to show your face if you don't want to but uh if if you think it's you know worth the squeeze then that's what that's something you have to consider fair okay i think for me at least for me not for everyone else the initial pre-order i guess you know the small test group uh basically everyone that is watching this kind of knows me because i've been talking in the space for years and so uh it would help to because they're gonna see me and they're gonna just go oh yeah he's my i'll be awesome some of these people who buy like the first 20 they're gonna be like my friends so they're okay seeing my face basically but uh yeah all right that's great i'm curious to see what if the conversion is any difference showing face was not showing face any thoughts on that that's a good question um in my experience it really well first of all it really depends on your niche right but uh i haven't noticed um i want to be really careful when i answer this so for me i've always shown my face for the for the webinar video but in different niches especially those that are really tech or already business b2b then there's no difference between showing your face versus not showing your face right and as long as you show your face in like pictures and and what you did that's that's perfectly fine i'm here yeah that's perfectly fine yeah when it comes to b2c so business to consumer that's when showing your face can help build that trust um but when it comes to something that's very technical tech savvy business stuff then there's really not a lot of it's not statistically significant to whether you show your face or not got it okay all right all right that makes sense great well i appreciate that and then uh i don't have any other questions that's it all right sounds good and your pricing you're pressing it at 497 right yeah i i it was based on a call last week i just decided to you know my goal is to get people in the door and just to see what what they say about the class and you know and then i'll i'll probably pump it up to my goal is 1500 to even 3 000 eventually uh but the initial i like i like your your your answer i thought was brilliant i told my wife about it you know what uh chess was right like it's it's not about making a lot of money right now even though i want to um i i just want to just make sure people are in the door and happy and to me i i'm almost i'm 99 sure i'm going to get at least you know 20 students in the next month and so i want to just make sure i get those 20 students though and so um and then yeah 4.95 is a no-brainer for them to sign up yeah that's the most important thing you could even um you could even tell them like straight up like the first i actually i i don't i think the way you do it is perfectly fine um let me think another consideration you should have is that if you decide to increase your price right then you're going to have to refilm the last section of your webinar because you disclosed your price in the webinar does that make sense right yes yes so that's a consideration that uh you will have to balance like do you want to show your price in the webinar or do you wanna just tell them hey this is a pre-order price just click the page click to the checkout page and order there all right so that's something you have to consider yeah my thought was i was just gonna uh the video can keep running and i'll just um shoot the this last slide and just go edit it out in the future that's also fine yeah that's also great um let me see i just want to make sure we cover all of all their bases so how many students do you plan on introducing the 497 price uh right now my pmf survey has um uh let me recheck wait hold on sorry give me just a second my pmf survey i love the concept of pmf series it's a brilliant thing to do by the way i just i think you're so smart hey i think i've got 136. uh-huh why do you think it's brilliant i just think like basically they've told the reason i think it's brilliant they've told me exactly what they want and what's stopping them so basically in my presentation when i'm making the video i say this is what you want and this is what's stopping you and then it's kind of using their words and that's the most great way to tell you know to tell them like you know just i'm gonna get you over what you're saying is stopping you and then and then there we go yeah exactly right you know a lot of people like when they think they have to start an online course they need a really brilliant idea they they have to you know write really good marketing they have all these misconceptions but to be honest just just go straight to the source ask the market and just basically have your customers write their own marketing for you exactly that's why i think it's great like this pms area i think it's like maybe the most brilliant thing about this whole digital document is the pmf survey because they they are telling you exactly what they want and uh and then i just encapsulate that in my in my offering and then it was great i have 136 people 134 of them said they wanted to you know be notified about the course so there you go that's great if you think the pmf survey is great wait until you get to week four that's when things really start getting fun oh i'm excited yeah i love it yeah i i just i'm gonna tell people about this digital doctor thing i think i think it's gonna go i think it's gonna go well for me at least and i think it's great and i'm excited to get it going all right wonderful so yeah the question i asked you that was i just want to know like so you plan on giving your 497 discount to 20 customers right uh well these i guess these 134 people yeah buy excuse 134 of them well that's what i was thinking i you know because i'm going to email them i'm going to email all these oh i guess i i guess i don't have to eat my one i can email some of them i think it would be much more i think it would be much more reasonable if you just gave if i were you i would honestly just 4.97 for the first five five customers five to ten customers right and then everything else would be your 1000 price or your 1500 price right because in the beginning what you want is you just want five to ten customers or five to ten students in the door that way you can make sure that they're happy so if they're happy then everyone else is most likely gonna be happy as well does that make sense yeah that doesn't make sense okay i was gonna that's good and this is why this being on this phone call just saved me like ten thousand dollars because like i was gonna give it to all 134 people but you're right uh if i expect 20 of 130 before to sign up i could just do just like the first 10 and then the other let's say 30 people that would have signed up actually at the norm price and then i would make you know 20 times a thousand dollars more that's dollars okay yeah i think i would do that yeah and the reason why i say and the reason why i bring that up is because if that's the strategy that we wish to employ then i would actually be cautious about revealing the pre-order price in the webinar because then you can't switch it up as fast as possible you know what i mean ah i see what you're saying okay got it yeah the only reason why i did it was because i was um i'm curious to do that i wanted to show your comparative value but yeah you're right i uh yeah you know i'm gonna leave that part up i'm gonna leave i'm gonna leave this part out i'll just say we're doing a pre-order i won't say the price yeah yeah it's perfectly fine and uh you can just you can even tell them like this pre-order is gonna happen for the first for the next uh 10 students so you could be fully transparent about next five ten students you can be fully transparent about that and that way there's also the scarcity factor going in instead of telling them oh the prices are going to triple in three months in one month yeah yeah that was that's part of me being evil in a in a truthful way be like hey if you don't sign up now i'm going to chill for the price in a month and then they're like oh god i have to sign up now so yeah uh-huh yeah all right sounds like you got everything everything uh dialed in right so just film the video and you're good to go probably yeah i'll film it today and then um yeah i will i will let you know how it goes one thing about zoom is that you know it does have the video on the side and it won't cover anything you know because it will you know what i mean but yeah but yeah yeah okay i'll just do whichever one it's you know perfect as uh perfect is the enemy of good i'll just do whatever when i can make the fastest happen and i just decide i know how to do zoom i'll just do it tonight like that and now i'll look at the obs video week three next next week okay that's great and one thing that um like going back to the the like switching out your pre-order price away from the webinar basically the guiding principle behind all of this is that in the beginning everything is everything is very malleable right you want you want everything to be as flexible as possible because sometimes you might just make a split decision in the first one or two days in your first few customers and you decide to ramp up the price and that way you can like you basically you have all these buttons and they how do i put this in a not abstract way basically in the beginning a lot of things are very manageable and you might want to experiment by cranking up your price like within the first few days and if the conversion rate doesn't fall off then you want to cramp it up maybe a bit more so it's it's kind of like tapering tapering a drug at the hospital right things are very malleable that's why you shouldn't that's why i would actually caution against uh revealing anything fixed inside the webinar but everything else is good everything is great i like that i mean that way that way i can change it on the fly no no your brand so yes it makes my life easier and then exactly yeah and if it's too high then you can bring it back down if it's too low then you'll bring up bring bring it back up so it's all about like titrating a drug right it's very flexible that's why i did titrate over time before i said anything then once everything is good i can set it more installed now that's that's great i love that and uh one thing is as an aside is that um as part of my course i'm thinking about uh i mentioned to a big company that sells the autocad lens basically like i i mentioned to a drug company basically i'm doing this right and they've got you know a 300 million dollar you know company and they love it and so they're gonna blast it to all their customers but then they want to like do like affiliate marketing with me do you have any experience with affiliate marketing like in terms of like you know um i'm thinking about you know recommending their product as part of my course but then you know they're gonna in exchange they're gonna give like they're gonna promote my product in my course basically to all their customers like have you any any experience with that or not really i do have experience with that but for your situation i would actually make sure you have a great product first your customers are happy and then then that's when you can start bringing affiliate marketing on board and we can talk about that um talk about that then yeah perfect okay great yeah they've already approached me and i'm by tomorrow i haven't made the course yet so i'm gonna i'm gonna wait okay sounds good awesome sounds good great great progress um yeah thank you all right so seems like nobody has any questions if that's the case then we can um conclude with our goal setting workshop so i'm gonna ask chris to speak first since uh since you two have been quite quiet hey everybody hey so i uh i keep getting intimidated by the um putting together sort of a scrappy program in week two uh and i've just got to get over that and get on kajabi and put some stuff together so i started working uh this past week with getting my video stuff together um and just i just gotta pull the trigger i've already got my ideas but uh i have to make sure that i get them put down and get my survey out there and get going so that's my goal by next week all right that's awesome so yeah if there's anything we can help with just post it in the community if you want me to have a look at your niche your marketing message and so on and so forth all right sounds good thank you all right next we have uh orlando hey everyone i don't know if you guys anyone can hear me yeah we can hear you how are you doing here perfect i'm doing well um on week two just getting my video recorded and getting everything set up on the kajabi site so it just took me a while to find where things are and edit them so everything's going well i got good responses on my pms survey i think i got about 83 responses so pretty excited about that so hopefully things go up with the video and see how things transition into week three all right awesome all right next uh we'll go back to cheryl and glenda hey cheryl sorry you hear me can you hear me now i couldn't hear you guys okay hi my name is glenda uh we and cheryl uh we are emergency medicine uh pas from new york uh we joined the program to learn to build a course on how to help practitioners feel more comfortable managing sexual assault patients so far we are up to week two we've done uh our survey uh we're working on a funnel um and now we're kind of looking forward to um fixing up what we need to fix up our emails and uh move on to um week three and work on our video all right sounds good and uh last we have iris hi i'm iris i'm a physiatrist i just graduated residency in june last year um from new jersey and um i've been wanting to start a course since over the summer i just never got around to doing it because i was studying for boards but um so far i am now on a week i finish week three i'm working on just generating more people to fill out my pmf survey um and just looking forward to hopefully getting my first student soon so i'll check back next week awesome how are you liking this program so far i love it i definitely learned a lot um i when we were talking i remember i told you i was looking into teachable and other um course platforms but i do think because i already pay for squarespace and i have like all different platforms that i use and i like that kajabi is just like in one area in one space for all my needs um but i also i just love your i think your program is great and it's very easy to follow step by step um and there's a lot of really good suggestions and for someone who's not really so um i guess business savvy um it was super helpful like a lot of the tips and tricks all right that's great that that means a lot and i'm happy to see your progress thank you all right great so that concludes this uh this session so um i'll keep you guys accountable inside the community and uh happy to hear all your progress and that's it have a great week

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